Thursday, September 23, 2010

The messages keep pouring in

From Warren Oupa Kelly

Fellow Cobras...

I joined this team in 2008 after having spent 2/3 years playing for other franchises in the UCT Internal League. I had no idea that I had just begun a journey with a group of okes that would involve unforgetable moments, mental motivation and uncontrolled madness both on and off the field.

Wednesday mornings I'd wake up thinking about a victory that evening on the Green Mile, nervous but excited. During the day I would visualize Raubs smashing over frightened opposition, Army bringing down giants, Warren B crusing through half-gaps, Kyle Rennie hitting okes back over the advantage line, Smorey carving up backlines, and woogy headbutting nadoes boneheads. Thinking about playing with the Cobras was all I could do.

It is the culture of this team that makes us a hard team to beat. Never did I get the feeling that a cobra wasn't putting every ounce of his purple heart into his performance. When it comes to motivation, what better way to find it than to look into your team mates eyes in the huddle before kick off and know that every oke is itching to do his part. Putting body on the line is never in question.

When you run out against the Nadoes today, be calm. You already know you are champions. I have played with most of you, I have seen the talent, the guts and the fucking glory. Give the cobras name everything you have on that field, because it will give back to you like you cannot imagine. Hit them hard boys, dazzle that crowd, and take home that cup, whatever it takes.

Oh so incredibly brave

Everywhere you go...

Keeeeeeennnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkoooooooooo! Good day Gents. And what a goooooood day it is. I can't tell you how I've been feeling for the last 48 hours. Waking up in cold sweats, nervous when the phone rings and scared of sunshine. I want this. I need this. We need this. It's the day of the final and my palms are sweaty. Five years from the inception of the Cobras on jammie steps we're in our second final with a team that seems (at least on paper) stronger than any we've fielded in the past.

Let's just take a moment here to rein in our emotions and reflect on past performances. Good and bad. Remember that shit nil nil draw up on a devilish evening on the Green Mile. Think back to that Herculean defense against a powerful Ubumbo side. Think back to those debuts, that sensational chip kick from Graeme Steen, that huge hit and those glaring mistakes. Think about them, learn from them and then forget them. Because tonight we wipe the slate clean. We build on positives and learn from the negatives. It will be a magnitude of game that most of us have never experienced. That none of us have played. For many it will be the pinnacle of our rugby carriers. It's final time baby! Let's take it home.

I'm giving my final weather report for the Cobras. So it would seem. What a journey it's been. What amazing blokes you all are. I often wonder if I would come across and befriend many of you in the CRFC. Imagine life without 'I want some Poeni, Poeni for me!'. Try to comprehend living a week where you don't get to hear- 'Sean, Sean, wherever you may be...!'. How different life is after Luc Du Plessis. The truth of the matter is we have, through one way or another, stumbled onto something so special, so unique that it is difficult to grasp who we'd be without the Purple Cobras. We wouldn't be half the men we are today. Swali Philanderer? Where do you think that name came from? I love going out at night with a non- cobra friend and run into one of the Cobras boys. 

'How do you know that guy?' My friend may ask.

'He's a fucking cobra!' I'll respond.

It's a bond shared amongst a bunch of dudes that not many guys get to share. It's not gay. It's just the truth. Wherever you may go, and for however long you will always be a Cobra. That means a free couch and many free beers all around the world. 

What I'm trying to say is this: Tonight we have the chance to put the cherry on the cake. We have it all. We've worked hard. So lets just go that little bit further. Another sixty minutes. 

And so... with that out the way I am ready to give you a full run down of Cape Town's weather today. What the predictions are and what will really happen.

Weather for Cape Town, South Africa

19°C | °F
Current: Cloudy
Wind: NW at 26 km/h
Humidity: 52%
Chance of Rain
16°C | 11°C

There you have it. Low temperatures with a strong NW. Nothing compared to the howling devil wind. I am predicting the wind to swing round into the SW towards late afternoon. This won't be too bad but it certainly won't be nearly as bad as the SE that makes the game one of two halves. 

I've had my say. All there is left is for you boys to get the job done. Make it ahppen and we'll be singing songs into the early hours of the morning.

Always take the weather with you...

This is what its all about!!

Lets bring the trophey home boys!!


Tributes from the boys

A few of the Cobras who are currently abroad or unable to play sent in their words of encouragement ahead of tonights massive occasion. Let's go out there and not only represent ourselves and the team, but the okes that can't be here and who would have given their right arm to be able to play! This is our time...

Luc Du Plessis

Boys, manne, lads, chaps, buggers, distinguished Gentlemen of the Cobras

It’s unbelievably difficult to fathom the fact that I won’t be joining you in arms tonight on this momentous occasion.

As we speak I am overcome with an overwhelming emotion whilst engrossed in my own misfortunes (fuck flights are expensive) I wish things could be different, donning that no 8. Shirt, one last time, on a night like this.

But yet still in my despair there's an ominous cloud that washes over me, as I'm strangely comforted by the reverberations of immense Cobra's figures, it soothes my pain of missing out (FOMO) when I remember the quality of both the person and player alike – those men who form of part of the Cobras brotherhood and to-day for he who sheds his blood with you, shall be your brother.

I composed this little rhyme here for the boys: Enjoy!

Of what is to come is certainly going to be test
Of mans endeavour, his grit and his desire to be the best

For me it always starts there up front
Poenie and Badr bearing the brunt

Poefies and Jose –
team-players of the highest degree
Poefie the workhorse,
Jose - dangerous if you let him free!

To part of a backrow
Of such great men with heart
Fridge, Fetish and Rennie
They really set us apart

There’s stumpie or armie at halfback –
I know what you're thinking?
The one likes tall chicks,
the other one likes jinking

The men in centre,
I will never forget
For every opposition
they pose a double threat,

Lovely to watch –
they would always bust through
They're Oli, Jussie & Joush.
need-I remind you?

Out wide there’s JP & Coebie
They’re not short of toe
Junks works in Worcester baby
Probably the most hectic oke I know

Warren Butler
He is our the talisman,
He was there at the inception
when the Cobra began

He created such a vibe,
so special to us all,
So many a sing-song
That I can recall

He gave us a trip to Arniston,
Which stands clear in mind
Where Morrie and I won the golf
And some okes (Blakie) were fined

The legendary weather man
created a song for me
One which you will hopefully sing
When we drink out that trophy

Great characters, great memories
That I never will forget
This day will go down history
Boys play with no regret

All jokes now aside,
so bleak to miss the game
Lets dominate the Nadoes
and put them to fukin' shame

Draw inspiration from that great song and imagine that I’m the old man (much like Stefan Terblanche) speaking to you the Cobras on your journey to victory...”

“They stopped an old man along the way,
Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies
He turned to them as if to say, Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you.”
(Toto – Africa)

Boys its waiting there, now go win it!


having been lucky enough to play for many different teams and clubs around the world, no other team can even compete with the vibe and sense of brotherhood that the cobras offer. when you play for the cobras you know that everyone is going to look after each other on and off the field, something that not many teams offer. On top of that is what critics call the best fines meeting in world rugby, which puts together a potent mixture! They say that home is where the heart is, and i have no doubt that everyone who has had the privilege of playing in purple will keep and cherish this team for the rest of their lives.

wish i could be with you guys on this special occasion.
Alert, Awake, Alive, enthusiastic out.
oh so brave

Dil McEvoy

Throughout my year of traveling, undoubtedly the one thing I miss most about home is the Purple Cobras. There is just nothing else quite like it.

The first time I arrived on UCT B field at 6.30pm on a Wednesday evening with the wind howling down the Green Mile, I played a bit of touch with the okes to warm up, Stephen (Starven Steven) led the stretching, and I took to the field, full of nerves and hope. On that day I became part of something truly special. I became part of the Cobras. The team synonymous with flashy but fucking hard rugby. And after a night of merrymaking and chanting in the change room, the bond was sealed.

At the time I knew I was part of something great. But only now, being away from it, do I fully realize how extraordinary the vibe is. Now I don’t mean to get soppy and nostalgic, but these really are the days of your life. I’ve finished studying, I’m overseas and am now starting my career, I don’t know if I’ll ever get the opportunity to play for the Cobras again. But looking back on the memories I made and shared with The Cobras on the Green Mile, in change rooms, at the Bishops fields on a Sunday, at Wadda, Bang Bang and Forreys, those really were the best times of my varsity life. I would give anything to get them back, to be there on Thursday.

Lets get that fucking trophy engraved with C.O.B.R.A.S.

2010 – Year of The Cobras.

Oh So Brave boys!!

Nick Fent

where else would i have started? if it wasn't for the cobras i wouldn't have got to where i am today. This legendary outfit has created friendships and impressions that will last forever.. WE play great rugby and have awesome jols. You don't just "become" a cobra, its an honour and privilege to call myself a cobra! best of luck boys. know you'll do it.


Let's bring it home...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The time has finally come...

After an extremely long season, the Final is finally here...and what an occasion it looks set to be.

UCT Internal League Championship Final
The Cobras vs. Tornadoes
Meet 18:00 SHARP below Cecil
Kick off 19:30
This is it Gentlemen, let's grab it with both hands.
Oh so brave
NB: Please bring Cobras Jerseys, don't forget.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fridgey the Cobras man

See much of a difference? Na, didn't think so me neither!

My time as the resident interviewer this season has taken me too many interesting places. Front passenger seat of Poefie’s old mans Aston, the AG head offices, the dungeons at the UCT library (its a real place), a Greek church (whatever they’re called) but the most far out and broadening of which (in my mind at least) was visiting our engineer friend, Fridge, in Hout Bay. I donned the safety cloves, face mask and crotch protection items all in the name of health and safety, walked through a chaotic and noisy industrial factory with many folk hitting metal and melting what looked like old wheel burrows only to walk into a pristinely cleaned office to find, Fridge sitting in front of a computer playing spider solitaire. ‘Oh hi’ he said. ‘I’ll be right with you, I’m almost finished’. That’s where a four year engineering degree gets you I guess...

Explain the nick name fridge, if you would?

Well, it all started in std 6 back in 1999... our year at school had an indecent obsession with student head shapes, and derived many nick-names from this obsession. So, back when Bobby Skinstad was still the darling of Newlands, and hadn't yet defected to that pack of rats they call the Sharks, i got a bit of a short back and sides hair resembling old bob's. Unfortunately it made my head look completely square - thus the nick name Fridgehead. (other Head nicknames from my year include bushead, lollipop and lippe)

How many and which internal league teams did you play for before seeing the light and becoming Fridgey the Cobras man?

hmm.. 4
wildboys - 5 years
marquad - 2 years
soco thocos - 1 year
college house - one game.. haha

Marital status?

why does everyone ask me when i'm getting married.. the pressure, gosh!


professional surf/engineer on the weekends

What’s it like representing the Purple and White?

its bloody fucking fantastic.. neither my liver nor i have experienced such a vibe!

How stoked are u about playing in the final on Thursday? Excited sleepless or petrified sleepless nights?

To quote Kearnsy: " this is where the experience comes in".. but a slight mixture between excited and petrified.

How do you rate the Hudson’s burgers?

average.. jokes.. pretty good... is that were we are fueling up on wednesday night?

Preferred position?

the reverse cowgirl!.. haha.. flank

Favourite Cobras drinking song?

oooooooooooh wazza's fuckin magic

Cobra till you die?

for sure.. which is probably pretty near for an old boy like me!

Explain in your own words the vibe in the Cobras camp leading up to the all important match on Thursday?

focussed, deadly, unstoppable..oh so brave

Favourite hangout spot?

Nothing beats the old forresters

How many surf boards do/ have you owned?

had 8, currently only have 5.. need some new ones though

What does your match day ritual consist of?

passing the ball around with lusky, until i pass it over the stairs, then joke around with junks for a bit, then stretch!

Is your boss a doos?

nah, he lets me off at lunch time on fridays to go surfing

Drink of choice?

Pint of Castle

Where d you see yourself in 10 years?

Playing for the cobras!

Shoe size?


Favourite band?

Kings of Leon definitely rock my sock off!

Best Cobras memory thus far?

i would say Luke and Bailo's send off but i cant remember much from that night.. otherwise cobras tour and administering a beat down on stumpi in fight club!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Just a few gees shots of who we are, The F**cking COBRAS!!

We all believe...

Hey Mikey you're so fine...

Cobi managed to fit me in between his early morning gym session (7am) and his late morning library session (10am) to give us a few words on his tenure with the Cobras men. A very busy man indeed, but his tan never seems to suffer...

How long have you been apart of the Cobras?

I've been with the Cobras since the beginning of 2008 so almost three years now hey.

Cobras till you die?

Of course

Please tell us why you despise Locnville (spelling) so much?

I don't actually despise Locnville as much as people think, I just don't really understand the fuss about their music, not my style to be honest.

Who do you rate is better Cooper or Carter?

Carter is solid but I'm going to have to go with Cooper, he's a magician and I enjoy the way he plays - especially in the Super 14 this year

As this is your 3rd year with the Cobras what’s it like representing the purple and white?

It's always a great thing to represent and be apart of such amazing vibe, on and off the field

Favourite rugby team (other then the Cobras of course)?


What does your Tuesday evening pre match ritual consist of?

Just a chilled night at home hey, a little spagbol or something and take it easy, nothing too hectic

How many cell phones have u lost in the past 2 years?

Including ones that weren't my fault/broke/etc? around the 8 mark..

If you were a travel agent (or something) and people were sitting of the fence over going to Infanta or not, what would you tell them in order to make them go?

Anyone who understands what Infanta is about can second me when I say that it really is a place just to get away from everything. Okes go there to chill, fish, surf, braai and things like that. But you have to be prepared food and booze-wise because the closest shop is an hour away. You can't explain it, you have to check it out to understand it..

Do you really drive a station wagon?


Give us some highlights of your Cobras career thus far?

Varsity cup tour to PE and Arnies tour are the two which come to mind

Drink of choice?

tequila & red bull

Local hangout?

uct library

What u studying at UCT?

Bcomm - finance & economics

Rugby hero?

Matt Giteau - he dominates in his decision making and execution

What do you do to unwind?

Watch some TV, play guitar, mabye head to infanta if I have enough time off

Favourite Cobras chant and or drinking song?

'Oh Van der Vyfer' is a personal classic but otherwise 'We are the best there's no debate na na na NA...' always gets me going

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I want to be involved in the finance world, its too early to tell exactly what or where but that's the exciting thing

How stoked are u for the final?

Can't describe how amped I am, it's going to be a huge match and I'm 100% confident that the boys can take this if we play like we have up to this point

Got a date for the formal yet?

Not yet, have to keep the ladies on their toes till the last moment...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seven days to go!

Seven days to go until the 2010 UCT Internal League Final...

23 September 2010
The Cobras vs. Nadoes
19:30 UCTRFC A-Field

The Road to the Final:
Cobras 10 - 7 Magic Lions (M.O.B)
Cobras 10 - 0 Spanners
Cobras 54 - 0 College House
Cobras 40 - 5 Smuts
Cobras 40 - 5 Shebeen Boys
Cobras 0 - 0 Kopano (Cobras take 5 points, no show)
Quaterfinal: Cobras 33 - 6 Ikhaya
Semifinal: Cobras 15 - 3 Ubumbo
Points for: 213
Points against: 26
Played 8
Won 8
Lost 0
Oh so brave...

Poefda Pretorius

Yes you are!!

Whilst cruising around the city bowl in the passenger seat of Mr Pretorius Snr’s average Aston Martin, sipping on a latte and gorging on a three cheese muffin from Vida, I managed to whip out the not pad and jot down a few answers from the questions I was firing at my fellow lock partner.

Explain, if you would, the story behind the great name ‘Poefies’?

I really wish the story was alot more spicy but unfortunately it's pretty blan; 1st day of boarding school some oke called me "poefter", I haven't looked back since.

When did you earn your first Cobras cap?

My 1st Cobras cap was back in 2006 under the captaincy of one Tom Brukman, hell what a team!

As a slightly older figure in the side, whats your view on the vibe this year in the camp?

I'm really loving the vibe this year, there's a good core group of players that are passionate and committed to the cause. By looking around in the change room before the game you can see that the okes won't settle for anything less than a win and a trophy at the end of the season.

How do you rate our chances in the up and coming final?

I honestly think we can do it. There are some awesome combinations in the side and the guys look like a formidable unit overall. I had the privilege of reffing a cobras game this year and being the closest "spectator" I could see how unstoppable the boys are when they get going. We just need to keep our heads about us and go through the motions the same way we've done all season.

Who’s you rugby idol, is it really Krynauw Otto?

Funnily enough my rugby idol is not the big KO but I prefer to look up to Tiaan Strauss, honestly, block speaking Afrikaans with an Aussie accent!

Beer or spirits? Have you tasted a Castle Light draught?

Tiger or Tin Roof? Tiger

Have u ever taken your Landie off road?

Every Sunday when I park next to Woodlands before touch.

As a man who loves and appreciates the great coastal destination that is Hermanus. Give us a few words about the majestic place incase there are a few out there who aren’t all that familiar with worlds greatest beach dorpie (a proven fact, look it up) Herms?

Hermanus is the best place in the world, fact. It's the perfect distance from Cape Town, world class golf course, awesome beaches and the fish and chips at Hermanus Fisheries is out of this world.

What’s your handicap? 7

What do you do for a little ‘me’ time?

I try to get out on the golf course as much as possible, but nothing beats a jog up to Rhodes Mem.

What makes up your breakfast on match day?

"Oats-so-easy" and a latte from Vida, sensational combo.

What’s it like being a working man and still studying?

It's tough, but I can't just be a student anymore, so I was really keen to do something else while I study. It takes a good balance that I'm still trying to find.

For the okes put there that don’t know, what is it exactly that you do (work wise)?

I'm help run a scuba diving magazine, basically it's a free, high gloss, A3 size magazine. You get it by subscribing online and it comes out 4 times a year. I do everything I can from selling advertising to writing articles, it's a really cool way to learn everything there is to publishing a magazine. We are in the process of launching a wine magazine using the same, successful, media model we use for the dive mag.

What would you do if you didn’t play rugby?

Refing the game is something that I've taken up this year so I would definitely try and give that a good run and see how far I can get.

Any messages you would like to pass on to the new up and coming youngsters in the Cobras ranks?

It's a great vibe to be apart of, there are so many friends to be met and, barring league rugby, there aren't many sports that you can feel part of a team as much as rugby. The Cobra's brand is a proud one and I would like to see the name being carried around UCT for as long as possible.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Final Preview...


It's the Dream Final that everybody has been waiting for; Steinhoff Purple Cobras face off against their archrivals Steinhoff Tornadoes for the bragging rights of becoming 2010 champions.

The Steinhoff UCT Internal League Finals will be played on Thursday, 23 September which will see all 16 teams in actions on the night. The league has been divided into two sections, the Championships Section as well as the Cup Winners' section.

Steinhoff Tornadoes, the 2009 champions, will contest the Championships Section against Steinhoff Cobras after reaching the final with a convincing win over the Magic Lions in the semifinals.

Both teams playing a different brand of rugby - the Steinhoff Cobras are well known for their defensive game and quick counters, whilst the Steinhoff Tornadoes are best known for their attack-orientated approach; all of which makes for an interesting 2010 Final.

Although playing for the Championship trophy, these two teams are also playing for the rights to participate in the Steinhoff Koshuisrugby Championships - which, of course, takes place at the same time as the 2011 Varsity Cup tournament.

Finals: Thursday 23 September 2010 Championship Section

19:30 Steinhoff Tornadoes vs Steinhoff Cobras
A - Field

18:30 Steinhoff Magic Lions vs Steinhoff Ubumbo
B - Field

18:30 Steinhoff Ikhaya vs Steinhoff Wild Boys
C - Field

18:30 Steinhoff Spanners vs Steinhoff Smuts
A - Field

Friday, September 10, 2010

Interview time

Mano was kind enough to lend us his time and give us some thoughts on his tenure with the almighty, supreme, awesome, sick, legend Cobras!

Here's how it went down...

How long have you been a part of the Cobras?

Since first year- 2007.

Is it true that you were conceived whilst your old folks were watching the very popular (at the time), industry defining movie series of ‘Emanuel’? And therefore gave the name ‘Emanuel’.

I’ve avoided asking my parents about the time I was conceived- So maybe...

Are u Greek or Jewish?

Greek, but claim Jewish when I want to come right in the upstairs section of Fez… or get into Fez.

Cobras till you die?

F#cking of course!

Who do you rate is better Ricky January or Bolla Conradie?

Ricky is definitely a better looking terd.

As this is your 4th year with the Cobras what’s it like representing the purple and white?

It’s quite an honour playing outside the likes of Jussy B and Oli. Quite nerve racking as well as I don’t want to let down Oli. But I’m very proud to be a Cobra.

What does your Tuesday evening pre match ritual consist of?

I get to bed early- I know the tomorrow’s a big day. I find it hard to sleep because I’m thinking about tomorrow. I pop a speaker into the ear I’m not sleeping on. Music/playlists/rugby/peace with the inches speech… Hopefully I fall asleep soon, but unlikely- I’m anxious.

Give us some highlights of your Cobras career thus far?

Tour to P.EEEEE. The emergence of photographic evidence of Smorrie and Dugald ripping up that poor bus driver’s son’s clothes after getting kakked out by Dugald sr. Cian yakking on G at our first fines- racist!

Drink of choice?

Castle Lager, but thinking Castle Lite will be the beer for the summer.

Where’s your local hangout?

Kelvin waterside.

What u studying at UCT?

Finance and accounting.

Rugby hero?

Gio Aplon. He plays with a big heart and that’s what we want.

Favourite Cobras chant and or drinking song?

Oh van der Vyfer, you are the love of my life… I want curly hair too!

What do you do to unwind?

Rewatch some British Office, arrange my music collection, touch if its Sunday at 4pm.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I'll be stoked if I become a CA. That's the plan. Have a big test on Monday, so will keep you updated.

How stoked are u for the final?

Very stoked

From the Cobras change room to the Aviva Premiership

Stuart Commins says he is settling into life at Franklin's Gardens and enjoying his time at the Saints.
8Share The 21-year-old scrum-half arrived during the summer after finishing his studies at the University of Cape Town, and after playing in the pre-season friendlies against Bedford and Dax he got his first taste of Aviva Premiership Rugby 'A' League action in the Round One match at Leicester.
And after having dried off from the deluge that hit Welford Road in the second half he took some time to reflect on his first few weeks at the club.

"Settling in has been easy, to be honest," Commins said. "The guys are great, the team spirit's unbelievable, and on and off the field things are going well. People are very friendly and that's the most important part. I've come here and I'm enjoying my rugby, and whether I'm at Franklin's Gardens or outside it's very special."

The trip to Leicester came 24 hours after Commins had experienced his first East Midlands derby from the stands, and he has already got a taste for the passion for rugby that this region of England has.

"You went to the Premiership game last Sunday and you can see the rivalry that exists between the two teams," he added. "There was a bit of banter going on both on and off the field! But it's great to see. The Saints have passionate supporters and it's always special when they get behind the team."

You can see the full interview with Stuart Commins highlighting exclusively at
Stu has been included in the match day 22 for the Saints game against Harlequins tomorrow.


Friday, September 03, 2010

The Cobras go marching ON ON ON!

The Cobras advanced to the Final of the 2010 Internal League with a commanding performance against a powerful Ubumbo side on Wednesday evening. This will be the Cobras 3rd final in 5 years, also their 3rd against the Nadoes, with the record being 1-1 in Finals.

After a few strong and inspiring words from Nick Koster in the changeroom the jerseys were handed out and The Cobras were ready. The game started at a frenetic pace with both sides giving it their all in the opening exchanges. Ubumbo serged hard in the opening 5 but The Cobras defence was impenetrable with play moving back up field in favour of the Cobras. After a well worked move down the left Cobras flyer VIVA JP Van Huffels made the telling break and offloaded to stalwart Olly Braithwaite who was greeted under the poles by half a dozen teammates sharing the moment with him. It didn't stop there as once again Ubumbo serged but again, and the story of the night, The Cobras defence was too much for the physical Ubumbo players.

The heart and commitment of every Cobra at the point of contact was something special, as Nick Koster said before the game, it's about the little battles on the field that win the games, and the contact situation was most certainly won by The Cobras.

After sucking up a lot of the big pressure from Ubumbo the Cobras played their patient game and with some tactical kicking made their way up into the Ubumbo half with a scrum. The experienced Kyle Rennie broke from 8, offloaded to Graeme Steen only to put Brendan Raubenheimer away to score just right of the upright, 12-0.

Again The Cobras sucked up the pressure, and after some massive defence held out only for Ubumbo to have a shot at goal, 12-3. The game continued with massive hit after hit as both sides weren't giving each other an inch on the field. The Cobras patiently made there way up field which forced a penalty which Warren converted making leaving the score at 15-3 at half time.

The Cobras were fired up and knew they were 30min away from a place in the final. The set pieces were being won, Warren Handley playing a massive role in the lineouts and scrums at hooker in only his second outing for The Cobras. The pack stood up to a far bigger pack than themselves and dominated from the word go. It was a great clinical performance from the Cobras as until the last minute the Cobras were being asked to defend with their lives. The game was won but still the hunger and heart of the men in purple in white paid off as the ref drew the curtain on what was a fantastic effort and great momentum for The Cobras ahead of the all important final which is on the 23rd of September.

Man of the Match went to Captain courageous Callan Artis, the man is unstoppable when it comes to looking for contact, he led from the front putting his body on the line every second of the game.

Another special fines evening happened straight after the game as The Cobras celebrated reaching their 3rd final in 5 years, which already is an achievement to be proud of. One more step to was the type of semi any team would have liked to have overcome going into a final.


Oh so brave

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Come on...

One more step...

Tonight is the biggest Cobras fixture of the season, and what a game it looks set to be. As the rain falls in Cape Town the men in Purple and White will still be looking to play their attractive brand of running rugby.

Semi-Final 2010
The Cobras vs. Uumbo
Meet 18:00 below Cecil
Kick off 19:00 UCT B-Field

This is it Gentlemen, let's fuckin do this...

Oh so brave

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beer boys for tomorrow

The men in charge of supplying us with sustenance after the game are...

Sean Patterson

Viva JP

The wing slash fullback Viva JP is the next to give us a few details

First Names: Jean Paul Viva

Last Name: van Huffel

Birth Date: 09/04/1987

Birth Place: Sandton JHB

Country of Birth: South Africa

Height in cm: 180cm

Weight in kilos: 82kg

Preferred position: Wing

Primary School: Usutu Forest Primary School

High School: St Charles College

Tertiary Education: University of Cape Town

Favourite Movie: Law Abiding Citizen

Favourite Music: Dubstep

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Player: Richard Kahui

what do you do before a rugby game: warm up

Favourite playing moment: Scoring a try against the Nadoe's

Godspeed Mighty Cobras

First and fore mostly a bloody big congratulations, and high fives all round for making it to the second last stage of the UCT internal league. A feat achieved 5 years in a row since the inception of the PC’s in 2006, and our pristine track record is still in tact! An impressive achievement. I’m proud as a peacock, as should be you.

But now is not the time to gloat. Tomorrow we have our biggest test of the season thus far. Umbumbo are typically a quality and very fiery side, they give it their all and hate to lose. We’ve  come up against them many times throughout the last 5 years, and both teams have a great amount of mutual respect (its not a rare occurrence to catch a cobra enjoying a gentle brew with an umbumbo at Tiger (Fez these days??) at 3.57am on a Saturday), however our track record speaks for itself. A track record that boldly tells tales of how we have come out the victor more often than not (ask Waz B for the exact figure). We are always hungrier. We are always harder. We are always better. We always fucking HATE losing more.

So Cobras go out there tomorrow and do what you do best. Give it your all. Go hard. No regrets.

I don’t want anyone sulking off to that changing room, head down, drinking a beer to drown the sorrow of loss, thinking if only I had given that much more. If only I had made that tackle, committed to that ruck, passed the ball, etc. No regrets.

No. I want you going into that changing room hearts full, knowing that win or lose
(Fucking win) you fucking gave it your all, that tonight you put your body on the line. And when that first ice cold gloriously golden lager starts gushing down your gullet, you are content in fact that you gave your absolute everything for your brother standing next to you in purple.

I leave you with this. Scarface knows the vibe….

Sending the best of luck from Croke Park in Dublin,


Thursday, August 26, 2010 Quater Final review,,,

The Championship section had the more competitive matches with Ubumbo beating the Spanners. The Spanners only have themselves to blame for loosing the match. Spanners having the numbers to the right decided to use there pack instead which did not pay off at all. There kicker on the evening also didn’t help them at all missing 3 vital penalties. Cobras had their grudge match against an ever improving ikhaya team. Ikhaya the team that kicked the Cobras out in the Semi’s last year didn’t look like the team of old. Cobras played their patient but flamboyant brand of rugby that we are use to seeing. Cobras were just to good for them winning the match 33 – 06 with Callan Artus, JP van Huffel, Kyle Rennie, D. Johnson and Stuart Black scoring for the Cobras.

Nadoes had an early scare from the Wild Boys as they were held 7 - 7 at half time, then soon showed why they are defending Internal league champions as they put their foot on the gas and rushed to a 21 – 7 lead which was also the final score. Try scorers for the Nadoes are Shafiek Nordien, Theo Von Aspern and Brad VD Westhuizen. The final match between MOB and Smuts was a tight affair as Mob could only manage to win 5 – 3 as Smuts brought the A game on the evening.

The results as they happened:

Championship Section

Steinhoff Spanners 08 – 14 Steinhoff Ubumbo
Steinhoff Cobras 33 – 06 Steinhoff Ikhaya
Steinhoff Nadoes 21 – 07 Steinhoff Wild Boys
Steinhoff MOB 05 – 03 Steinhoff Smuts

The Cobras go marching on...

The Cobras progressed to the Semi-Finals of the UCT Internal League last night with an impressive 33-6 win over a well drilled Ikhaya side. It was one of the performances of the year as The Cobras rose to the big occasion with a massive performance. In reaching the Semi-Finals The Cobras keep their record of advancing to the Semi-Final for the fifth year in a row.

The Cobras face Ubumbo in a massive Semi-Final next Wednesday...

Full match report to follow...

Oh so brave

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Everywhere you go...

Goooooooood morning gentle friends. It’s roughly 10am and I’m still wiping the sleep out of my eyes. I’m tired. I’m tired because I couldn’t sleep last night and I couldn’t sleep last night, not because I was tired, but because I was jittery with expectation. It’s Wednesday baby and I’m titillated at the thought of watching the Cobras quarter final match. My nipples are erect and goose bumps cover my inner thighs. There’s no place in the world I’d rather be than in Cape Town and with the Cobras. Many are hyping this game up as a re-match of last year’s appalling semi- final which saw the demise of the Cobras and the crowning of the Nadoes once again. We were sad men. Distraught you might say. But like the late, great Rodney Bernhardt said: “the world doesn’t need another sad man, it needs a fucking hero.”

I believe he wasn’t just talking about life as a security officer, he was speaking in broader terms. He was talking to us. He was sending us a message. Today we kill the duck and put the steaming locomotive that is the Purple Cobras Rugby Team back on the tracks to victory. Let’s end this duck boys. Let’s end it like Lusky might end a blind, wing clipped guinea fowl... with four twelve gauge shot guns at close range. The time has come. We need to put behind us the emotional fair wells to the likes of Luke Du Plessis and focus not on their absence but on doing their names proud. It’s the business end of the season and we’ve got plenty of wheeler dealers to get the job done. 

With that said I’ like to produce the weather forecast for today. I’m not particularly proud of the fact that this is done by simply looking out the window. But as you know the Green Mile has its’ very own micro climate so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to give you the weather as it stands right now and tell you what to prepare for for this evening. A lot can change you see. 

Weather for Cape Town, South Africa 

15°C | °F

Current: Clear

Wind: N at 3 km/h

Humidity: 59%


21°C | 12°C

There you have it. Just as I expected. Clear sunny skies for the day with a very light Northerly wind. A high of 15 with a low of 12 tells me that it’s still winter but I bet we were all fairly relieved to wake up to sunshine this morning. That reminds me of a great song.

‘Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone. Ain’t smiles when she’s away. Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone and she’s always gone for far too long...’

You guys know that tune? It’s a ‘killing me softly’ type of vibe by the Fugees. Speaking of the Fugees did anyone else happen to notice that Wyclef Jean is running for president in Haiti? I’ serious. The brother has been parading through streets on the top of armoured vehicles waving to his potential people. He is Haitian but grew up in America where he became a famous singer. It was recently written that he has funded many concerts through his charity which is a little messed up. When asked about the prospect of losing the election: "Even if I lose, I do win," he says. "The world will have known that in history there was a young man from Haiti who felt he wanted to do more than music, to engage in Haitian politics and help move the country forward. So in that sense I feel that even if I am to lose, I am to win." Talking about himself in the third person there. Dubious you might say. Anyway. 

So back to the weather. A northerly wind is not too disastrous unless it switches. And switch it will. By 8pm tonight I’m predicting a strong SW wind blowing on the Green Mile. That’s not exactly the devil wind but it will certainly push temperatures down and make goal kickers pick up a few more blades of grass to judge the wind. Personally I feel that Warren Butler shouldn’t have too much trouble with his conversions tonight. It’s always much easier when tries are being run in under the poles. Nuff said. 

I would like to round off today’s weather report with an interview I did with one of our Cobras players many months ago. It never went to print due to some software glitches I was experiencing at the time. I would also like to add that in the future all interviews done by myself will be done via the brain mining techniques used in the movie ‘Inception’. I’m going to come clean with you guys because you’re all straight shooters and I consider you my friends. I invented that technology. that movie was, in fact, based on my exploits. I know, it’s all a bit much to take in at this point. Don’t bother asking the producers about me. They’ll deny it you see. I costs someone a lot less when they don’t have to pay property rights to the master mind behind. It’s going to take many years of therapy and many more years of binge drinking to get over this little bump. I am here to ask you to hold my hand through this rocky patch. So what I was trying to say was instead of the usual pre-match interview I’ll be doing a little exploring into the minds and imaginations of your fellow Cobra’s and then describing in detail what I find there. I takes a huge amount of courage to delve into the mind of Ian Armstrong. It takes even more courage to go there when Swali is in town. Can you imagine. Assume we’re walking through Army’s dream land.... Clouds, beers, soccer balls, big boobed bikinied babes, soft pillows, warm duvets, other people’s clothes... Heaven (to some). Then all of a sudden grey clouds move across the sky and the calming music turns to somehting from ACDC (back in black or Highway to Hell). The soft pillows burst into flame, the clothes decay in front of your eyes, the soccer balls pop, the beers go warm and flat and little horned goat men with sharp teeth run amok raping the brilliantly breasted beauties. Can you imagine that shit? I won’t be doing an interview with him anytime soon. Swali sitting on a throne breathing fire with little horns poking through his hair. Fuck me that’s a terrifying thought. Anyway. That’s the deal for the next few interviews. Right now we’ll get stuck into a brief discussion with none other Nic ‘Fridge’ Bailey. 

Bug: Nic, you joined the Cobras at the beginning of the year. 

Nic: Correct

Bug: Sorry I wasn’t quite finished there. I was building towards a question. Not the lack of inflection.

Nic: Sorry. Inflection is very interesting isn’t it?

Bug: Huh?

Nic: What?

Bug: Do you watch Community? 

Nic: No?

B: Enough now. So what did you envision when you joined this wonderful family?

N: Well I always knew you guys threw a bit of a vibe from when I played for the Socos many years ago. I hadn’t been enjoying my rugby and I needed a fresh start with an aspiring team. It’s worked out really well.

B: As it has for us Nic. Thank you for your participation. It’s been a great contribution. Tell me... what does Nic Bailey get up to on his weekends when he isn’t playing rugby?

N: Well I’ll probably be watching it. Other than that I’m always making a mission to find some waves around the Cape peninsula. It keeps me going. I recently went on a trip to Indo and that was just mind altering. It was tough to come back and start work again. 

B: I know what you mean. Actually I don’t. The real working stage of my life hasn’t quite begun but when it does I’ll be knocking on your door (figuratively speaking of course) for some advice on how to manage the pain. Is that ok?

N: I suppose so. 

B: Thanks for your kindness.

B: Do you realise that the letter N (indicating your responses in this interview) and the letter B (indicating my responses) are your initials. Quite a mind fuck. B stands for Bug obviously but were the reader not so intimately familiar with the Cobras and me then they might think you were talking to yourself. Are you talking to yourself Nic?

N: What is going on here?

B: Have you seen Shutter Island?

N: Yes

B: Same sort of vibe.

N: Oh I see.

B: But do you really see....

That’s that and a bag of Fritos. Thank you for your time. Next time we go balls deep into the imagination of Warren Butler. Interesting times ahead. 

Always take the weather with you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quater-Final time..

It's that time of year again when the UCT Internal League reaches the knock-out stages. This The Cobras face Ikhaya in the Quaters, which is a repeat of last years Semi. The Cobras will be looking to secure their place in the Championship Semi's with a big performance tomorrow night. It's going to be a great clash between the two sides as they fight for that Semi spot tomorrow night...

This is where the competition really starts, it's time to turn it on...

The Cobras vs. Ikhaya
Meet 18:30 SHARP below Cecil
Kick off 19:30
Let's set the record straight...
Oh so brave

He goes by the name of Jussy B...

Cobras 2010

First Names: Justin Nicolas
Last Name: Bijl
Birth Date: 10/05/87
Birth Place: Cape Town
Country of Birth: South Africa
Height in cm: 183cm
Weight in kilos: 90kg
Preferred position: Centre
Primary School: Western Province Preparatory School (Wetpups)
High School: Diocesan College (Bishops)
Tertiary Education: University of Cape Town (UCT)
Favourite Movie: The Hangover
Favourite Music: Electronic
Favourite Food: Steak, egg and chips
Favourite Player: Heinrich Brussow
What do you do before a rugby game: Eat two chocolates and drink an energade
Favourite playing moment: Beating Maties in u20 to cap off an unbeaten season

Beer boys

To bring beer tomorrow:









Monday, August 23, 2010 Quater Final preview


The quarter finals are here and teams know that no mistakes can be afforded if they tend to qualify for a spot in the semi finals. Teams are expected to field there strongest teams for the next two weeks as they make a surge for a spot in the finals.

Wednesday night will see the entire Steinhoff Internal league battle it out on the Green mile as they try and cement a place for the next round, with the knock out phase now in place teams seriously can’t afford to slip up.

In the Champions section Nadoes and Cobras the two most experienced teams will be keeping and eye on each other’s progress as there is unfinished business between the two, and there is a possibility that the two could meet in the Finals. Cobras play Ikhaya and Nadoes play the Wild Boys. MOB and Spanners the teams that have really come to the forefront could just be the surprise packages for this year as they to have showed why they are in the quarters with and impressive vain of form.

The Cup winners sections have the remainder of teams on the war parth for the league Cup. Panthers, Catsville and Turtles narrowly being beaten for a spot in Section A. So they do seem the favourites to win this section.

Both sections will have some awesome matches as teams step up their game.

Full fixture round up:
Championship Section

Steinhoff Spanners Vs Steinhoff Ubumbo B - Field 20:30
Steinhoff Cobras Vs Steinhoff Ikhaya C - Field 19:30
Steinhoff Nadoes Vs Steinhoff Wild Boys B - Field 19:30
Steinhoff MOB Vs Steinhoff Smuts C - Field 20:30

Cup Winners Section

Steinhoff Turtles Vs Steinhoff Clarendon B - Field 17:30
Steinhoff Kopano Vs Steinhoff Marquard C - Field 17:30
Steinhoff Panthers Vs Steinhoff College House B - Field 18:30
Steinhoff Catsville Vs Steinhoff Shebeen Boys C - Field 18:30

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last pool game...

The Cobras take on Res side Kopano in tonights clash on The Green Mile. It has been a two week break which has seen the Cobras fine tuning their touch skills getting ready for the knock-out rounds of the competition.

The two teams have met 3 times in their history:

2006: Cobras 10 - 7 Kopano
2009: Cobras 33 - 0 Kopano
2009 Quaterfinal: 40 - 15 Kopano

It looks set to be a great fixture, with the rain coming down it won't stop The Cobras brand of running rugby.

The Cobras vs. Kopano
Meet 18:30
Kick off: 19:30
UCT B-Field

Oh so brave

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 09, 2010

Internal league player profile

Written by Clement le Roux
Thursday, 05 August 2010 13:07

First Names: Kyle
Last Name: Rennie
Birth Date: 30/06/1987
Birth Place: Adelaide, Eastern Cape
Country of Birth: South Africa
2010 Internal League Team: Purple Cobras

Height in cm: 1,83m
Weight in kilos: 92kgs
Preferred position: Loose Forward
Primary School: Kokstad Junior School
High School: St Andrew's College
Tertiary Education: UCT
Favourite Movie: Not really a movie but Band of Brothers the series
Favourite Music: Anything old school
Favourite Food: Biltong
Favourite Player: Marty Holah
what do you do before a rugby game: Nothing specific, just focus on whats expected of me for the game
Favourite playing moment: Cobras winning the Internal League

For more info visit:

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Stefan Terblanche WOO! Cobras interview time...

A man of many talents!

After many failed ‘I’ll call you back’s’, Stefan Terblanche, the new coffee and calculator configuration man at Allan Gray, managed to slot me in at the tail end of his coffee and bagel run, and this is what the Boland, Griquas, Sharks, Springbok and lastly Cobras Stalwart had to say.

1.Some say that you are the old man, the stalwart if you like, of the Cobras setup. Do you think that is because of your resounding resemblance to the great Stefan Terblanche?

I think that there are a few of us in our fifth year of Cobras Rugby now and it really is true that you can't buy experience. I like to think i bring a bit of stabillity to the back like Stefan but truth be told I cannot really see much of a resemblance.

2. Do you even look up to the man? I mean we all do, but you must especially.

I used to think he was a pretty solid fullback with a great up and under but I think it's time for the old man to hang up his boots before people really start taking the piss out of him (and me).

3. As a Cobra co founder what do you think about the vibe in this year’s camp?

I must say there is nothing that gets me more revved up than a game of Rugby on the Green Mile. We have always had a good vibe in the past but I must say that I think this is one of the better vibes we have had. There is a belief amongst the boys that we will win this trophy and that belief and passion is what will take us to the top. From the so called "stalwarts" to the guys in their first year everyone has brought an incredible vibe and I just can't wait to lift that trophy in a couple of months time.

4. What do Wednesday nights on the Green Mile mean to you?

Wednesday nights are what gets me through a kak week at work. It is basically the beginning of the weekend for me.

5. A Sunday with the books in hand and a calculator just to double check, or a Cobras touch session?

I can't even think of something witty to say here...Touch of course.

6. Stellies jol or a Cape Town jol?

I enjoy the odd Stellies jol but I'm a Cape Town person myself and would pick a messy Tiger session over a Filthy Terrace night. Though, as i said, I do also enjoy the odd bit of a Stellies vibe.

7. Any scandal you can reveal to use that you have heard/ learnt during your time thus far at AG?

Not much hey though I do know how much Bishops and all your parents have in reserves.

8. How do you carbo load on a Tuesday before internal league Wednesdays?

Ideally a quiet beer with the boys at Forries is always a good way to get into the vibe otherwise a nice bowl of Spag Bol in front of the fire watching Boots n All with Naas.

9. I hear you’re a big fan of the Sharks. ‘Black and white, nothing else matters’, apparently . Your kinda vibe?

There is nothing that boils my blood more than a guy who lives in Cape Town and supports the Shark. I mean really if you have lived here for more than two years surely you have come to your senses by now...PROOOOOVINCE for life.

10. How do you take your coffee? Black with one sugar, with milk, or do you just crunch on the beans like a real financial advisor?

Don't drink coffee hey it upsets my sleeping patterns.

11. What’s your most cherished gadget?

I would have to say my Nokia cell phone. It's basically a torch with a cellphone attached. They say it's bigger than the Blackberry.

12. What do you do for a bit of ‘me time’?

I like to get out into the mountain - anything from mountain biking and running to Rock climbing.

13. Castle or Black Label, or perhaps a single malt now that you a working man?

I enjoy a whiskey on the rocks whilst playing a game of Poker but nothing beats a draught of Black Label at Forries.

14. Some say that Allan Gray was your grandfather, any truth behind the rumours?

Not that I know of...hopefully he leaves something in his will for me though.

15. Who’s your rugby idol?

My idol would have to be Chris Latham - I think we have the leg drive in common.

16. Any wise, AG inspired, words of wisdom for your fellow Cobras?

This is our fifth year of this unbelievable vibe, let's get out on that field on Wednesday night and show them the type of rugby we play. Let's run them off their feet and play the rugby we enjoy...If we do that we will not lose.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Wednesday result...

The Cobras put six tries past Shebeen Boys on Wednesday night to make it 5 from 5 in this years competition. Final score was 40-5...match report to follow.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here we go again...

Wednesday 27th of July
The Cobras vs. Shebeen Boys
Kick off 19:30
Meet 18:30 sharp below Cecil

Please bring Cobras jersey if you still have one.

Oh so brave

Player interview's continue...


The next man on the interview list (after a somewhat lengthy break) is our scrummy stalwart Graeme ‘Stumpie’ Steen. The last time is saw this fella he was waste deep in a bucket of Castles at the Crabs Creek jol after the Knysna marathon, which non of us took part in by the way, and he was mumbling something along the lines of, ‘Hey Bra, excuse me but I’m quite sloshed (not sure how cool that word is these days) hey, but I finished exam just yesterday so I reckon you can forgive me.’ He followed up this murmur by falling off his beer stool and onto the floor, wet smelly, beer soaked oyster Knysna Lagoon floor! Not that I judge the man (for drinking or falling), any excuse for a beer right? You’re forgiven pal.

Nevertheless, here are a few words he managed to squeeze out whist reconfiguring his calculator in the Sports Centre parking lot.

Jose: Explain the story behind the name ‘stumpie’ for those who cant figure it out for themselves...

Graeme: As with most of my nicknames, Stumpie is based around my apparent lack of height. My nickname at the time was Gimli (thanks to a Dillon Mcevoy Lord of the Rings reference) until Andre Jacobs decided my height was similar to a cigarette "Stompie". This was Anglicised by the rest of the team to the Stumpie that now follows me around in rugby circles.

What are you currently studying?

PGDA. Not to be confused with the PGA, he tells me.

What does the Cobras brand mean to you?

I think Xhanti Nessi said it best when he spoke of the Cobras as a brotherhood. As we all know, the Cobras are more than just a sports team and I can't imagine what varsity would have been like without it.

What’s your best memory from your four (now 5) years in the Cobras colours?

Winning the cup, there nothing quite like it.
On the lighter side, Phil Vogets birthday celebration indicated the beginning of the ridiculousness that is the Cobras changing room. I think there's a video somewhere on the website.

Tits or ass?

Tits but not in isolation. Nice!

Preferred position, hooker or scrumhalf?

Scrumhalf but I have to respect the men who do all the important work up front.

Beer or spirits?

Beer although I am partial to the occasional whiskey.

Who do you despise more, the Nadoes or the Maties?

Maties by a mile.

Is Stefan really your half brother?

I'll have to chat to my folks and get back to you. Fuck these oke’s never give a straight answer! GADAMMIT!

Is it true that you are a sharks man?

Black and white for life. Did you notice that we beat the Bulls?

Who’s your rugby idol?

George Gregan

There ware rumours that you had a stint as the man in the Ikey Tigers mascot suit, any truth behind this?

I'm afraid not, otherwise you'd have heard some Cobra's changing room classics rippling through the crowd.

With five years experience, how do you think the Cobras are looking this year?

I can safely say that on paper this is the best Cobras side ever. If we click and show the desire to win than we should be unstoppable.

Please tell us the story behind your infamous, ‘I score tall chicks’ drinking song...

Oxbraai 2006, I scored a ridiculously tall female, relative to myself, and in my inebriated state began singing that now famous refrain. Little did I know that i would be hearing it for the next 4 years.

What do you do to psych yourself up before a Wednesday evening on the Mile?

I only finish lectures at six so I tend to use a two hour accounting lecture to get myself into the right state of mind. Back in the day, Warren Butler and I used to exchange sms's to ensure our heads were focussed on the game in the evening,

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On my Yacht in the Caribbean, hiring Cobras who have come over to do a boat season on their gap year. Aim high.

Many thanks Graeme, what a gent!

Monday, July 26, 2010

UCTRFC.CO.ZA preview for return of the Internal League...

Get ready to see teams kick off the second half of the season with some mouth watering fixtures comes Wednesday night.

With a one and a half month break from Internal leagues teams are gearing up to finalize some game tactics before there kick-offs on Wednesday. Expect the Green Mile to be swamped with players for the next two days as players get back into the swing of things.

Top teams such as the Nadoes and Cobras have been seen practicing through out the duration of the Varsity break and other teams only starting today. Never the less the teams will surely show case their best as they try to gain an early advantage in their groups to stake a place in the quarter-finals.

The fixtures are as follows:

28 July

17h30 Steinhoff Marquard vs Steinhoff Catsville B-field
17h30 Steinhoff Spanners vs Steinhoff Claredon C-field
18h30 Steinhoff Tornadoes vs Steinhoff Ubumbo B-field
18h30 Steinhoff Turtles vs Steinhoff College House C-field
19h30 Steinhoff Cobras vs Steinhoff Shebeen Boys B-field
19h30 Steinhoff Smuts vs Steinhoff Kopano C-field

Beer roster

Beer boys for this week:

Sean Petterson
Junks Junks baby

If you okes for some reason can't make it on Wednesday or can't get ahold of beer, then make a plan for someone else to cover you. It's not fair on the other okes if you rock up empty handed. And if your name is appearing again, don't be alarmed everyone will be bringing more than once!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tour highlights...

Thomas Bergh earning his first cap

"The Cowboys" - The real Champions of the Day

"The Fother Muckers..."

Mano, he has done this before...

The Course Official/Weatherman

Post-match changeroom...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Here we go...

The second half of the league season resumes next Wednesday when The Cobras take on Shebeen Boys in Round 2 of the preperation for this game there will be 3 touch sessions:

Wednesday 21st: 4pm UCT B-Field
Friday 23rd: 4pm Bishops
Sunday 25th: 4pm Bishops

Please make sure you get down to these sessions as it is important in order to get your place in the match squad for the first game back of the second semester, it looks set to be a great occasion with a Tour re-union fines to follow after the game...

Oh so brave

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What a weekend...

On Friday night the Cobras came out firing against a physical and aggressive Bredasdorp Rugby team, who are lying 2nd in the Boland League. The Cobras walked away with a deserved 12-0 win, with solid waves of attack and brave defence, it was a great result which set the tone for the remainder of the weekend, and the second half of the season...

Cobras tour report to follow...

What a weekend...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Squad vs. Bredasdorp

Here is the squad that will take on Bredasdorp this Friday night in Bredasdorp, kick off 19:30.

Poen Pienaar, Badr Ebrahim, Jamie Manuel, Shane Swanich, Kyle Rennie, Luc Du Plesis, Sean Patterson, Callan Artus (c), Nick Bailey, Mano Ghioules, Warren Butler, JP Van Huffels, Mike Cockburn, Justin Bijl, Junks Johnson, Jan Strydom (debut), Thomas Bergh (debut), Shaun Cowell (debut), Roland Luscombe, Brendan Raubenheimer.

Lots of old customers and a few celebrity faces who will be looking for their first Cobras cap, in the shape of utility players Jan Strydom and Thomas Bergh who can both play anywhere from front row to fullback, these men will surely be looking to make a name for themselves come Friday night. They both represented the famous Simonsberg 3rd team a year or two ago and will be looking re-live those glory days. Then another old campaigner who is coming out of retirement for this fixture, Shaun 'Daddy Cool' Cowell who will be surely scrumming down in the front row, this man is powerful and certainly a player to watch on debut.

Shaun Cowell - they don't call him Daddy Cool for nothing...

Jan and Tom (moose) who will be raring to go come Friday evening

So there you have it, the squad for this Fridays match against looks set to be a great occasion.

The captain of Bredasdorp did mention something about a WitBlitz shot before the game for both teams, this will surely set the tone for the remainder of the weekend...

Oh so brave