Sunday, May 27, 2007

Half way house...

Just some random facts about the Cobras season thus far...
Unbeaten so far, went into round 2 top of our table, best points difference in the league, most points scored in the league.

Played - 4
Won - 3
Drawn - 1
Lost - 0
Tries for - 24 (highest in the whole league by a big distance)
Tries against - 2
Cases of beer consumed - 21
forever blowing bubbles...

As i'm sure you all know by now there are plans in the pipeline for a Sunday 7's tournament being arranged between the Internal League sides. It is going to be quite a festive vibe with the proposed sponser being some brewery. How its going to work is that we will hopefully be allowed to field two sevens teams, due to our huge depth this season. This will all help us in the long run because it will increase our fitness levels for our wednesday night clashes, and as we all know the main aim of the Cobras is to have fun, and get boozed. More details will come when we find out more about it, but just make sure we are all amped for this.

Thanks Jose...


To the guys that havnt told me if they can make it yet, ill need you to do so by the WEDNESDAY 30TH OF JULY (this wed coming up) And if you have already told me you coming, then let me know urgently if you will be needing accomodation, this is important because we will need to book, so either send me a message on facebook or phone/sms Warren on 0839502053. Please guys, we want to make this tour run smoothly so we can focus on biggers things such as the jol.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another one...Cobras Wednesday Night Lights episode 5

Once again the Cobras brushed aside another team in this years Internal League. Cobras remain unbeaten this season so far as we put 57 unanswered points on Smuts. One thought because they basically live on the green mile they would put up a better fight, but obviously not.

The Cobras started off in emphatic style. We kicked off to them and immediately big tackles were put in which forced a turn over and 2 seconds later the Cobras went over the tryline for the first of there 9 UNANSWERED tries. The match report will get a bit stagment if I carry on describing every try, but basically we fucked them up. The intensity was awesome out on the field even though it was an easy game guys were still firing after a few tries were put on the scoreboard. This is the type of team spirit that people are talkin about, regradless of what fixture we play, we will always come out firing, and ready to give it our all for another victory. Much bigger games to come next semester. The league is now over for this semester as we all take our holiday break but our next fixture is against the Shebeen Boys, which is a must win. This game is scheduled for the 1st of August.

We do have one other fixture before the league starts again and this is against Nadoes at Plett Rugby Club on Friday 13th of July...some guys still need to get back to me about being available. Let's make it happen...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A few numbers...

The results of round 4, as you can see we drew our game to Ubumbo, but we will take it as a victory as we go top of our next pool.

The pools for the next round of group stages. We have Wildboys, which will be a huge game as they are the older Bishops generation, so as we did with Soco Thoco's last year we will be hoping that us, being the youngsters will teach them a thing or two, but looks set to be a cracker played in good spirits! Shebeen Boys is the other "big" side in our pool, we played them in a pre-season friendly, but this won't be anything close to as friendly as our last encounter, we are yet to play them in a proper league game. In actual fact we haven't played any of these sides in the league yet, inlcuding the res side Smuts. So things are looking interesting.

A look at the rest of the teams...

Here is one for the record books. At the moment the Cobras have the best try scoring record in the league, this is one seriously awesome achievement which clearly illustrates the brand of rugby the Cobras are here to play, and that being based on Bishops Rugby, which as we all know is always successful. Well done boys, something to be seriously proud of, lets keep them coming.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jumping and Jiving...

What a night, that is basically all what can be said at this stage. Something special happened in that Cobras change room that could well have started a whole new era, and taken the Cobras to a whole new level. But enough about that let’s get the match report going first…

The Cobras lost the toss and were forced to play against the slight breeze which wasn’t going to be a serious problem. We kicked off to them, with the forwards getting there early and forcing a early knock-on by Ubumbo, one of many…one wonders why their hands were so shit when the Green Mile has never been dryer. This is where it all began, scrum to the Cobras. The pack last night was awesome, the front row led by Gary was firing and gave it their all, and all of them could easily have played the full game, fitness aside, that’s how fired up they were. Our whole forward pack dominated Ubumbo with ease, and they were by far the larger pack but once again that means fuck all when you have the determination that the Cobras do. After scrums being reset a few times, the cobras went blind and gave the ball out to the flyer on the wing Dean Smorenberg who went over in the Ubumbo corner with absolute ease; the man makes everything look so easy. 5-0 to the Cobras, and the dudes were amped.

The game was very physical to say the least, one of the more physical encounters in world rugby, and the Cobras showed that we are up for any challenge laid down on the field in front of us. We proved last night that we are here to win this competition, no questions asked. The Cobras kept pushing on and dominated most of the first half, with another try being scored just before half time when Brad Milne picked up a loose ball and ran a full 50 metres to put the ball down just right of the uprights. The try was converted and the Cobras are now 12-0 up and half time blown.

This is where we lost it, we had the Ref on our side in the first half, and then we came out sleeping a bit in the second half, with no disrespect to reserves we made too many changes at one time which caused us to loose our momentum. Ubumbo pushed hard and once again we managed to hold them out with some long kicks down field. There was a shocking call by the Ref about a kick which clearly landed way in field which was called all the way back to just outside our 22 because of the wankers who are the Ubumbo supporters. One feels that cheaters like their fans don’t deserve a place next to the sideline of the Green Mile if they are going to cheat. The ball was CLEARLY in and because of their large support base they managed to over rule the ref, fuckers. Ubumbo scored two quick tries and the Cobras were hit hard by this. We didn’t give up and tried an late surge towards the Ubumbo try line but only to fail with the ref calling the game after another scuffle in midfield, final score 12-12. Cobras take this as a win because we go through on point’s difference, top of the table, fuck yes. Ubumbo, good luck with the Nadoes in your pool. We now go through to the next round top of a group which consists of Wild Boys, Shebeen Boys and some other random side.

The change room is a whole story in its own. Initially starting with a mild 5 cases of beer, fines started and many a beers were downed. Some guys figured this wasn’t enough, so a further 4 cases of beer were brought in order to keep the vibe going. Some new songs were added to the Cobras song sheet and one has to say this was the biggest and best session the Cobras have had in their very youthful history. It is brilliant that guys have adopted the concept that every Wednesday night with out fail we will be in that change room boozing and singing, its part of our game. A true sign of how amped guys are to go places in this year’s league was when we asked guys to contribute to the booze in the change room last night, and in a matter of 40 seconds we collected well over R200. Thanks to John, Gary and Dave for chipping in a few bucks. After having the Shebeen Boys and a few Ubumbo players in the Cobras change room, the guys were swiftly moved onto Wadda at about 12. Things just spiraled downwards from there, and we even had Graeme Smith and Mark Boucher congratulating us on our victory and saying how awesome our vibe is. The Cobras, oh so brave.


The Nadoes have invited us to play a exhibition match in Plett on Friday the 13th of July. The tour is from the Friday to the Sunday. We will play the nadoes in a proper match, then the Nadoes are going to play against the Plett Golden Oldies, and possibly a few Cobras are going to get a run in a mixed type side. After this there will be plenty of fines, singing, boozing and the rest that comes with the Nadoes and Cobras vibe. We will all be guest listed to VIP for the Friday night (Plett pumps at this time of the year so lank hot chicks and big vibes) and then everyone will go through to Knysna on the Saturday for the huge Knysna marathon afterparty and Crabs Creek which is one huge jol.

Guys this weekend will be awesome and it is an honour that the Nadoes have invited us to join in on their annual tour so lets make ourselves available and do it. What we planning on doing is renting out apartments/houses in a complex sort of vibe for all the Cobras to stay at. No one replied to the facebook message about the Tour, so meet me half way and reply and let me know if you are available, it will be an awesome weekend. Get hold of Warren on 0839502053 if you are available and amped for this weekend and if you need accommodation so we can book early. This is one weekend not to be missed…so be fuckin pro-active and R.S.V.P

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Marching on..

Wednesday night saw the Wadda Purple Cobras go further 5 points up the table as they brushed aside the Turtles in another wind fought battle. Once again the wind was blowing hard across the green mile but this time from the north direction, once again making it difficult for the fans, both teams, kickers and in our case the ref. The Cobras were put back on their line early on in the opening exchanges only to hold out and show what awesome defence we have had in the competition thus far, with no points being scored against us yet.
The Cobras once again after being on the back foot early on, moved the ball through several hands only to come up just metres short of the Turtles try line. From here on in there was no problems posed by the Turtles as the Cobras managed to run in the bonus point try early in the second half with the final score being 29-love to the Purple Cobras, another awesome victory and the guys once again showed their true spirit out on the park.

As it has become the norm, after the game the side pulled off another spectacular changeroom session with many a beer downed and many a song sung. The vibe this year has taken about 17 and a half steps up from what we created last year. One must also remember that Purple Cobras has just turned 1 years old, so if we have got this sort of vibe going, one can only expect greater things. Once again, congratulations to Anton Taylor, who has taken the chunder award away from Cian Van Der Vyfer for being the first to be disgustingly drunk, as it was his birthday. Big thanks to John Hayden for sponsoring the side with some beers, hope you had an awesome Birthday yesterday. Check out for updates about the league.

Big game this wednesday vs. Ubumbo, top of the table clash as we are both unbeaten and it is going to be important that we win this as we need to top our group, which will help us going into the second round which starts next week. Touch today @ BISHOPS 5'OCLOCK.

You gotta love it...

Monday, May 07, 2007

New side...

After recieving hate mail about the starting line up for wednesday nights fixture it has been changed because more dudes are writing the test than we expected, so there are going to be a few new caps thrown into the mix for wednesday nights clash...and this is how it now looks.

1. Korn 2. Gary/Hayden 3. Poefte
4. Franzen 5. Wilmot
6. Nic Rosslee 7. Taylor
8. Stander
9. Gold Dusssst
10. Cian 12. Bones 13. Jordan
11. Gibbo 14. Brad Milne
15. Adrian Kritzinger
So there we have it, it is helluva important that anyone who is not in the starting line-up still comes to the game because the squad is very thin this week so everyone must rock up and you will most probably get game time, so be there and lets fukin do this.

Wednesday night lights

After a seriously long break from the league it almost feels as if the league actually hasn't started as we played our first game almost 3 weeks ago, which could only be described as a warm up or practice match. This week is when shit starts to get hectic when we face the very unknown side which is the Turtles. One can't expect to go into this game thinking that it will be as easy as the Ikhaya side that we faced in round one. We have two hard fixtures in 2 weeks, and both are win at all cost games as it will help us going into the next round of pools if we do end up top of our group. As i'm sure you can all see our game this Wednesday is at 18h00 CAT. That means everyone including reserves must try be there by 17h00 CAT so that we can sort things out to make sure we field a fine tuned side come the 18h00 CAT kick off. The starting line-up for this week is....

Purple Cobras vs. Turtles
18h00 CAT B-Field UCT
1. Korn 2. Hayden 3. Poefies
4. Aggie 5. Franzen
6. Flanagan 7. Taylor
8. Wilmot
9. Gold Dust
10. Cian 12. Bones 13. Jordan
11. Gibbo 14. Dildo
15. Brad
This is the starting line-up for the fixture and all the rest of the guys must also come to the game as once again we will try get everyone a run, which we managed to accomplish in our first game. If anyone has a month old plan to take their bird out to dinner on wednesday night or for some other bizarre reason can't play this fixture please let Warren 0839502053 or Jordan 0826522832 know asap. Also everyone is to bring money or contribute to the booze situation for the changeroom and remember we will be heading to WADDA after the game as they are our sponsors, so tell all your chick friends about how hectic things are going to get on wednesday night. Let's go fucking mental...