Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top of the table...

Cobras go marching on...last night saw the mighty Purple Cobras smash the "highly rated" Wild Boys side by 26 points to 14. There were a few words exchanged before kick off, and the game definately lived up to all the expectations, with the Cobras coming out on top.

The Cobras soaked up the early pressure with some awesome ball control and patience, phase after phase we finally went ahead with centre Cian Van Der Vyfer going in under the poles after a fukin awesome chip kick over the defence. This pumped the Cobras up and it was important that we didn't fall asleep and had to keep the pressure on the Wild Boys. They replied rather quickly with a well worked try to level the scores at 7 all. This was not going to get the Cobras down as we came back even faster and harder. The first 20 minutes of the game was played at a ridculous pace with both sides being attacked by the bare. It was the Cobras fitness that pulled as through as the Wild Boys do have more years on their side, therefore old age seemed to become a bit of a problem and the youth that is the Cobras, was never going to be stopped!

Play after play, the Cobras kept coming and weren't going to hold back, another couple of try's after some well worked moves inside the oppents half the Cobras built up a healthy lead. 26-7 with 10 minutes to go. A few changes were made, and with those changes, a helluva lot of pressure from the Wild Boys was absorbed, the defence was incredible from our side. For many a Cobra the turning point was when Wild Boys flyer Warren Kelly was brought down about a metre short from our tryling after a long run down the sideline. Hero of the day Brad Milne pulled of the unexpected and showed his "never say die" attitude and brought him down just short of the line, to jump back to his feet and and force the penalty for holding on. That was an unbelievable moment and definately a turning point in the game, which ensured the Cobras victory. It is courage and commitment like that which makes us a head above the rest.

A huge mention must go out to the awesome effort by the Cobras forwards, from Dayne Jans up front, to Matt Milne at lock, and then the usual Cobras stalwarts who perform week in and week out, as we always say, the game is won in the forwards and its credit to you guys who gave the backs such clean ball to run the shit out of the Wild Boys. Well done to our up and coming sideline manager Dougald McDonald who ran everything smoothly from the sideline once again, awesome work!

Next week - quaterfinals vs. Marquard (?) huge game, it's now the business end of the league...we lose, we out. So let's all get down to touch on Sunday and start gettin shit going for the playoff's! oh so brave Cobrasss!!!!
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Official League match report...

From UCT Internal League Rugby Website...

The headline clash of the night lived up to expectations. In reality the results was for academic and pride purposes but neither side was going to concede to this reality. They came out blazing with neither side looking to yield an inch.

The Cobras ball security in this first important period was telling. They kept the ball for long periods and gave it plenty of width as they attacked phase after phase after phase. The pressure was relentless and Cobra star centre Cian spotted the no one sweeping behind the line of red jerseys and weighted a perfect chip kick into the vacancy that he collected on the bounce and made a cobra offload to a supporting runner that crossed under the posts. 5-0.
Wildboys fought back hard and scored in reply to lead 7-5. In the remainder of the first half the Cobras showed why they can swagger in purple hoops up and down Jammie plaza and they played top class rugby. They gave the Wildboys nothing but scraps and the lack of possession and territory frustrated them. Cobras scored twice more before the half taking themselves 19-5 leaders into the half.

Cobras then won the game in the crucial ten minutes after the break when they scored first up. The playmaker General at ten, Warren Butler, took the ball to the defence in the red zone and slid through a perfectly weighted grubber kick that ‘oh-my-god-he’s-quick’ impact player Jordan Biderman-Pam collected to swan dive under the posts to score off. 26-5.
It was a crippling deficit on the scoreboard and meant a fight back seemed improbable. Wildboys however weren’t prepared to listen to better judgment and didn’t give up. They finally only found some momentum in the second half and looked their usual dangerous selves on attack a few times. They scored a great try and numerous other chances were halted by persevering Cobras cover defence.

In one particular turning point, Wildboys fullback Warren Oupa Kelly made a classy break and a great link pass but the support runner was brought down by an unknown Cobras defender grass blades away from the chalk. That instance was an accurate snapshot of the game, Wildboys doing lots right but the Cobras just doing a little bit more.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The time of the Cobras...

After a successful start to the season the Cobras are still unbeaten with one draw to their names against the powerful Ubumbo side. We have scored the most points so far in this years competition, which looks set to be a cracker. Our true test of pride and passion will be tomorrow night vs. the highly rated Wild Boys outfit. If there ever was a time to stamp our name on the league tomorrow night will be it. It is a must win, not only for top of the log honours, but also for pride, after all they are the older generation Bishops boys, so as physical as it is going to be, it is also going to be a lot of fun as a few of their players want one back on us after our victory against Soco Thoco's last year. There is a lot at stake come tomorrow night, so let's get out there and do it and show the league that we have arrived....oh so brave Cobras!

Purple Cobras vs. Wild Boys
Wednesday 15th August 2007
Kick off: 20:00 (meet 19:00 @ Cecil)
UCT Rugby B-Field
"When building a team, I always search first for people who love to win. If I can't find any of those, I look for people who hate to lose." Ross Perot
Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

"The Cobras played entertaining rugby scoring 49 unanswered points against the Shebeen Boys. The Cobras brand of rugby is so marketable it might be used for the 2008 Super 14 ad campaign. Their conversion of ‘no look’ offloads, in and before contact, is astonishing and something the Shebeen Boys found very hard to defend." - UCT Internal League Website

Oh when the Cobras...

Once again the Cobras won the toss and elected to run against the stiff breeze that was coming sweeping across the Green Mile B Field. Shebeen Boys put the ball high into the air only to force and early error by the rusty Cobras, scrum Shebeen Boys. Tackle after tackle the Cobras were relentless in defence and with the wind at their backs the Shebeen Boys were unable to turn their first 10 minutes of pressure into points, with a missed penalty shot at goal. Other than the first ten minutes of the game the Shebeen Boys looked as deadly as a baby sea turtle, with the Cobras running a riot against the stiff breeze to go over 4 times in the first half, wrapping up the bonus point.

The second half meant a few changes to the Cobras side, with an injection of pace and passion the Cobras were never going to be stopped, and the points machine carried on with their dirty habits, points....Two awards on the evening, against all odds with a well earned start, flying winger Dillon X went over for a fantastic try and some seriously aggressive runs down the touch line, not bad for a guy who weighs about 68kg. With a huge effort like this its going to be hard for the man to be forced to the bench. The other award went to one of the finer signings of the season, the all physical and aggressive Nic Roslee who came on the field with the intent to do some serious harm, and that is exactly what he did. After smoking some poor "Shebbie" in a tackle he proceeded to run all over the show, leaving a few bodies lying chewing grass behind him, the man just can't be stopped, and it is guys like him who will be a huge influence come the play-offs, not only on the field, but he seems to know a few songs for the changeroom, brilliant imput! Final score 49-0 to the Cobras.

This is what the log looks like after round 7...

Once again in true Cobras style and spirit, things got messy in the changeroom with a large amount of beer consumed everyone had a smile on their faces and drinking out of their right hands knowing the job had been done, next week, bigger and harder things to come....this is it Cobras. Big thanks to WADDA for the jol on Wednesday night, was an awesome vibe and the place is just gettin better and better, unbelievable stuff!

Oh so brave...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Time to shine...

The biggest game of the season for the Cobras is fast approaching, if we win this, it is our ticket into the Cup Quaterfinals, so we all know how much is up for grabs in this huge clash with our pre-season friendly opposition. One thing is for sure that this encounter will by no means be a friendly, a lot is at stake after the Shebeen Boys have lost a game in round 2 already, so if they lose again, their hopes and dreams are over for Internal League Cup 2007. This will just be a little bump in our smoothe road to the play-off's. Can the points machine be stopped? Are we predicting a riot? Let's wait and see...

Purple Cobras vs. Shebeen Boys
Wednesday 8th August 2007
Kick off: 18:00
UCT Rugby B-Field
Please meet at 17:00 below Cecil (stairs) and by no later than 17:30. Remember to orgainse socks with Costa, no one will be allowed on the field without correct socks. Post match in changreooms after the game, then everyone to WADDA for ROGER GOODE, free entrance and beers. This is it Cobrasss...

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose...

Friday, August 03, 2007

I predict a Riot...

Shot to all the guys who pulled through to WADDA on Wednesday for Flat Stanley, was a large success. Reminder about touch on Sunday, everyone to be there, huge game next week vs. Shebeen Boys, we want big points! Okes seemed amped and pumped up for the game, which is always a good thing, and we have one of our usual fines meetings after the game, so don't forget the R30 to bring with you to touch on Sunday...oh so brave Cobra'ssssssssss