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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Champions celebrate...

The Cobras celebrated in true Champions style on Friday evening at the 2011 Champions Formal...

The awards on the night:

Newcomer of the year: Evan Strauss
Back of the year: James Bailes
Forward of the year: Callan Artus
Youngster of the year: Dino Loizides
Veteran of the year: Kyle, Kyle Rennie
Most Valuable Player: Callan Artus
Cobra of the year: Dino Loizides
Players Player: Warren Butler

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Champions...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cobras at the RWC

This image of Cobras Jan, Rob, Blake etc. with a Bokke & Cobras banner was found on News24, seems as if the Cobras Champions status has spread throughout the world...


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The 2011 Internal League Champions!

The Cobras beat the Nadoes 15-8 last night to win the 2011 Internal League..

Oh so fuckin brave!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here we go...

The final of the 2011 Internal League is finally here as The Cobras look to push for the Number 1 spot this evening. It is bound to be an epic game which stems from a great rivalry between The Cobras and Nadoes. It's time to shine and bring the trophy home...

2011 UCT Internal League Final

The Cobras vs. Nadoes

Meet 18:30 Below Cecil

Kick off 20:30 UCTRFC A-Field

1. Graeme Lucas Bull 2. Khotos Mika 3. Shane Swanich

4. Tom Horne 5. Evan Strauss

6. Callan Artus (c) 7. Dino Loizides

8. Kyle, Kyle Rennie

9. Ian Armstrong 10. Warren Butler 12. James Bailes 13. Nico Loizides

11. Brendan Raubenheimer 14. Mikhail Maasdorp

15. Pete Haw


Oh so brave

Monday, September 19, 2011


Here we are, the end of the road… this whole year, everything we’ve accomplished has come down to the finale come Wednesday night. To be honest as I’m sitting in my chair at the computer, I already feel goosebumps and anxiety starting to set in. At first impression I thought it was nerves, that sickening feeling you get when something big is about to happen, but this is not that. It’s more of an excitement, the realization that our entire season has built up to this one match, and man that gets me pumped up. Hell, we’ve had one awesome a season so far; the Purple Cobras of 2011 have dazzled crowds to no end with large patches of spectacular play, leaving no regrets out on the park and now we’ve reached the last hurdle in the race. This isn’t going to be a long message, wanna try keep it short and sweet because there is not much more to be said, the weatherman covered a lot of it, and the rest is for us to go do on Wednesday night, and I can feel it, by god I can feel it. Every message on the bbm group, every wallpost or conversation is proof how we’ve grown as a squad over this year. Whether someone has played one game or eight, every Cobras member is as excited as the next, and that’s what sets us apart, we are a family. So let’s do this, let’s show them why we are UCT’S NUMBER 1!!! Camaaaan Cobras!!!!

The belief is here, the talent is here, its time.


Beer Roster: (to bring to changing room after, anyone who is not on the list is please encourage to bring an extra six pack or two, shot)

Warren H
Kyle, Kyle Rennie
Pete Haw

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Everywhere you go...

I want to wake up sweating. I want to wake up hearing that last, last, last 'SIIIIIIIIIIIIIING US A SONG YOU'RE the COBRAS MAN! SING US A SONG TONIGHT! FOR WE'RE ALL IN THE MOOD FOR A VICTORY... AAAND ITS GOT US FEELIN ALRIGHT! SIIIIIIIIIIIIING.... I want that fucking TROPHY!

Sorry... I got a little carried away there. Just needed to get that off my chest. Sorry guys. Sorry Raubs, sorry Bailo, sorry Callan, sorry Dil, sorry Junks, sorry Evan, sorry Jamie, sorry Khots. Sorry everyone. Sorry to let you down with that little outburst. I let my emotions get the better of me. But to be honest with you guys, the prospect of this final is a bit bitter, sweet I must say. I am a long way from my home, my physical home and my spiritual home. So what am I meant to do exactly? I mean... I am excited and I am jealous. I am pumped up, but strangely deflated. The prospect of the Cobras winning another trophy is bringing out all sorts of emotions I didn’t realize I possessed. Knowing that our boys face the final and biggest challenge of the season and I can’t be there to contribute makes me a little sad. But this isn’t about me it’s about the Cobras. I went out for dinner last night. A place called Megan’s. Quite nice. Looked like the entire restaurant had been pulled out of an interior decorator catalogue. Jar full of dried lemon rinds for aroma. Tick. Simple, yet elegant tables. Tick. The limited menu that says; “hey, we don’t do a lot of food, but what we do do, we do really well.” Tick. Quirky music pouring out of some hidden speaker that says; "we provide an intimate setting, but we're still here to have fun." Tick. Dull conversation with a girl you’ve never met about a job you don’t care about. Tick. The one irritating girl who doesn’t laugh at your insanely funny comments, and keeps rolling her eyes at you. Tick. The annoying hipster who makes the most obvious observations about the most obvious comments, that you had thought of ages ago but chose not to say because it was too bloody obvious, and then every one laughs with him like he’s some kind of fucking genius. Tick. Basically the kind of restaurant and the kind of night you’re happy to write off at ten. I was roped into it and it won’t happen again. I promise. I promise Shane, I promise Poen, I promise Dino, I promise Marzie, I promise Armo, I promise Warren, I promise Tom, I promise Fridge. (Not Hawski though, Hawski looooves those kinds of evenings. Hawski may or may not have brought his guitar along. Hawski may or may not be the guy who takes his jersey off at the table without keeping his t -shirt down to reveal just the slightest glimpse of a torso that even Ryan Reynolds would be proud of. Hawski may or may not be 'that guy'. Who knows).

Anyway. So we’re chatting away- you know: casual like- and one of the other guys at the table chirps up; “so Dugald do you think Oxford would beat UCT if they had to play a game against each other?” I took a moment because my comment obviously has some serious ramifications and I wasn’t about to get into an argument about such a thing in Megan's. Oh no... Not Megan's, not with el diablo (the bitch sitting opposite me) staring me down. So I simply said;” not sure about that but I am positive the Cobras would beat them both!” Now we all know the Cobras would struggle against UCT First XV. It would be a good game. A bit like Wales VS South Africa, but you always know that a Cobras win is unlikely- less so now that our team is starting to actually resemble the UCT First XV. But that’s not really the point. The point is that we have that beautiful sense of ability that courses through our veins. That inherent self- belief instilled in every member of the Cobras family. This, I believe, is what really separates the Cobras from every other team in the league.

I remember (fuck that sounds old) the days when we first came into the league and we played against a Nadoes team that resembled a French club side more than it did a UCT internal league team. I’ll never forget that game when a young long, greasy haired Graeme Steen was destroyed in a late tackle by the then UCT First team Captain who had at least six years on him. Graeme didn’t moan, didn’t winge to the ref, he just got up and got on with the game. Hard as fucking nails. I remember Wayne Wayzie, a New Zealander drafted in by UCT First XV for the season coming on for them and butchering our players. But fuck me did we get stuck in! Do you think Nick FW stood back and said; “well guys let’s just have fun, we can’t win.” We knew, and he knew that we couldn’t win, but that didn’t stop Nick shitting on us for missing tackles or dropping balls. In that first season the true Cobras ethos of battling for every inch was born. We’ve seen many clubs come and go. Turtles, MOB, SOcO Thocos or whatever their shit names were, all faded like most teams do when they play the Cobras. Those are the foundations on what is today a group of people who live to kill themselves every Wednesday night for the love of their team mates.

So where are we now? Five years on, new faces, new songs but the same fundamental attitude remains. The songs and the change room sessions are a big part of who we are, but it’s that desire to fight every minute of every game that sets us apart from the rest. None of that arrogant Nadoes; we were here first bullshit, just stoic belief in ourselves, and the guys around us. If it isn’t Kyle Rennie picking from the base then it’s Cal groveling at the bottom of the ruck. If it’s not Warren Butler slotting from the half- way line then it’s Poenie sizing up the man in front of him and shunting him backwards. If it isn’t Raubs leg driving then it’s Rayaann sliding effortlessly into the corner. If it isn’t you, then it will be one of your team- mates.

So what am I going to do on Wednesday night? I could ask Mano From Heaven to sort out a live feed for me, but I don’t want to take his focus off the game. I could ask Dil to give me continuous live updates, but unfortunately the oke is arguably the least reliable human being when it comes to answering calls or messages. Bailes would give me brilliant accounts of the game, he could probably even give me all the heights and weights of every player on the pitch. James Bailes is rugby! I could ask any one of the many Cobras crew that will be lining the field, hopefully hurling abuse and encouragement in equal measure (Encouragement!). But I won't.

The truth is I choose to rely on the abrupt score updates from my father. His massive fingers are not ideal for typing text messages on a cold evening on the Green mile, but he’ll persevere because he knows what the Cobras means to me. It’s part of our family now. I think my mum gave up giving me lectures on going to lectures on Thursdays a long time ago because she knows what Wednesday night means. When my bro started playing for Cobras in matric the Cobras logo was sewn on to the chest of every piece of clothing in the house. (That's figuratively speaking. Can hear a couple of you slower lads- not necessarily the props- going: ahhh what? You see what I have tried to do there is explain just how much my family loves the Cobras. How it means something to us. You see? Sure? I could explain it again.) Anyway- we love the Cobras.

So bring me that fucking trophy gentlemen! I want to be tossing in my bed on Wednesday night, I want to be haunted by the thoughts of all of you drinking yourselves to a stand still. I want to wake up sweating with Kyyyyyyyyyle, Kyyyyyyyyyle Rennie! ringing in my ears. I want to feel that cold, wet cement floor on my knees as I go down for one last 'Hoist up the Cobras sail...' I want to fall asleep quietly singing; “I wanna go home, I wanna goo hoooooooooome! This is the best team I’ve ever played for!” da dada da dada…. And on Wednesday night I will truly know what that song means. Those words will never hold such weight as they are going to on Wednesday. I am going to celebrate by myself, not necessarily on Wednesday night but come Friday, I'll have a beer or two, sure.

So that’s my little contribution chaps (Graeme Steen voice). It’s not much, but it’s about all I can give you at this point. It’s not Al Pacino, but it’s probably the best I’ve got. Probably. Much better in person. Of course. If you win, massive sesh at my house on my return. If you lose… Well who we’re kidding. THE COBRAS. DON’T FUCKING. LOSE!

Fucking Cobras ‘til I die! Come on!

So until then…


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Has anyone seen this man?

Through to the final...

The Cobras continued their march when they beat a physical Wild Boys side last night, 19-11 to progress into the final of the 2011 Internal League...

Match report to follow

Final: Wednesday 21st September

Oh so brave

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Beer Roster for Semi

Howsit, here's the beer roster, please can everyone bring or arrange for someone to bring your place, we've had a problem over the past two games with people not bringing. Try not to bring it to the side of the field, keep your case of castle cans for the changing room. k LETS DO THIS!!! STEP 2 tonight!

1) Graeme
2) Army
3) Tom
4) Guy
5) Shane
5) Matteo
6) Khoury
7) Shane
8) Evan
9) Callan
10) Warren B
11) Brian
12) Jaime

Oh so brave

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Here we go...

It's Semifinal time as The Cobras look to progress to the final of the 2011 Internal League. After a big performance in the Quaters against a powerful Ubumbo side, the boys in purple and white will be looking to add to this when they take on the Wild Boys this Wednesday night.

The two teams have met many times in the past, with the record looking like this:

2007: The Cobras 26 - 14 Wild Boys
2009: The Cobras 28 - 5 Wild Boys, The Cobras 25 - 17 Wild Boys
2011: The Cobras 24 - 0 Wild Boys

Although past results have gone in favor of The Cobras, this semifinal will mean a lot more for both teams, let's do this.

2011 Internal League Semi Final:

Wednesday 7th September
The Cobras vs. Wild Boys
Meet 16:30 below Cecil
Kick off 18:00 UCTRFC B-Field

1. Shane 2. Khotso 3. Dale
4. Tom 5. Jaimie
6. Callan 7. Evan
8. Dino
9. Guy 10. Warren 12. Bailo 13. Nico
11. Maarzie 14. Rayaan
15. Geoff

Please keep checking back for beer boys for this week..

Step two of three, let's leave nothing out there

- Captains Practice TODAY (tues) 16:30 UCT B-Field

Oh so brave

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quarterfinal highlights...

The Cobras 41 - 8 Ubumbo

The Cobras produced their best performance of the year to smash a physical Ubumbo side 41-8 in perfect rugby conditions last night.

The Cobras dominated from the start keeping the ball in hand and taking it through phase after phase, after a spilt ball Ubumbo showed how dangerous they can be when giving space as with some slick hands they went through to score in the corner to take the lead, 5-0. After some sturn words and some great patience The Cobras worked their way into the Ubumbo half and were awarded a penalty which Warren converted to make the score 5-3. After this The Cobras turned it on as they ran in tries for the rest of the evening, with the large bench being used the momentum wasn't lost as every single guy who wore the Purple and White last night put up their hands and played with unbelievable heart and pride. Final score 41-8 to The Cobras

That's the first of 3 steps gone, now for the Semi Finals vs. Wild Boys which is in two weeks time.

A big congratulations to the first ever double winner of the Cobragator Man-of-the-match award which went to our captain who led from the front and was unbelievable physical in every aspect of play, a true inspiration.

What a game followed by an even better fines, here we go Cobras...

We all agree...

Oh so brave

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eat, pray, ruck... The Bakkies Botha story.

As one of most senior and accomplished Cobras men; Dugald 'The Weatherman', is busy making controversial waves in Oxford academic circles, he has somehow managed to take time off from all the 'studying and sex' (his words), to review Bakkies Botha's new book; Eat, Pray, Ruck, which is set for release after the World Cup. As you mentally and physically gear up for tonight's massive game outing against Ubumbo, enjoy this enlightening sneak peak at what I predict to be this years bestseller (you should probably pre-order it from Kalahari now as Exclusives will be sold out come October. Dont say i didnt warn you.).

‘Eat, pray, ruck’ provides unique insight into the world of one of professional rugby’s most controversial and misunderstood players. This autobiography, co- authored by close friend and teammate Guthro Steenkamp, sheds light on the humbling tale that is the life of John Philip “Bakkies” Botha. Botha opens up time and again over the hardships of growing up in the coal mining town of Newcastle in Kwa- Zulu Natal. His parents, Sally and Ian Botha, did their best to bring him up ‘proper’ (as Bakkies says) but still he struggled to stay out of trouble. Having been born 4’5” and 35kg, and then shooting up to 6’3” by the age of nine, Bakkies would always be labelled an aggressor and a trouble maker by parents and authorities. A label he still wears today. In Eat, pray, ruck, Bakkies digs into his past to identify the root of his pain and anger. For four relentless Chapters Guthro and Bakkies take us through Botha’s painful and troubled youth. The authors make no apologies for their style, which is not dissimilar to a schizophrenic attempting to write a diary.
Finally, in Chapter 5 we discover the truth behind Botha’s aggressive nature. In what can only be described as truly profound self- reflection, Bakkies Botha explains that the fundamental reason for his extreme aggression is the fact that despite his strong Afrikaans heritage he would, having been born in Kwa- Zulu Natal, be expected to play for the Sharks when he matured into the professional rugby player that everyone knew he would become. Stylistically the book struggles for flow, but true emotion shown in these types of realisations are hard to come by in the world of sport. Now, and only now, is the rugby world coming to grips with this shocking revelation. Knowing what we know now- that Bakkies suffered terribly from inselachophobia (fear of becoming a shark), I am sure that the rugby world can once and for all forgive him for all his wrong doings on the pitch. No man should have to go through life knowing that they are expected to play for the Sharks one day. Like paedophilia, human trafficking and children in poverty, this is one of the worst burdens for a child to bear.
Springbok teammate and Provincial opponent Gio Aplon had this to say having read Bakkies’ book:
“When Bakkies head butted me that day at Newlands, as he has done many times before, I wanted him banned from rugby for life. I hated him. But now, now you tell me how he grew up angry and why he has all this aggression- I realise that it is fair. Bakkies, I am sorry you had to go through that. Had I grown up knowing what you knew I think I would have ended up a gangster. And I thought I had it rough in the flats.”
His fear of becoming a shark ran so deep that even when offered a R2 million bribe to join the Sharks in 2006, he flatly refused the offer.
From Chapter 5 onwards we learn how Bakkies turned his fortunes around. When he finally realised that he did not necessarily have to play for the Sharks his life changed forever. This news was like a message from God and so with his move to the Bulls Bakkies also became deeply religious. Finding freedom helped him to find religion. The expression; ‘he prays before he slays’, is born from Bakkies’ pre- game ritual of praying to God and thanking him for allowing him to change his path, a path that previously led to King’s Park in Durban. Despite his newly found spirituality, Bakkies still remained incredibly aggressive and dangerous on the field. It seemed he welcomed his newly acquired nickname; ‘the enforcer.’ However, what most people don’t realise is that when he prays he thanks God for allowing him the choice of not having to go to the Sharks, thus enabling all those old feelings of pain and anger to resurface. When he goes out onto the pitch these emotions can sometimes push him over that fine line between positive aggression and utter chaos. The controversial, ‘Justice 4’, campaign in the 2009 British Lion tour to South Africa was a statement from the Springboks to highlight Bakkies’ innocence, trying to expose the real reason for Bakkies’ aggression. Having heard about it after the game the ‘victim’, Adam Jones, had this to say:
"Botha shouldn't have been banned for it, nowhere near it. I don't have any complaints.” I grew up in a comfy Welsh mining village- I have no right to judge Bakkies given his terrible past. You see, in the Northern hemisphere we just aren’t exposed to the horrors of the developing world- like possibly playing for the Sharks.”
All things considered ‘Eat, pray, ruck’ is a well- balanced and truly inspirational sporting autobiography that really cuts to the core of what it is to be a misunderstood sportsman in the limelight. The timing for Botha couldn’t be any better with one sporting journalist claiming that:
“Bakkies Botha contributes to the sport of rugby in much the same way as the Old Testament contributes to the Christian faith- with a violent passion that was only really acceptable two hundred years ago."
Quite possibly the most accurate description of Botha’s character by any sports journalist in South Africa to date. Nonetheless ‘Eat, pray, ruck’ makes no excuses and helps to cement the reader’s view of Bakkies Botha as one of the greatest Springboks of all time.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beer Roster for tomorrow night

K tomorrow is the big quarter final game. Excited, lets try all bring a case of castle lager cans if you are shown on the list, last week not everyone brought so lets try get it right this week, thanks. Here are the names:

1) Bailes
2) Khosto
3) Nic Lassen
4) Rayaan
5) Stu Black
6) Craig
7) Kyle, Kyle Rennie
8) Poen
9) Geoff
10) Dino

Monday, August 22, 2011

Here we go...

This Wednesday signals the start of the business end of the league, with a massive Quaterfinal fixture vs. Ubumbo. We go through to the knock out stages top of our pool, having won 6/6 for this season...

Ubumbo has been one of our older and fiercest rivals with the two teams having met 5 times in the past 6 years, here are how the results have gone...

2006: Cobras 14 - 0 Ubumbo
2007: Cobras 12 - 12 Ubumbo
2007 Semi: Cobras 19 - 15 Ubumbo
2008: Cobras 5 - 14 Ubumbo
2010 Semi: Cobras 15 - 3 Ubumbo

That's 3 wins to Cobras, 1 draw and 1 loss...which illustrates just how big Wednesday's match is...

It's the first knock out game of 2011, and is a big occasion which will require a big performance from the Purple and White.

The Cobras vs. Ubumbo

Kick off 19:30

Meet 18:30 SHARP below Cecil


1. Shane 2. Warren H 3. Baloo

4. Tom 5. Fridge

6. Callan (c) 7. Dino 8. Kyle, Kyle Rennie

9. Army 10. Warren B 12. Bailo 13. Nico

11. Raubs 15. Hawski 14. Stu

Captains Practice Tuesday 16:30 UCT C-Field

Please remember to bring all jerseys on Wednesday and keep checking site for beer list.

Time to turn it on,

Oh so brave

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Final stretch...

Result: The Cobras 24 - 10 Spanner

Touch today (Sunday) 4pm REGARDLESS of weather conditions..

Captains Practice Tuesday 16:30

Hudons Dinners 19:00

Quaterfinal vs. Ubumbo Wednesday 19:30 kick off

Here we go,

Oh so brave

Friday, August 19, 2011

Business time...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Rugby, Hype and Milestones.

Here we are on the brink of another Cobras’ Wednesday night, with another massive rugby game to be played, and another stupendous fines session to be held but before we get ahead of ourselves I believe it’s necessary to realise why this match on Wednesday vs. the Spanners is so important. I find myself sitting at the computer, choosing to write this instead of my sociology course essay that’s due tomorrow, hey you can repeat a course or two but we only got one shot at winning for this year. So lets have a look see at some of the stats: We have played the Spanners all of 3 times and emerged the victors in all three games, with a points difference of positive 33, with the last match being played last year when we won 10-0. Despite this somewhat one sided ‘rivalry’ between us and the Spanners, this game is even more significant as it will be the 50th time that the Cobras run out onto that ‘Green Mile’. Friday night at Tiger I managed to get hold of Graeme ‘the uncle’ Steen as well as Stefan Terblanche, as I pulled them off the dancefloor where they were starting to make their move towards 2 young possibly school girls, I managed to ask them what this big event would mean to them. Stefan, filled with emotion could not bare the though of not being able to run on for this monumental event, faltered briefly before tapping me on the shoulder with a “Do me proud out there Dino”, he then proceeded to grab this unsuspecting girl by the hand and yank into the bathroom, a true master of the art at work – how lucky I was to witness it. On the other hand I was then left with the uncle, who then explained to me how the Cobras had changed is life the last 20 years he’s been playing in the purple and no matter how many tall chicks he cooks dinner on a Wednesday night; the Cobras will remain at the center of his heart. Yes I shed a silent tear in awe of the man.

Anyway... Flashback - 49 games ago, Tom Brukman lead a young and talented side out onto the field for the first time (I was 13 at the time, I know fuuck some of these dudes are old haha). The crowd watched in anticipation as a somewhat unknown Cobras outfit took the field and with a dazzling display of running rugby, running in tries from all angles, the Purple Cobras had arrived onto the UCT internal league scene, the match ended 33-0. Ok exit flashback, back to this week - The Spanners, yes that’s their real name, stupid isn’t it? They have played pretty well this year and they’ll come at us hard as they try to steal that top spot in our group away. So we are going to need a massive performance to annihilate these dudes and crush their dreams at the throat.

I struck gold in the fact I managed to land an interview with Cobras stalwart and veteran flyhalf, Warren Butler himself, I caught him in the middle of his mid afternoon walk in the park with his pre-fiencee, Julz, and managed to persuade her to give me 10 minutes of their precious time. I also attempted to get Ian Armstrong some questions but due to the fact that he hasn’t been at one touch session or captain’s practice this year, I was unable to contact him. Back to the real deal, here it went:

Dino: Can you share with us your pregame ritual and how you get yourself amped to do what you do for what is now your 6th season in the purple and white?

Warren: I have a fairly basic pre-game ritual, which normally starts on a Tuesday night with lots of tossing and turning in bed as I quietly humm myself to sleep to the tune of Kyle, Kyle Rennie. Wednesday's are tough days for me, normally starts with a message onto the Cobras BBM group describing my excitement. I don't make many classes on Wednesday's as I feel it distracts me from the task at hand. I can't sit still for more than 5 minutes, over the years it would have been a walk down to Cavendish from the White House, kicking a ball and talking about the game at Bugs place and these days it normally starts by fetching you from your place, heading to the Cottage to have a game of Tiger Woods, one cup of Coffee (3 sugars on match day) one glass of water, a pass of a ball, past the bottle store to pick up a case and finally onto Cecil where I can't hide a big smile as I see the excitement of The Cobras as they gather for a-nother Co-bras vic-tory!

Dino: It was been an aweome season so far, what has been your best cobras rugby moment so far? and even more, what has been your best cobras 'everything else' moment off the field?

Warren: It has been a great season so far and the new faces in the family really has rejuvinated our vibe and brought a whole new dimension to The Cobras. It's hard to single out a specific on field moment as I feel every game and minute I get on the field is a special occasion in itself, it's such a privilidge to be able to be a part of something like this, and the fact is not many people have or will ever experience something remotely close to this. As for results, the white wash over a tough Wild Boys side was a highlight, also the maturity and composure shown while pushing aside Claredon was also pretty special, although I feel there are far bigger highlights to come! Off the field, has to be the moment when the tents were set up and all the guys gathered around in a cirlce on James Corder's farm in Elgin for the tour welcome, to look around and see 30 of my mates all amped and raring to go really did send shivers down my spine.

Dino: This year we have blooded alot of new faces into the purple and white, if you had to give them advice as young cobras for the next 4-7 years, what words of wisdom would you give them?

Warren: Firstly just to enjoy every single moment of The Cobras, whether it's on the field, standing in the rain as a reserve, sitting in the changeroom drinking a beer...grab every little piece of Cobras you can and hold on tight to it. Also to focus on the finer things, whether it's offering to pour beers, taking water bottles onto the field, running that extra 20 metres to make that final tackle whatever it is, if all the smaller things are done 110%, then everything else will be taken care of. No Regrets!

Dino: With the 'business end' of the competition coming up, how key will our experienced campaigners be in the road to that Illustrous trophey?

Warren: We all know the saying 'You can't buy experience' which is only partly true in our case, as the amount of talent, belief and ability amoungst the younger guys in the side most certainly keeps the older guys on their toes. I feel it won't be the influence of the more experienced guys but rather a combination of the two that will be far more beneficial to the greater cause.

Dino: And finally, tommorrow night, Cobras FTW?

Warren: You bet your fucking life on it!

The man really knows his stuff. Food For thought.

Ok back to details, we are having captain’s run 2moro at half 4 on the C field and dinner at Hudsons. We are meeting at cecil at half 4 sharp on Wednesday, kickoff is at 5.30. On this note with out further a due here’s the starting line up:
1) Shane
2) Warren Handley
3) Poen
4) Tom Horne
5) Fridge
6) Callan ©
7) Evan
8) Dino
9) Brian
10) Warren Butler
11) Stu Black
12) Blanky
13) Cobi
14) Mano
15) Hawski

Beer roster is:
1. Evan
2. Shane
3. Fridge
4. Maarzi
5. Warren H
6. Blanky
7. Mano
8. Khoury
9. Matteo

Camaan lets do this!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Cobras went on to win their 5th consecutive game of the 2011 season with a 29-3 domination over the Cats...although the conditions weren't great The Cobras managed to put together a bonus point performance and with this move top of their pool with one more pool game to play vs. Spanners on Wed 17th of August.

Although the continuity of this league is extremely frustrating with about a game being played every third week, we are in the process of organising two friendlies before our next game, the first one in the pipeline is against the Babrows, who are the UCT u20A2's. More on this game to follow...

Well done to Mike Blanckenberg for walking away witht the Cobragator man of the match award, and also a special mention to the 6 new debutants last night, as was the case in the fines, Cobras Till I Die!

Oh so brave

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elgin Tour highlights...

Dino and Warren celebrating The Azzurri golf win

Kyle Rennie's low point

18 cases for the ou's

No Glove, No love vs. The Azzurri

The captain of the winning golf team - The Azzurri

Graeme vs. Daddy Cool

Dino and Mano trying to work the camera out on the 1st tee

Post-rugby match fines

The Cobras vs. Catz

The Cobras return from a great weekend tour of Elgin this past weekend extremely amped to put out a good performance tonight against Cape Tech side, Catz. Although there is a long list of sick players and others who have been snapped up by UCT, here is the starting line up to do business tonight.

The Cobras vs. Catz
Kick off 19:30
Meet 18:30 SHARP below Cecil

1. Badr 2. Warren 3. Poen
4. Jaime 5. Craig
6. Callan (c) 7. Dino 8. Kyle, Kyle Rennie
9. Graeme 10. Army/Warren 12. Raubs 13. Mike B
11. Cobi 15. Hawski 14. Stu

Beer Boys: 1x case Castle Lager

1. Jaime
2. Poen
3. Cobi
4. Kyle
5. Josh
6. Warren B
7. Dino
8. Callan
9. Army

The beer roster has started from fresh for this half of the semester, if you are unable to bring a case it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Oh so brave

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where's Wally?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lions roar with travelers' help...

Just weeks after posting an article on where they were, three Cobras, namely Blake, Rob and Jan have sprung to fame in Canada as they made headlines in Canada's answer to the Cape Argus speading Cobras running rugby accross the world...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where are they now?

We take a look to see where The Cobras is being spread around the world as many a Cobra has gone abroad to spread the love...

Jan and Blake living in organised caos in Canada, remour has it that Blake is a Rodeo clown and Jan is his manager...

James Bailes has just finished his studies and rugby career in America, captaining Burkeley to the American College Rugby championship and walking away with MVP in the final. He's alive awake alert enthusiastic! He will be returning to the Purple and White soon as he heads back to the motherland later this month.Justin Bijl is living the dream in France as he is now employed on a yacht earning top dollar
Same goes for Jingle Bells as he is a master of living the dream as he has been all over the world in the last 12 months on yachts

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Touch today...

Touch today at 4pm, we will keep touch going every Sunday so come down for a run and an ideal study break.

There is talk that Graeme Steen might be coming out of retirement for the second half of the season, does this mean he will be down at touch this afternoon teaching the juniors a thing or two? Have to wait and see...

4pm @ Bishops...

Oh so brave

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fountain of Youth?

Cameron and Evan

The topic of the week it seems, yes, it does seem that there has been a lot of the banter on the side of the field, on the bbm group and in the changing room about the future of our beloved dynasty. Since 2006, ‘the seniors’ of our current team have steered us in the right direction, creating the image of the Cobras that draws so many people to love it, and lets not forget that emphatic victory in the final over the Nadeos in 2008, one that will forever be marked in Cobras history. So here we are in 2011, launching another campaign that will hopefully see us taking the trophy away from the Nadoes, and we could not have asked for a better start. With a perfect record so far and good performances in all the games we are looking to build on this positive start all the way through the tournament.

As I’m sure most of you have already heard, this past Wednesday night fines was truly special, not only because 15 guys finished 12 cases of beer, but it gave Warren Handley and I the privilege to be fines masters together. As two of the youngest members in the squad, we were both excited and nervous at the task ahead of us, as this was one of the most important rituals that make up the Cobras team. As I closed that door and looked around at the other 13 faces looking to us to start, I could not help but break out into a smile, not because of poen’s facial hair or that we’d tricked Mike Nel into staying when he was about to leave, but because I knew that there was no other place on earth that I’d rather be. It was the moment when we were all standing around my phone, waiting to send Warren Butler a voice message something like – oooooohhhh Wazz is fucking magic… - when I stopped to look around. Any person that didn’t know the Cobras walking into that changing room would have been amazed at how peculiar this group of individuals looked. 15 guys, ranging ages from 19 to 26 (I think) all huddled around a cell phone screaming their lungs out with facial expressions of pure love for what they were doing (plus callan and Poen weren’t wearing their shirts again and Army was chundering in the dustbin). But my real point is - that night there was no difference between a 19 year old and a 25 year old, no difference between guys who’d been in the team since the beginning or someone who was playing his 2nd match. It was just 15 friends - singing songs, having a good time and drinking a shitload of beer.

Now don’t get me wrong, Wednesday is still fresh off mind so I’m using it as an example but cases like Stefan’s birthday, anytime at the cottage, tin roof nights when people believing that Warren was my brother and Steen my uncle, shouting matches outside my house with Bug and Kyle or even the odd trip to Anton Taylor’s flat/lift are also perfect examples of how the Cobras has built memories and great times this year already. Is this not exactly what we are trying to achieve in our team? A bond between the older generation and the younger generation that is so strong that you’d think that we were all in the same grade together at school? That is exactly what we have achieved, and it is incredible to experience.

So yes, some of us may be getting older and starting to settle down - Steen seems to be settling down more than most – “I’m going to the chapel…” – sorry sidetracked, but seriously, the strength of the Cobras lies in our experienced players, in their ability to lead but as well teach us youngsters the ropes. The fact that there are no boundaries of age in the team has helped mould the Cobras to what we are today and what we will be in the future. As the weather man said, change is good and we should embrace it, but we must always remember who laid down the foundations in which this franchise has been built upon. Most importantly, together, we can win the whole thing this year. With the older guys leading from the front, and the younger guys filling in with them, who can stop us?

This is the man from the Greek Islands. Out.


Your first memory of The Cobras?

My first memory of the Cobras was the summer matches, before the season started in 2010, oaks having to play four matches in one day, but they havent done any fitness or practices since the year before... oaks were chowing bears even with the rolling subs! unfortunately their wasn't a sub for the ref!

Your first game?

It was the first match in 2010, dont remember the exact date, all i remember it ended with me being sloshed in the change room, hitting the captains boot, and singing them cobras songs!

Preferred position on the field?

Either wing or outside center, as one can hit angles with great amounts of pace in those positions, maybe even getting 3 G's on the angle!

Off the field?

Riding the bull, i always try to see how long i can hold on for ;) hahaha

Favorite Cobras song?

Waaaaz is fucking magic!

Where is the best spot to bird watch on campus?

Outside the girls bathroom, becuase as they walk in, u can follow them in for some private time, or at the bottom of the jammy steps, some birds have a beautiful smile, whilst others look like they caught a furry cat.

Relationship status?

Single, love is for the weak minded

Where could we find you on any given night on the jol?

Either trinity or st yves with jaime and badr, and on the odd occasion trying to study the human anatomy in mavericks hahaha

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Running an investment company an as my hobby playing rugby for the cobras in purple and white, oh so brave!

Black Label or Castle?

The crisp cold taste of a castle cant be outdone

Who is your role model in the cobras and why?

Blackie, as he can step and out run u, whist facing u backwards with his eyes closed, and all u have to do is act like your shoe lace came undone.

Which Cobra would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island and why?

Probably Jaime, as his father implanted a satalite chip in his back, so there will be helicopters and jet planes on the look out for us when we lost, or we can use the veins on his arms as a map to find our way out of desert.

Cobras FTW?

The Cobras all the way! oh so brave

Thursday, May 19, 2011

UCTRFC.CO.ZA review...

Teams kick off the second round with a bang.
With the Exams looming on students and the long varsity break coming up soon, teams took the final week of rugby to kick off the second round of the Steinhoff UCT Internal league.
There where no surprises on the evening as all the favourites took their chance s to go into the break with a win under their belts. Steinhoff Wild Boys had a hard encounter against the big boys of the Steinhoff Ubumbo team but still pulled off the win. The last few minutes saw them defending their four point lead as Steinhoff Ubumbo kept running at them. The game was their to win for both teams but Wild Boys pulled it off, Ubumbo however gets a bonus point for there efforts.
Steinhoff Cobras cruised home with a 19 – 3 victory over Steinhoff Clarendon. Steinhoff Claredon put up some resistance but the cobras (the experienced campaigners they are) soon dominated and with that took a comfortable win.
The surprise package however came in the form of the Steinhoff Spanners that easily beat the Steinhoff Catz team from CPUT by four tries. They now top the Log in Group 2 of the A-League. Spanners are next up against Clarendon when the league commence.
The Steinhoff turtles and Steinhoff Kopano also had some good fortune on their side as they made sure of big victory margins on their last week of rugby. Turtle’s and Kopano now top their respective groups in the B-League.
All results on the evening:
Steinhoff Kopano
45 - 07
Steinhoff Ikhaya
Steinhoff Wild Boys
14 - 10
Steinhoff Ubumbo
Steinhoff Cobras
19 - 03
Steinhoff Clarendon
Steinhoff Spanners
20 - 00
Steinhoff Catz
Steinhoff Panthers
31 - 12
Steinhoff Marquard
Steinhoff Turtles
36 - 07
Steinhoff College H.

Another one bites the dust....

Last night saw another solid performance from the purple and white as the Cobras held out for a 19-3 win over a very decent and physical Clarendon side. The Cobras came out firing and opened their account fairly early with a 7 pointer. From then on it was game time, as the young Clarendon side threw absolutely everything at the calm and composed Cobras. The Cobras defensive effort was something out of this world as Clarendon were relentless in their attack and finally ran out of ideas and direction as the animal like tackling from The Cobras proved too much for the youngsters to crack. After two early injuries to star centre Nico Loizides and big lock Cameron Doyle, the replacements fitted straight in and did what what was required.

It was a commanding performance which saw the ref not actually knowing what a ruck was or how to monitor the break down, regardless of this the discipline from The Cobras was spot on with the heart of The Cobras being the deciding factor at the end of the evening. Final score 19-3 to The Cobras.

Big congratulations to the Cobragator Man of the Match Mike Nel for his two try effort and general open play cutting the line from fullback at will.

The post match celebrations were in true style as a mere 15 guys finished 10 cases of beer, which is something special. The vibe is as good as ever in The Cobras camp, as we now take the long winter break to regroup in July for the real business end of the league.

Touch will continue EVERY SUNDAY 4PM, this is a good chance to take a study break get some fresh air and have a run so please make a continual effort to get down.

A massive Oh so brave for this half of the season, 4 games, 4 wins. Perfect.

Oh so brave

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We all agree...

It's the final game of the semester which sees The Cobras facing up against Clarendon, which is a Res team. As Nico would say, it's a massive game and we will come out firing. The two sides have only met once before in the Internal League, dating back to 2009 when The Cobras won the fixture 31 - 13.

The Cobras vs. Clarendon
Kick off 18:30
Meet 17:30 SHARP below Cecil

Starting XV:
1. Shane 2. Warren H 3. Poen
4. Tom 5. Cameron
6. Kyle Rennie 7. Callan 8. Dino
9. Skud 10. Warren 12. Angelo 13. Nico
11. Maarzie 15. Mike N 14. Rayaan

There we have it, please check back later for the beer roster for tomorrows fines..

It's the last game till late July, let's make it count and leave nothing out there.

Oh so brave