Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final game of semester

The Cobras go into their final league game of the semester against a fairly unknown Cape Tech Cats team. The two sides have met once before with The Cobras taking the win, but as this team is fairly unknown it is important that The Cobras remain focused and come out firing. The Cobras romped to a 39-0 win over the Shebeen Boys last Friday evening in a friendly, and will be looking to keep up their momentum going into this Wednesday's clash.

The Cobras vs. Cats
Kick off 18:30
Meet 17:15 below Cecil

1. Jonty Tatz 2. Seb Matheson 3. Jason Bissict
4. Zack Beukman 5. Jacob Sprang
6. Callan Artus (c) 7. Guy Muller
8. Dino Loizides
9. Nicholas Lassen 10. Mac Attack Kahla 12. Mike Blankenberg 13. Neil Pienaar
11. James Crowson 14. Matteo Viotti
15. Johnny Ford 

Here we go, let's finish this semester on a big note, all not in starting XV are on the bench.

Oh so brave

Monday, April 29, 2013

Internal League 2013 is here

The Cobras open their 2013 Internal League campaign with an opener against Panthers this Wednesday night. After a successful and tough Varsity Cup campaign the men in purple and white will be looking to come out firing and set the tone for what will without doubt be another awesome year of Cobras Rugby. After two successful campaigns in 2011 and 2012, 2013 will without doubt be another tough season and no game can be taken lightly. The Cobras will be running out for the 64th time in the UCT Internal League with not having lost on the Green Mile in the last 22 appearances, hoping to make this Wednesday the 23rd in a row. 

It looks set to be another fantastic day on the Green Mile with a rare daytime kick off and it's important that The Cobras get out the blocks early and set the tone for another year of Cobras Rugby. 

The Cobras vs. Panthers
Kick off 14:00 UCTRFC A-Field
Meet 12:45 below Cecil

1. Jason Bissict 2. Seb Matheson 3. Jonty Tatz
4. Jacob Sprang 5. Zack Beukman
6. Guy Muller 7. Callan Artus (c)
8. Dino Loizides
9. Guy Whitfield 10. Mak Kahla 12. Mike Blankenberg 13. Pieter Greyling
11. Matteo Viotti 14. Mike Cockburn
15. Johnny Ford 

Here we go, clear eyes full hearts....

Oh so brave

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Varsity Cup kicks off

On Monday The Cobras start their Varsity Cup 2013 campaign with a big game against Bastion from UJ on the Green Mile.   In a tough game last year, The Cobras narrowly lost, and this year they will be looking for revenge while starting the tournament with a bang. The Cobras have not lost on the Green Mile for over 2 years now and plan on keeping that record in tact. The match is the curtain raiser to the UCT vs. Maties game which kicks off at 17:00.

Varsity Cup 2013
The Cobras vs. Bastion
Monday 4th March
Kick off 15:00

1. Jonty Tatz
2. Seb Matheson
3. Stephan Hartzenberg 
4. Cameron Doyle
5. Dale Manning
6. Rob Inskip
7. Callan Artus (c)
8. Dino Loizides
9. Matt Crawford
10. Phillip Jacobs
11. Mike Cockburn 
12. Dale Austin
13. Gareth Theesen
14. Nicholas Boswell
15. Jonathan Ford

16. Robin Murray
17. Kiernan Rabie
18. Wes Kennedy
19. Jordan Artus
20. Curtis Cloete
21. Matthew Foster
22. Geoff Van Ryneveld 
23. Jason Bissict 

Beer Roster details to follow


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New man in the spotlight

Seb enjoying his first fines session with The Cobras

Our latest reporter on campus was able to catch 2012 A1 star hooker who has recently joined the Cobras, Sebastian James Matheson. 

So Sebastian, do you mind if we ask you a few questions on how the year so far is going for you?
Ag ya mehn, you well? ya I'm doing well, very relaxed, have the hottest eco's tutor ah man... Sorry... carry on..

Tell us a little about yourself?

Well, theres plenty to say, Names sebastian james peter matheson, schooled at bishops, matriculated in 2010, played rugby for bishops, was head of discipline during my matric year. This is the first year playing for the purple cobras, hobbies consist of boozing hard (some say its a problem, I say its a solution) i enjoy a good braai with good people who have interesting things to say. Dont have much to say on religion and chicks (helluva confusing) otherwise enjoys a good day out fishing and boozing.


Where did you first hear about the Cobras and decide to play for us?
Heard about it in 2010, played for uct in 2011 and 2012 and heard about the cobras through many people, dino loizides, callan artus.

What has been your best memory so far with the Cobras? 
Well I've only had a few moments with the cobras, so far definitely the banter at practise and our first warm up game as well as the first drinking session wich took place after the warm up game, really enjoyed the brotherhood, eventhough there were many new faces.

Are you single or in a relationship?
Single at the moment. Am looking for beautiful women looking to put out. Always horny.

Complete Focus

Who is your Cobras role model and why?
Callan artus, just is so committed to the cobras, not only on the field but off the field with regards to admin and getting things sorted out.

What is your favorite Cobras song?
At the moment, blake gowar's. just love the melody it has to offer.

What is your best bird watching spot on campus?
Jammie steps, just has a wide view as well as a birds eyes view, great.

Where is your favorite place to joll?
probably claremont or kelvin, forries and the cobras bar, or dinos digs.

Standard end of year trip to Plett Rage

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
probably very successful, and just having the same views on drinking.

Beer or spirits?
Spirits, harder kick, and much tougher battle to overcome when i am hungover in the morning, sense of accomplishment.

Cobras For the Title this year?
Absolutely, had a few doubts in pre season about the commitment from oaks, but as we approach our first game, really do believe we have a good shot at winning the title.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Na na na na na na na! na na na na... Nico!

Ex- Cobras Champion of 2011 will be in action for the Ikey Tigers 2nyt starting at 13, pull in to the Green Mile to show your support.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Step Closer.

The first game of the Cobras Season of 2013 was played last saturday against the UCT A1s, the weather was very confusing at the best of times, hard rain of most of the morning was followed by clear skies and searing heat for kickoff. The game was tight, with the Cobras pack meeting them up front, showing that they mean business for this Varsity Cup campaign. The back line started to gel well and line breaks were becoming more and more frequent, resulting in debutant Cobra, Nick Dos Santos, to pounce on a loose ball and score a try to put us into the lead. In a match where we dominated for most of the game, it was lack of match fitness that let us down, conceding 2 tries in the 2nd half. It was more than understandable playing against a team has been training for 4 months as opposed to 4 weeks. The brand of rugby played was once again of a high standard, as was the standard of energy in fines and we can look positively to our first game on the 4th of March. Congrats to Dale Austin who picked up the first Man of the Match Award for the year.


Friday, February 08, 2013

Another year begins...

The Cobras start their 2013 season and Varsity cup Campaign with a warm-up game against the u20A1s on the green mile tomorrow. Lots of new and familiar faces will be pulling on the purple and white, in is hoped to be another spectacle of running rugby and flair. There will be fines and beers had after the game and every player that is playing is encouraged to bring 2 six packs of beer (castle cans) each at minimum, obviously more is even better. The match is at 4, meeting at cecil at 2:45. The general squad (maybe be plus a few more players) for 2moro is as follows:

1. Jonty Tatz
2. Sebastian James Peter Matheson
3. Stephan Hartzenburg
4. Jordan Artus
5. James Morris
6. Warren Handley
7. Callan Artus (c)
8. Dino Loizides
9. Matt Crawford
10. Fish Jacobs
11. Matteo Viotti
12. Dale Austin
13. Johnny Ford
14. Nic Boswell
15. Kurtis Cloete

16. Gavin Theeson
17. Jason Bissict
18. Erik Peterious
19. James Mccallum
20. Guy Whitfield
21. Matt Foster
22. Nic Dos Santos
23. Mike Cockburn

Oh So Brave