Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Cobras went on to win their 5th consecutive game of the 2011 season with a 29-3 domination over the Cats...although the conditions weren't great The Cobras managed to put together a bonus point performance and with this move top of their pool with one more pool game to play vs. Spanners on Wed 17th of August.

Although the continuity of this league is extremely frustrating with about a game being played every third week, we are in the process of organising two friendlies before our next game, the first one in the pipeline is against the Babrows, who are the UCT u20A2's. More on this game to follow...

Well done to Mike Blanckenberg for walking away witht the Cobragator man of the match award, and also a special mention to the 6 new debutants last night, as was the case in the fines, Cobras Till I Die!

Oh so brave

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elgin Tour highlights...

Dino and Warren celebrating The Azzurri golf win

Kyle Rennie's low point

18 cases for the ou's

No Glove, No love vs. The Azzurri

The captain of the winning golf team - The Azzurri

Graeme vs. Daddy Cool

Dino and Mano trying to work the camera out on the 1st tee

Post-rugby match fines

The Cobras vs. Catz

The Cobras return from a great weekend tour of Elgin this past weekend extremely amped to put out a good performance tonight against Cape Tech side, Catz. Although there is a long list of sick players and others who have been snapped up by UCT, here is the starting line up to do business tonight.

The Cobras vs. Catz
Kick off 19:30
Meet 18:30 SHARP below Cecil

1. Badr 2. Warren 3. Poen
4. Jaime 5. Craig
6. Callan (c) 7. Dino 8. Kyle, Kyle Rennie
9. Graeme 10. Army/Warren 12. Raubs 13. Mike B
11. Cobi 15. Hawski 14. Stu

Beer Boys: 1x case Castle Lager

1. Jaime
2. Poen
3. Cobi
4. Kyle
5. Josh
6. Warren B
7. Dino
8. Callan
9. Army

The beer roster has started from fresh for this half of the semester, if you are unable to bring a case it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Oh so brave

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where's Wally?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lions roar with travelers' help...

Just weeks after posting an article on where they were, three Cobras, namely Blake, Rob and Jan have sprung to fame in Canada as they made headlines in Canada's answer to the Cape Argus speading Cobras running rugby accross the world...