Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Wow that's a clever way to begin. A slight change from your everyday 'Howzit' or 'Hi'. It's the kind of change up you need in your everday routine. Something that just sort of like makes you a little more intrigued in what that person has to say. Alternatively you could ignore one completely, based on the assumption that any person who uses the word 'Aloha' as a greeting is not worth talking to. Good start.

So last time I was ranting on about books, spies and Ian Armstrong. Much of the same today I'm afraid. It's just that I'm still tied up in exams and I just need to vent some of my frustration and anxt. Good word. Currently I sit at my father's desk consuming slide after slide of Supply Chain Management. Very, very interesting stuff. So interesting, in fact, that after 49 slides I can only tell you that JIT stands for Just In Time. An inventory method created to increase efficiency and so forth. Created by the Japs. Highly efficient mob that. Where was I? At the desk of course. Last time I vowed to address the question of what Waz B gets up to during the day. The answer is; a helluva lot actually.

I was about to try to give you a run down of Warren's day, with times and stuff, but I got to 12:30 and it just became a bit much for me. I was trying to be funny and realistic and clever. Just wasn't working out for me.

Holidays also throw a massive spanner in the works for our players. Winning rugby is highly correlated with high fitness levels. As we all know so well, three months holiday is generally not spent doing pyramids or undertaking various other fitness regimes. Indeed holidays are a time to kick back and get drunk. With this in mind I've put together a list of candidates that are most likely to put on weight, lose speed and generally become more sloth like over the holidays.

A host of the Cobras, senior memebrs I might add, will be attending Plett Rage. For many this will be there third or fourth go. While it will most def be rather debaucherous there will be many games of touchies, irie sonke sonke and the odd table tennis game. This group will most likely be going to Clanwilliam as well. It's so hot there they'll sweat out the booz and go on jogs and shit.

Overall rating: 7/10 (Ten being no fitness lost).
(Waz/ Raubs/ Hawski/ Dil/ Starv/ Gimli/ Oli)

Another intrepid group (Macdonald, Kelly and Rogers) are venturing to Thailand for two months. Diseases, drugs, motorbike accidents and lady boys being the main attractions. These chaps may return in body bags.

Rating: 2/10

Morris, Butler and a few others may be spending new years in Transkei. Their rating, due to respiratory problems, drops to 4/10.

Cockburn is no doubt spending a few weeks on the sunny slopes in Eurpoe. R100 beers will most likely ensure early starts and hard carving. However, old Cockburn is prone to the odd eintjie and will most likely over pack on the Piet Blou cartons.

Rating: 8/10.

Ian Armstrong. Malawi, Swaziland, Croatia, Zimbabwe, Serbia or Shelly Point. This ou has got serious miles under his belt. He will be spending the majority of the vac with his significant other. As such we can't bet on seeing too much of Swali. Quite a pity. Army's rating would stay at 10 but I'm positive that many, many, many hours will be spent in front of the PS2 with Paul in a vegetable like state.

Rating 9/10

Kyle, Kyle Rennie! will be celebrating his 21st birthday this vac in his home town. Oh, where does he live? KOKSTAD. Yes, chaps it's true. Many of you, I'm sure,had no idea that a KOKSTADIAN was living among us. Good town. He's told me to extend the invites to any of you who may be travelling in the area. More cigs, more booz, fewer women, this man reveives a rating of 5/10.

This post is getting on a bit and some Supply Chain Management is calling.