Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weatherman Bug

Every where you go...

Good day. Welcome to another instalment of Bug's weather report brought to you by FNB and st st st Steinhoff international. Weather that rocks is the way I like to look at it.
Today's forecast: Hectic.

My man on the ground informs me that as we speak the weather is cooking with clear skies and no wind to speak of on the Green Mile. Where dreams are shattered. My view is that later things are going to change quite dramatically. With the public hoilday looming tomorrow I reckon that we could be in for one helluva night. Beer raining down for the sky with a purple hue in the early hours. This is all due, my friends, to the Cobras hurricane that is coming to town... It is going to be a wet and wild affair. Bring your A game.

On a lighter note I have that interview with 'Dylan MceVoy Bitch' that I promised you a week or so ago. A caught up with the lad over a few beers and a quiet game of the gainers game. This is a brief snippet of the convo:

B: Hey Dil, with a Y, how you?

D: Bug, my man, I'm jolling like a treat. Life is good.

B: Good to hear, could this be due to the gypsy potion and spells that that girlfriend of yours is casting over you? Word is they've stunted your growth. Jokes, we all know you're not getting any taller.

D: ha, bug, you're a lag. But seriously bru I love her and we're going to San Diego together. Caravan and all.

B: That brings me to my next point. Dil, you scored an absolute peach of a try in the first week of the compo. Arguably the best try scored by the Cobras. How did you feel?

D: Bug it felt hectic. Orgasmic. A proud day.

B: Loving your vibe. Tell me something Dil, how do you feel about jazz, as in the movement that is jazz music?

D: Truth is Bug, I fear jazz. The lack of rules and boundaries confound me. I prefer to listen to house, bru, as it's mellow and unintrusive. Sitting with a peach rollie, some chilled house beats and naming stars is what I'm all about.

B: Hectic.

D: Very

B:Very hectic.

D: Indeed.

Well I hope you've all got to know Dill with a Y a bit better. Next week an in depth insight into the inner workings of our quasi treasure and quasi homosexual Graeme.

Until then, always take the weather with you...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This man is hungry...

"When building a team, I always search first for people who love to win. If I can't find any of those, I look for people who hate to lose." Ross Perot

Top of the table clash...

Well as we all should know by now is that this is in fact a top of the table clash. The side who wins this game goes through to Round 2 top of the log, meaning an easier pool for that team for round 2. One surely doesn't need to explain the importance of this game in terms of Round 2 and keeping a winning culture within the side. We'll leave it up to you to think about the importance of tomorrow nights game...
Cobras vs. Easterns
Wednesday 30th April
Kick off: 18:30
Meet 17:30 below Cecil

If you haven't let Warren know that you can't play then we expect to see the whole squad there, as per usual we will try to give everyone a run.

So there you have's going to be huge.

Big fines meeting after the game as Thursday is a public holiday...bargain. So bring your A-game and your vibe as it is bound to get hectic...please bring contributions, as there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Oh so brave...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Practice vandag

Practice today!!
5:OO CAT at at Diocesan College, Cemetry field, dont be late... and remember to have found people to sell wine to, so we can get names down and sort out the booze fund...
slap slap hissss

How To Pick Up Women

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Whilst perusing the net for some light 'adult material', as one does when putting off grafting for economics and looking for some stress relief, I stumbled upon this treat...

Name: Cobra
Occupation: Male Stripper

wow, 'Cobra' is just too amazing...
- The slighty receding hairline
- The obvious use of self-tan
- The 'One Gun' Flex
- Aaaaaand.... the PLAYBOY boxers, this oke is a male stripper for heavensake!!

On closer inspection i noticed a striking resemblance to one of our very own purple cobras, Brendan 'Evan Stone' Raubenheimer... now given raubenheimers love of the adult industry in general and also of body enhancing supplements, it must be asked whetheror not raubs is in fact a male stripper performing under the stage name of 'Cobra' (obviously as show for his love of the cobras)... hmmm, the plot thickens, very suspicious... we want answers Brendan.

How much longer do we have to wait?

It was a windy evening just over a year ago when the Cobras side of 2007 took the field against Ikhaya. Pivotal and influential Cobras lock Dugald 'Weatherman' MacDonald ran out for the first game of the 2007 season as Vice Captain looking forward to the long, hard season which he had been training for over a year for. He had no idea that this game would put him out of rugby for over a year, but he is well and truly on the come back trail.
Proffesor Tim Nokes from the Sports Science Institute had this to say about Dugalds injury: 'Look, Bug has been out now for over a year, it's been 7 months since his op and things are looking good, he is not far away now from getting a few minutes off the bench to see how the knee is.' It is all sounding so promising for the young man, Nokes also went on to say "I have no doubt that he will be back to his fighting best and will be there for the second half of the season to help the Cobras to a League victory, good luck to you lads

So there you have it, breaking news on Dugalds injury which has seen him take over as manager of the Cobras side for the last year. We look forward to getting him back out on the battlefield.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Latest standings...

So after two games the Cobras are sitting at the top of group X table with two wins out of two, both with bonus points for 4 tries or more. The other team who is still unbeaten is the Easterns side, which we will be clashing with next week Wednesday as we have a bye this week. It is going to be a huge game, as it will be for top honours on the log, and a better pool for Round 2 of the competition, so it is a win at ALL costs game, it is going to be huge...

Here is the list of fixtures for the next two weeks, as you will see we have a bye tomorrow but that doesn't mean there won't be rugby worth watching. The Nadoes are taking on their rivals the Baa Baa's which is always a huge game, this is guaranteed to be the biggest game of this years competition thus far, so get down and have a watch at what sort of competition we will be facing in the later stages of the competition.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Philip Voget.

Warren's post regarding Phil Voget's birhtday during our first season of Purple Cobras reminded me that fortunetly we managed to get glorious moment on video... here is the clip that was posted after the night... for all you young cobras take note, this is the type of spirit and bravery we here at Cobras embrace and encourage... and i want each and everyone one of you, to take a good hard and long look at yourself in the mirror and ask if yourself if you have what it takes to top phil's performance next week wednesday...

please note the barman in the background at the end, "HEY, get that guy outa here!!"- congratulations phillip you are a true purple cobra and an inspiration to all. i dig your vibe.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's heating up...

Here are a couple of examples as names of entered Bowls teams for Cobras Bowls Day 2008, this SUNDAY...

RollerBLAZORS – its just how we roll
The Illegal Immigrants – ‘don’t leave us alone with your kids’
Tripods – if you lose one, you fucked
Hands of glory – if you not first you last
Team Intensity – expect the unexpected
Nadoes – ‘since 1999’
Bowling Barbies - we hot, and we know it

It looks set to be a cracker of a day...lots of drinking, lots of swearing and lots of laughs...get down to WPCC this Sunday from 12 Noon.

Live DJ
Boerie Rolls

Match report vs. Smuts

It was possibly the best conditions ever witnessed on the Green Mile last night, dry with no wind, one would have though condusive to running rugby, Cobras rugby. However, this was not the case. Not much can be said about the Cobras performance last night, although we scored 7 unanswered tries, there was not much to write home about. The crowd was silent and so were the players, there was no urgency or flair, it was flat out there. We knew it would be an easy game but that does not mean we shouldn't go out firing, playing aggressive hard rugby. We played with them as if they were school kids, with there not even being one noticeable big tackle going in, to be honest it was boring stuff with a very stop start game.

The Cobras, and forwards especially, have not been playing the new laws right, these are the types of things we going to have to get waxed if we even want to think about getting close to a semi-final spot. There was no urgency or aggression. Apart from flying winger Warren Kelly, there was nothing special about the Cobras performance last night. However, it is a good thing that we can play below average rugby but still score 7 tries, our defence was the only positive that came out of the game. If we had come out firing from the kick off we could easily have put 70 points on a very average Smuts side. Let's put this performance behind us and look to our next fixture in 2 weeks time, which will be the biggest game in our pool. So think about, shake it off and start gettin amped for our next game. Final score...Cobras 43 Smuts 0

Oh so brave...

Cobras Bowls Day this Sunday 12pm @ WPCC
If you haven't entered a side yet and would still like to do so, please contact Warren on 0839502053 for further details, it is going to be great fun with an awesome vibe.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bug's Weather Watch 2...

Every where you go…

It’s that time of the week again gentlemen. Time for the second installment of Bug’s weather report brought to you by FNB and st st Steinhoff International. It’s been a while since we last chatted so there’s a boat load of stuff for me to fill you in on.

First let’s get down to the real weather forecast for tomorrow. Basically according to a certain website we have a min of 15 degree Celsius and a max of 22. Intriguing. Weather forecast is ‘fine’ with a moderate south east. That basically means that come kick off at 7:30 there’s going to be a pumping SE on the green mile and that temperatures will plummet. So please guys bring warm stuff for the side lines, don’t want okes pulling hammies etc. this does not apply if you’re Graeme steen as he is fucking steamy.

Now for a little friendly banter. We have a new man on the weather team with us today, Dean Smorenburg aka the fog maker. In a nutshell when things are going well at a party for instance Dean has been known to create a dense, throat choking mist. The following interview with the snake is an attempt to reveal the secret of his north American weather influencing abilities.

DM: Dean, welcome to the show. How is everything?

DS: Thanks bud, everything is cool just keeping it chilled. You know how I am just pretty chilled.

DM: Sure do Dean. Listen bud I was just phoning to ask a few questions regarding your fog machine- like behaviour on Friday night. Care to comment?

DS: Bug, it’s a recent discovery of mine and it basically goes back to my North American heritage. You know, like red Indians and shit.

DM: I’ve heard of them. Dig their curries hey?

DS: Not quite. I come from a long line of Indians who have been blessed by the gods in many ways. I come from the clan of Tahoma Arial Courier Sans, of the South of course. My family each possess special traits and mine was passed down from my ancestors. Basically I can create fog, it’s cool but not as cool as your ability to make it rain Bug.

DM: How interesting. Not many people have such gifts my boy. All I can tell you is that you have been given a gift so use it responsibly. Cheers.

Great guy. Great interview.

A bit more on the weather from Friday night. Anton Taylor was seen in a scuffle round 2 o’clock on Friday. He did get the better of the opponent but soon his emotions got in the way. In what can only be described as a torrential down pour Anton managed to soak himself and those around them. Needless to say he left the party rather early.

It continues to pour with purple rain drops in the world of Warren Butler who assures me that shit is going rather well on his front. Dil McEvoy has been making waves and water works of his own of late. It seems that whenever young Dil is out in public with his beau, Simone X, she always tends to cry. Witnesses assure me that on the night of Friday 11th of April our year of the Lord poor Sim was seen sitting in Dil’s car. Alone. Balling her eyes out. Not ideal. Dil assures me that he digs her and that yes he will be going with her to San Diego in June. How convenient. When asked whether he would be paying his way, Dil simply replied:
‘She’s lank loaded bru.’

Well aren’t all gypsies?

Another argument for another time. Stay tuned for next week’s interview with Dil himself and his thoughts on the weather, cobras and gypsy magic.

Until then…

Always take the weather with you.

Squad vs. Smuts

Starting line up for the all important clash against Smuts:

1. B. Le Roux 2. J. Hayden 3. Sheldon Laing
4. M. Milne 5. G. Vd Rede
6. G. Adams (moeg) 7. A. Taylor
8. A. Flanagan
9. G. Steen
10. W. Butler 12. O. Braithwaite 13. D.Bonellie
11. W. Kelly 14. B. Milne
15. S. Terblanche
Purple Cobras vs. Smuts
Kick Off: 19:30
UCT B-Field
Meet 18:30 below Cecil

All reserves to please come down too, as we said we are giving everyone a run.

The current state of the Cobras battle kit ahead of tomorrow nights all important clash against Smuts...I can already smell the beer drenched in the Cobras jerseys...I wanna go hooooooome!

Oh so brave...

Monday, April 14, 2008


It seems as if Cobras lock Matt Milne is not only saving the Cobras from line out problems this season, but also many a life on Clifton 4th and will probably end up arresting one of his team mates in the very near future...this was his final shot of the season as Weatherman Bug has predicted that summer if officially over, and he also predicts a very wet and long winter...more on weather predictions tomorrow but just enjoy this eye candy for now...before he hits the hard streets and dark nights under the SAPS.

I think a song for the man is in order:

Some people stand in the darkness
Afraid to step into the light
Some people need to help somebody
When the edge of surrender’s in sight..
Don’t you worry!
Its gonna be alright‘cause I’m always ready,I won’t let you out of my sight.
I’ll be ready (I’ll be ready)Never you fear (no don’t you fear)
I’ll be ready Forever and always
I’m always here.

Who is this man? No one will ever know...welcome to the family!

Walking down memory lane...

Who could ever forget this night, a big victory over Marquard and Phil Vogets birthday. It was back in '06, the Cobras first year when we were still coming to grips with UCT Internal League Rugby, if we think back to then, it makes us respect how far we have come. Let's keep the ball rolling, and we HAVE to find out when it is Phil Voget's birthday again....

The Act of Giving

Dean Smorrenburg needs YOU

Now most of us look up to the kind and selfless acts of celebrities like Brad and Angelina and Maddonna, and all the good work they do for the world by adopting babies of different colours... however alot t of us arent allowed to adopt babies as the law prohibits purple cobras from the adoption process, as apparently we're irresopnsible parents... very unfair. Anyways we try and do the next best thing... which is to donate to charities of course!! But the problem with charities is that there is no point... i mean you donate your money, and then *poof* its gone, and you have no idea where it gone and what its up too... now that R5 you just donated could very well could be used to feed 784563 starving ehtiopians, or it could just as easily be used as a contribution to father Coomers Big Mac fund.... the problem is that you just dont know!!??

We here at the the Purple Cobras Think Tank have developed a new and ingenious solution... this is how it works: basically you give your (as much as possible) money to Warren (Butler) or Graeme (Gimlee).... thats it! simple as that... this money will then be used in conjunction with other donations to purchase as much ice cold beer as possible... and then when wednesday eve comes along and we're all gathered in the changeroom, and suddenly you look over to your friend as he takes a delicious gulp of his cold golden brewski, and you see that glorious glaze of pure happiness in his eyes... you will know that you are the one that gave him that happiness. you were the one who gave him the beer... finnaly a charity that works.

so do your bit to make the world a better place, and wednesday nights a happier night for all

oh and remember to sort out you bowls teams... this will also help to bring happiness to all...

Happy Belated Bugger Bug

From all the Cobras a very very Happy 21st Birthday to our main man and manager, dugald 'bug' macdonald!! yay!! and thanks for the outstanding skop on friday eve! enjoyable.

Dugald getting "Real" with his homey

to comemorate and celebrate our dear curly friend i have uploaded Poodles favourite video of all time, ever, ever, forever. he loves it. This is the best and most amazing thing he has ever laid his eyes on. He cant get enough of it. he is obssessed with it. After the last few days i have recieved numerous sms's at all hours of the day from him simply quoting this video. wow, he really does love it. To illustrate how much dugald loves this video, his 21st party night ended with him and myself huddled over a computer screen at about 6am in the morning watching this video...

i think dugald enjoys this clip so much, because he sees himself in the main character, he really can relate to the ordeals the character endures and the person he transforms to... Dugald you are the Crack Fox!!

"It bloods.. from a cats face!!" - classic

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Winning is a habit...

Last night saw the mighty Cobras side of 2008 start their season with a great win against a perky and physical Clarendon side, who came out firing.

The Cobras won the toss and elected to run against a stiff south easter, which by this stage we are so used to when playing rugby on the Green Mile. The talk before the game was that they were going to come out firing, and we just needed to suck in the pressure and remain calm under the early pressure, something that we have learnt from experience of last years final. Clarendon scored first after attacking the Cobras line for a good 10 minutes, the defence was solid all night but a lack in communication let them go over. We knew this could very well happen and were well prepared for being down in the first ten minutes. The Cobras then started to build confidence and structure, after the rust had finally dissapeared. Cobras struck back with a well worked forward try, they really showed their dominance over a much bigger pack with true heart and courage, was a magnificent display by the young Cobras forwards.

Straight after the re-start the Cobras collected the ball deep in their own 22 only to pass it through 7 or 8 hands from side to side to put flying winger Dillon X over in the corner, it was one of the greatest tries ever by the Cobras, and possibly one of the greatest tries ever witnessed on the Green Mile, it was true class and its ability like this where the Cobras are going to be so dangerous. This made the Cobras click and the second half was a one way game with the Cobras dominating the pikey Clarendon side with the most disgusting supporters ever seen on the Green Mile, that guy in the black top, please stand up, Cunt. We let the ball do the talking while Clarendon let the yobs on the side do their talkin, only to piss the ref and pretty much everyone on the Green Mile off, is this the type of support we going to get this year?

With a final score of 38-5 the Cobras showed their true determination, commitment, calmness and experience in games like these. If we see more rugby like this from the young side, we are destined to top our group table.

Cheeky fines meeting was enjoyed by all, and now the tone is set for the rest of the season, bigger and greater things to come, game against Smuts next week, another res side, let's hope they are not supported by Pikeys either, as after all they are seen as an academic res, so let's hope for the best. The oke in the black shirt, you're a wanker.

Hoist up the Cobras sail!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Learn it, Love it

This song to these words.

Hoist up the Cobras sail
See how the main sail sets
Call up the captain ashore, let me go home.
I wanna go home, I wanna go hoooooome,
This is the best team, ive ever played for

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Starting Line Up

Tiger Tears

SHEESH..... last night was absolute heartbreak, for those of you who are reading this from an underground cave in afghanistan, last night was the final of the first inaugaral Steinhoff FNB Varsity Cup between UCT and Ikeys, both teams had serious nailbiters in their respective semifinals and last night was no exception...

The night got off to great start with the UCT colts dominating the Maties dagbreek team, with classy performances from the Cobras captain Warren 'el Capitano' Butler, the actual captain of the Colts Nic 'Rozilz' Roslee, Oliver 'Bantu bum' Braithwaite, Brendan 'Jay Cutler, Evan Stone' Raubenstone, and Ross 'Rozilz' Sheldon.... well done boys...

The UCT 1st team on the other hand was a very tense, exciting but tearful game... with the Maties bastards clincing a very hard fought game in the dying minute, literally... it must be noted that in true Bishops/ Cobras style rugby Ikeys scored 2 tries in comparison to maties 1.

I would like to bitch and whine like a true sore loser about several things that really pissed me off about the game.... first and foremostly the fact that UCT topped the Varsity Cup log and therefore were meant to awarded a home final, however owing to UCTs under par lighting we were forced to play Maties in their Dutch stronghold: "The Danie Craven" stadium. Anyone who was there will testify to the overwhelming Maties support. This is fucking bullshit. They better sort out a proper stadium for next year when we top the log.
Secondly, the lack of booze available at the stadium.
Thirdly, the fact that some fat traitorous Ikeys sluts bad mouthed UCT guys in the paper.
Fourthly, the fact that ref decided to play an extra 10 minutes, or until Maties scored, which as was said earlier they did, in the last minute!
And lastly, but most significcantly the fact that some scum dutch gam security assaulted a fellow cobra in full view of the stadium. Anton Taylor was jovially encouraging the Ikeys crowd to chant some tame songs of encouragement to the boys in blue, when a a gang of rommel security gaurds came out of nowhere and tackled the unsuspecting Taylor to the ground, and then to his cries of "im sorry, im sorry, what are you doing?", they proceded to repeatedly smash his fragile head in with their bare fists, until the defencless Anton's temple and scull cracked open into a MASSIVE wound with fountains of blood gushing all over the field... Taylor was forced to spend the night in hospital being attended to by medical experts. And as the Van Wilder of UCT himslef will attest to, this was not ideal. And today he had to have a cosultaion with Troy and Macnamara to determine whether they could ever repair severe damage done to his features. To top things off this security gaurd then proceded to pull pg 18 signs at the Ikeys crowd. Only in Stellenbosch... fuck. fuck.

Anton "The bearded beast" Taylor

Anyways now that ive dealt with that little rant, lets look forward to the future, to better things to come... to great things to come... as you all are definitely aware tomorrow night is our first cobras game of the season, and i dont know about you, but im giddy... giddy as hell... i hope your are prepare; mentally, physically and spiritually... the opener is going to be huge. Please bring along all the support possible, tell all the sluts you know, they love this kind of thing... and bring some gees.

Speaking of gees and things sluts enjoy; the Purple cobras bowls day. As a two year veteran of the game, i can garauntee you that it is an awesome load of fun... there is nothing better than getting out on the green with a cold one in one hand and a bowl in the other while displaying some true Cobras magic. Bowls is also highly conducive to pulling chicks, as Dugald will definitely not be shy to tell you (he DIGS tellign okes about pulling chicks), it is alleged that the Newlands Cricket Club bowling green is where his reign of Purple Rain all began... oh yes... you to could follow in his footsteps... this is definitely not one to be missed and is fun for the whole family, so tell everyone you know: get a team, get some sort of awesome kit/outfit/costume vibe worked out, and lets get the ball rolling so too speak...

welll i ahve about 7 tuts for early tomorrow so i must leave you beautiful ppl now, so until tomorrow night....

Slap slap HISSSSS

a cobra about to step a claredon knight... electric

(graeme i was too lazy to speel check and edit this, so please deal with it for me. i love you)

The long wait is just about over...

The time has come that the Purple Cobras start their long, hard season, and their fight for the UCT Internal League Cup. As it is our 3rd season in the league, one might feel third time lucky. Cobras will open their assault against res side Clarendon tomorrow night. It looks to be a magnificant display of hard, running the Cobras are well known for, always easy on the spectators eyes.
Purple Cobras vs. Clarendon Knights
Kick Off: 18:30
Meet: 17:30 below Cecil
Bring last seasons hooped socks
Let's do it.

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking - William B. Sprague

Oh so brave Cobras....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Why does it always rain on me?

He sang it, Dugald lives it

With a certain Cobra's birthday coming up I thought it would be fitting to reflect on one of the great songs of the '90s.

"Purple Rain"

I never meant to cause you any sorrow. I never meant to cause you any pain. I only wanted to one time see you laughing. I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain. Purple rain, purple rain. Purple rain, purple rain

I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain.


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cobra's bowls day

For two years the Cobra's bowls team has titillated crowds down at the WPCC bowls green. It was thus inevitable that the interest shown by the loyal fans would grow into something greater as more and more people fought to get involved. Therefore the Cobras have decided to present to you the inaugural


In what promises to be an event of a lifetime the Cobras have teamed up with Wadda to bring the joy of lawn bowls to the world. As the great Gary Barnett said, “the sport of lawn bowls is for the whole family". The details are as follows:

Sunday May 20th 12pm

Entrance Requirements:- 3 players per team

- Original team name

- Team slogan

- R300 per team (R100 per player)


- Your team will only be entered into the competition once the above have been sent to and confirmed with Warren (0839502053 or a message on Facebook)

What you can look forward to:Prizes for: First place, Most Gees, Best Dressed Team and other spot prizes.

Dress: Try make your whole team dress to the same style/vibe

- Live DJ

- 2 Bars

- 18 Dance Floors

- Boerewors stand (1 free boerie each)

- Prizes and Giveaways

Parents, Family, Friends and Girls are all invited to enter sides too, as we want to create a huge vibe! And if bowls just isn't for you, then come on down and enjoy the vibe, listen to the tunes, chirp the players and drink a few beers!

Oh so brave...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Purple Cobra GI Joe

This guy is fighting the good fight... and is rumoured to be making an appearance on the sidlelines on wednesday to cheer on the purple lads!!

Mighty Boosh

Sorry forgot to add pictures to make it look cool.... its my first post...

The MIGHTY Purple Cobras

Hi, Hello. How are you? im good, very well, very very good, almost too good... almost too good to be true. Why, you ask. Why? I'll tell you WHY, not only is it a glorious friday afternoon with the promise of another delectable weekend ahead of us, but in a mere 5 sleeps time, on wednesday the 9th 2008 at 18:00 GMT... the almighty Purple Cobras will be unleashing there Reign (Purple Reign (Rain)) of Terror upon the UCT Internal League... lord ive got goosebumps, my heart is beating rapidly against my chiseled chest, there is a stirring in my loins.... exciting times lads, exciting times... purple times....

Speaking of things almighty and mighty and mightyness, i would like to share something with you called the Mighty Boosh, if you have not heard of them already... basically these are 2 english comedian jollers who are slighty off the wall, slighty zaney, quite tres bizzarre as Sebastien Chabal would say... so give this clip a check out if you dig that kind of vibe, actually just give it a look see regardless, you should enjoy it, unless you are a baabaa, or a lady....

In this clip entitled "The Ice Flow Song" Howard Moon explains to Vince that the Arctic is quite a dangerous and treacherous place (much like Armstrong's nest), through the medium of dance and song... please enjoy

how exotic...

And remember purple may be the international colour of homosexuality... but it is the INTERNAL colour of VICTORY!

slap slap hissss

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Varsity Cup only 80 mintues away...

The first Varsity Cup final is upon us, and as im sure we all witnessed, the two semifinals were unbelievable, which has now set up a dream final and derby game between UCT and Stellies. It is going to be huge so make sure you get to Stellenbosch on Monday evening from 5pm to watch the curtain raiser which is UCT Colts vs. Dagbreek. The Colts came back from the Varsity Cup weekend in George unbeaten, and were not allowed to play for the cup as they were not recognized as an official Koshuis team, therefore were forced to compete for the plate which they won easily by 50 points. Dagbreek however, went on to win the compeition, so you could see this as a challenge being laid down by the UCT Colts to challenge Dagbreek for their Cup, so basically it will be an unoffical Varsity Cup Koshuis final come Monday night, 5pm kick off with the main game at 6:45pm at the Danie Craven Stadium.

There are a few Cobras who will be running out for the Colts on Monday night, these include the brothers Warren and Matthew Kelly, prop Craig 'ogre' Smith, hooker Dayne Jans, flyhalf Warren Butler and last but not least potent centre Olly Braithwaite! So get out to stellies early on Monday, there are two absolutely massive games to watch, and lets try make it UCT 2 - Stellies 0.
Monday 9th of April
Danie Craven Stadium - Stellenbosch
Main Curtain Raiser:
UCT Colts vs. Steinhoff Dagbreek
Kick off 5pm
Varsity Cup Final:
Ikeys vs. Maties
Kick off 6:45pm

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bug's Weather Watch...

Every where you go…

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first instalment of Bug’s Weather Report brought to you by FNB and st st st Steinhoff international. This weeks’ update will be one of a more technical nature, explaining the details and structure of the weather reports to come.

Essentially I will be updating you on weather conditions, both literally and figuratively, the day before each game. So basically expect one every Tuesday if you abide by the Christian calendar. It would be Monday, year of the dog, if we were Japs. But we’re not Japs, we’re South African and we like to play rugby and drink beer. Enough of that.

If current weather is anything to go by then next week we should expect a calm, balmy evening on the green mile. Perfect conditions for Cobras running rugby and also very conducive for crowd viewing pleasure. I will let you know as soon as possible about the real state of the weather closer to the date, when I can check the news.

On a lighter note Philip Rogers assures me that the weather in London is rather kak. But it is winter over there. Winter means cold. As for Rogers himself, it appears that storm clouds are brewing and there could be some nasty weather in store for him. More on that next week.

As for a number of other Cobras; Starv, Waz and Brendan, it seems that rain clouds of a different sort are gathering or shall we say have already gathered around them. This phenomenon is known as Purple Rain. Highly intriguing stuff, I suggest you Google it immediately. I’ll save you the time. Basically when you’re experiencing purple rain life is great, when you’re not experiencing it life can still be good but it could be better. It’s a general concept and principal that revolves around women and good times. Mainly girls though. Ask Butler for a more in depth description.

Not much to report on otherwise, just thought I’d get in touch and sort of break the ice. Until next time,

Always take the weather with you…

Purple Cobras 2008 Match Jersey

The time has come...

The forms have been filled in, the money has been paid and the kit has been collected, now all we waiting for is next Wednesday night to start our assault on the UCT Internal League of 2008, which looks set to be bigger and better than last year. Although the sponsorship of the league and the rules regarding non-uct players is an absolute load of crap, we still amped...

The pools have been drawn up for the first four rounds so let us take a good look at who is in which pool and more importantly who is in our pool...

As you can see we have been drawn against Easterns, Smuts and Clarendon. Easterns is a fairly new side into the league, although we are only one year older than them they are still a very unknown side in terms of who plays for them and what sort of rugby they do play, they didn't fair too well in last years competition, so we are not sure what to expect from them but in our view they will be our toughest opponents in our pool. The other two sides are two res teams, Smuts and Clarendon who have never really done anything amazing in the league, but they do have gees and will definately come out firing, so as long as we are prepared and get our minds right we should go through to Round 2 unbeaten. So there it is, first game is next week Wednesday against res side Clarendon, who we have never played before, let's go out there and play winning rugby, running rugby...Bishops style.