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The 2012 Champions Formal

This past Friday saw the Champions end off their season at the 2012 Cobras Champions Formal at Kelvin Grove. The night went off with a bang as all who attended celebrated what has been another fantastic year for The Cobras, being the second undefeated season in a row not having lost a game since 2010. 

The big awards on the night were as follows:

Junior of the Year: Evan Strauss

Veteran of the Year: Warren Butler
Forward of the Year: Jonty Tatz
Back of the Year: Pieter Greyling
Newcomer of the Year: Pieter Greyling
Most Valuable Player: Callan Artus
Players Player: Dino Loizides
Cobra of the Year: Nicholas Lassen
Dagger Boy for Final vs. Nadoes: Zack Beukman
Cobragator for Final vs. Nadoes: Warren Butler

It was a fantastic evening which was the perfect way to end of the year as The Cobras continued to push boundaries like they have been throughout the year. The girls looked hot and the Cobras were on fire, Good Times were had by all. Here's to 2013, Varsity Cup and another defense of our Internal League Trophey,

Oh so brave 

The Champions Formal Rhyme by MC's Evan Strauss & Dino Loizides

What does it take to make a Champion?

Does it take 7 years of winning and unbreakable pride
to make a team thats more than just a rugby side
Does it take equal parts strength and the ability to have a good time
I think you underestimate how hard it is to make these words rhyme

So here we stand, 7 years down the line, with something so special it's hard to define
We're a drinking team with a rugby problem, but these are the Cobras and nothings gonna stop them
TIme is short, we must go on, now let us tell the story of how we won

Varsity Cup is where it all began, 
in the golden curtain Jamo Morris became a man. 
In amongst the TITS stickers, Skippy lost a hand
but all worth it for the prize was 15 grand.

With Blake as our manager, what could go wrong?
He even managed to keep track of a certain stripper's thong
Nic Lassen was caring, Matt Crawford was flairing,
The year of the Cobra was young
Some got naked, Doug got frustrated, 
But still the party went on

In the Bloemfontein bush, time for one last push
The semi-final time had come
Victory was stolen, we accepted third place
But we still have our trophy in our cabinet case

Back to Bishops for touch with the boys,
When it comes to the changeroom we make the most noise
Jonty's hits put the Nadoes on their bums,
It was almost as good as Pieter Greyling's drums

Matteo Viotti, or Andy Goode we should say
never failed to be strapped up and pumped for matchday
While Geoff van Breda was living the dream,
Pete Vogel signed for the number 1 team.

Eric Doms, the oldest rugby player alive
With a knee to the head at the rucks he'll arrive
While Blancky, our boy, looks like Justin Bieber,
zack Beukman had caught the Cobras Fever

Dreadlocks, mullets, mohawks and fades
all part of getting sea sluts and mermaids
The Cobras were pulling without any cares,
except for Matt Daniel, no one else paid for theirs

Jan Strydom came back with a spring in his step,
Dino's intercept try that he'll never lets us forget
We still dont know what it's like to be number two
Guns don't kill people but Devans do

In Robertson, Theo played the host
by the 19th hole, Cobi had drunk the most
Junks and the smoking trees claimed the win,
despite Butler's efforts to break his shin

Another victory to add to our shelf
Daddy Cool's never been prouder himself
A trellidor to keep it all in place, 
the ultimate crime barrier we could not replace

Graeme Steen, our marshal patrolling the touch
He could be your hero on a trampoline or music video of such
Matthew Kelly was great after last years final
Such a pity at the formal he couldn't find the urinal

Jason Bird, our attorney, putting Cobi in Jail
Jason Bissict and Stephan winning scrums without fail
zandy and greg looking so lean and mean,
Brilliant to know theyve signed for 2013

We got to the final, Trophy within our reach
So glad D Russel came back from the beach
With one minute to go, two points behind, 
Warren Butler so focused, with one thing in mind

A moment our Godfather had dreamed of forever
I promise this opportunity, miss he'd never
He took his swing and turned straight away
with our players all registered, we had the last say

With Evan's look of pure delight, I knew we had won this fight
Champions once again.
Two seasons unbeaten, nothing could weaken the Cobras' true passion and might

So, what does it take to make a champion?
Not the gold around or necks, but the purple in our heart
It seems to be our time to part.
For the jol awaits, let the celebrations commence, one last reminder to all behave
Let us party like champions, it's a deal sealer boys, never forget:
Oh So Brave

2012 Champions Formal teaser