Friday, April 29, 2011

Na na na na na na na, We've got Evan Strauss...

We managed to catch up with young Cobras Star Evan Strauss between his busy schedule of playing in a band, hitting the gym, seeing his bird and playing for the Cobras. This is what we got out of him...

You first memory of The Cobras?
The pride eminating out of the changeroom during my first experience of a jersey handout and squad annoucement.

When did you get your first Cap for the purple and white?
6 April 2011. First Round Game versus Marquard.

Preferred position on the field?

Off the field?
Anywhere, but Anton's lift.

Favourite Cobras song?
Kyle, Kyle Rennie! When he plays for Cobras he's drunk and happy!

Where is the best spot to bird watch on campus?
The trees by the Fitness Centre, opposite the Aerobics studio...

Evan cleaning a Saints player with the help of Dino

Relationship status?
It breaks my heart to admit that I do sometimes cheat on the Cobras with my girlfriend.

Where could we find you on any given night on the jol?
Tin Roof.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In the change room of the Cobras, asking Dino to help pull my jersey down over the size of my belly.

Black Label or Castle?

Who is your role model in the cobras and why?
Poen. A scrummaging God and all-round nice guy.

Which Cobra would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island and why?
Warren Handley, weve caught many a fish together and with his ability to talk shit, boredom would simply never be an issue.

Cobras FTW?..
You bet your fucking life on it.

Check out Evan's band on facebook and like it, he is on the vocals...can this oke do everything or what? Impressive stuff...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long break

The Cobras have a few weeks off until their next Internal League fixture of 2011 vs. Wild Boys.

We go into the Easter break with two out of two so far having scored 67 points in the first two fixtures with 20 against, which came in the second fixture against the Shebeen Boys. The next fixture sees a big game against the other unbeaten team in our pool. This game will decide who finished top of the pool which allows for a better place in the next round.

The fixture vs. Wild Boys is on Wednesday the 11th of May, pencil it in it's going to be a big one.

Oh so brave

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He plays on the left, he plays on the right!

You first memory of The Cobras?

In my second year, the Kelly’s were still playing, so a long long time ago. Smuts asked me to play so i could beef up the backline cause it was suppose to be a big game! All I know was that I was on the receiving end of a 50-0 thrashing. I remember thinking, sho those okes can play! Oh and olie put me on my head! PS i was a lot smaller back in the day, that’d never happen now. Obviously

When did you get your first Cap for the purple and white?

2010 against MOB

Preferred position on the field?

Right wing, I’m lazy so less running on that side

Off the field?


Favourite Cobras song?

Oh van Der Vyver you’r the love of my life....

Where is the best spot to bird watch on campus?

I’ve been in commerce for the last 4 and a half years and talents few and far between. So you’d have to ask Callan he knows the humanities building very well.

Relationship status?

Married to CFA

Where could we find you on any given night on the jol?

Okes tigers my home!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In the gym with my 5 year old laaitie showing him how to curl so he can get ready for the cobras! U must start them early u know

Black Label or Castle?

Naked Mexican preferably but otherwise castle draught thank you very much

Who is your role model in the cobras and why?

It has to be JP van hauffel! I have never seen a more passionate man for his favorite team the cobras. The oke is on some building site in Swaziland but still msgs me about the game!

Which Cobra would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island and why?

Definitely not one of those accounting okes! Sorry Graeme don’t want to be bored to death. This was a toughie but I reckon I’d go for Poeni. Yes he might not be the smartest cat on the block and probably couldn’t hunt or anything but chances are though that he is carrying some sort of “stimulant” and he is always on about how much fun he has so i guess at least I’d die a happy man. But seriously if worse comes to worse i could take him man for man! A Poeni steak sandwich can go a loooong way!

Cobras vibe?

If there was one thing the cobras have more of than any other team in the league, it would have to be gees! With all the new young guns its even more exciting cause they haven’t yet tasted the sweet sweet nectar of the internal legaue cup! With that in mind lets go f**king mental and bring it home!

Second one down

The Cobras beat a plucky Shebeen Boys last week Wednesday. After a dominant first half performance The Cobras raced to a 22-3 lead at the break. With a couple new combinations being tried in the second half the Shebeen Boys upped their game and came back strongly to eventually lose to The Cobras 29-20.

The first half saw some absolutely champagne rugby as the forwards dominated from the outset and the backs ran through at will, a lot of confidence taken from that performance.

The Cobras now have a lengthy break until the next fixture, more details to come soon...

Oh so brave

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whose that man from the Greek Islands?

We managed to catch up with Dino this morning in the middle of his busy daily schedule while he was sitting on the Jammie Steps observing the sights...this is what he had to say:

Dino, you well:

Dino: Jaaa man, all good in the hood. Amped for tonights game.

Dino: But shit there are some beautiful girls strutting their stuff this morning...

Are you not concerned about winter being here and the fact that they are now wearing more clothes?

Dino: Good point, but I reckon with more clothes comes a bit more sophistication, this get's my imagination going....

Oh right. Have you got a minute to spare to answer some questions for us?

Dino: Bru we could sit here for hours...I got nowhere to be.

Ok brilliant, it will only take a minute...

Dino: Fire away...

You first memory of The Cobras?
First memory of the Cobras would have to be my first game for the Cobras. It was cold, windy evening on the green mile and it was the quarter finals in 2009. I was nervous as I was only in grade 11 and much smaller than evryone else (despite nico). I don't remember that much but I do remember my first lineout when stand-in captain, Graeme Steen, looked me dead in the eye and said, "Dino, you see that guy... (he then proceeded to point at an oppososion player)... I want you to fucking kill him, fucking kill him Dino!". Truely inspiring.

When did you get your first Cap for the purple and white?
2009, when i was in grade 11.
Preferred position on the field?
My favourite position is 8th man, nothing better than a pick and go off a scrum thats dominating, most great players around the world play at 8 aswell. Although I do enjoy playing on the flank, blindside defense is always fun.

Off the field?

Straying offside from time to time.

Dino looking very stressed in the Greek Islands...

Favourite Cobras song?

I do enjoy most of the songs, last week in the changing room was incredibly festive but the few that stand out have got to be the Weather man's, Cobi's and Cian's, they all get the whole team going, but the best song for me would have to be Anton's one that he delievered in fine fashion last week. Always a fan favourite.

Where is the best spot to bird watch on campus?

Interesting question, for those willing to go the distance then I'd recommend any Film and Media class, there are loads of dumb but pretty girls that do that course. Otherwise Jammie steps is also a good call.

Relationship status?

In a relationship, 7 months and its been good so far. Not yet at the 'considering marriage stage' that Warren and Julz are at ha ha.

Where could we find you on any given night on the jol?

mmm... Tin Roof dance floor perhaps. That playlist is ageless.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Very very rich, owning a mansion, living in America, the works.

Black Label or Castle?

Black Label, just feels better to be drinking something that sponsors us our shorts. Although if a Castle is going, I"m not one to turn it down.

Who is your role model in the cobras and why?

There are a lot of choices in this catergory, but as a young memeber, I'd have to go with Kyle Rennie. As a fellow 8, Kyle has been doing it for years, showing experience and great skill at the position. His relaxed manner of living mixed with intensity on the field has really helped me build confidence on the field and feel welcome in the team.

Which Cobra would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island and why?

Warren Bulter, despite his leadership skills and some sense of resourcefulness, at least I'm certain he'll die of old age before me.

Cobras FTW?

Definitely, if we play like we did last week we should cruise home to another victory. I doubt it will be as easy as last week, but if our forwards set that physical platform from last week and our back run like they did, we should be 2-0 going into the 2 week break.

What's your view of the vibe in the Cobras?

Well, I think the answer to this question is already known if you were in Stones last week, but here is is again. Last week just proved to me why I love playing in this team, the entire build-up and all. Dinner at Hudsons, pre-game chat, bbm group jokes, the actual match and the fines with the night afterwards was all just one amazing experience, and I can't wait for tomoorow and the rest of the season.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A U A U A UCT!!!

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to the UCT 1XV on winning the 2011 Varsity Cup against Tukkies. What a game it was.

Oh so brave

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Cobras vs. Shebeen Boys - Kick off time changed!

This Wednesday The Cobras play their second fixture against a solid team in the form of the Shebeen Boys. The Shebeen Boys went down narrowly to the Wild Boys in their opening encounter and are sure going to come out firing looking to turn around last weeks performance into a victory.

The Cobras sealed a comfortable 38-0 win in their opening encounter a week ago, and will be looking for 2 out of 2 come Wednesday night. Another week, another exciting fixture.

Past results between the two sides:

2007: The Cobras 49 - 0 Shebeen Boys
2010: The Cobras 40 - 5 Shebeen Boys

Although history shows a one sided affair this Wednesday will be a completely different story as with a new year comes a new side. It is important that we take the momentum from last week into this fixture, it looks set to be a cracker with a team which we share a good bond with.

The Cobras vs. Shebeen Boys
Kick off: 19:30
Meet 18:30 SHARP below Cecil

Starting XV:

1. Shane 2. Warren H 3. Poen
4. Dugald 5. Poefies
6. Evan 7. Dino 8. Kyle
9. Scud 10. Warren 12. Mike Nel 13. Nico
11. Maarzie 14. Rayaan 15. Army

Beer Boys for the 2nd fixture:

1. Cobi
2. Shane
3. Kyle
4. Evan
5. Shaun
6. Mike B
7. Callan
8. Fridge
9. Josh

1 x case of Castle Lager. Please if you can't bring beer make sure you get someone else to do so in your place.

This is a big game guys, let's get fired up...

Oh so brave

Bring it home...

It's the big Varsity Cup final tomorrow when UCT take on Tukkies in Pretoria. The UCT First team has a strong presence of Cobras in it for the big occasion.

Pete Haw receiving the man of the match award in the semi's

The Cobras who are running out in the blue and white hoops tomorrow evening come in the form of captain Nick Fenton-Wells, semi final man of the match Pete Haw, Zandy Macdonald and Mike Morris. Other Cobras who have represented UCT in the varsity cup are Adrian Kritzinger, Dayne Jans who are both unfortunately out of action due to injury, and then centre Olly Braithwaite.

We wish the whole squad the best of luck for this occasion, hope you guys bring the cup home!

Oh so brave

Thursday, April 07, 2011

First one down...

The Cobras came out firing against a young Marquard side on Wednesday evening with a convincing 38-0 win. The forwards laid the perfect foundation for the backs to run some supreme angles while the Marquard defence stood clueless.

A great performance on the night from star centre Nico Loizides which was well supported by wing and man of the match Rayaan Adams.

Final score 38-0 to The Cobras.


Friday 5pm
Sunday 5pm

Game next week:
The Cobras vs. Shebeen Boys...

Let's start thinking about it...

We all agree...

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cobras Cricket tour to Stellenbosch...

The Cobras embarked on a recent weekend 'Cricket Tour' of Stellenbosch to compete in the annual Graham Gooch Cricket Cup, which was held at Van Der Styl CC. After departing on the Friday afternoon the men from the Cape went straight to the nearest wine farm in the Boland region to kick off proceedings.

The team consisted of Kyle, Matt, Army, Stefan, Graeme, Nico, Warren with the management being made up of Dugald and Trent, and our own official umpire in the form of Brendan Raubenheimer.

What a great weekend it was although The Cobras lost narrowly in the semi's for the second year in a row to The Presidents. To our celebration the Presidents lost in the final therefor giving up their 2 year winning streak, having been the only team in the competition until this year to have won it, thank goodness.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Here we go...

After another successful Cobras team dinner at Hudson this evening, the boys are ready and focused with the task at hand going into the season opener against res side Marquard.

After a long off season and touch having been started in mid January, The Cobras are chomping at the bit to get out onto the park tomorrow evening to get their 2011 title campaign underway, and what an evening it looks set to be.

Let's have a quick look at the past results between the two sides, which have only ever met twice before in the 5 years of The Cobras:

The teams first met in the 2006 quater Final where The Cobras won the encounter 26-21.
We met again in the quater final in 2007 when the Cobras won 28-7.

The overall record of The Cobras: Played 44, won 39, Lost 6, Drawn 1.

The Cobras vs. Marquard
Kick off 18:30
Meet 17:30 SHARP below Cecil

Starting XV
1. Shane 2. Warren H 3. Poen
4. Poefies 5. Jaimie
6. Dugald 7. Dino 8. Kyle
9. Skud 10. Warren B 12. Josh 13. Nico
11. Mano 15. Geoff 14. Maarzie

Beer Boys for first fixture: (1x case of Castle Lager)

1. Dugald
2. Poen
3. Craig
4. Warren H
5. Rayaan
6. Jason
7. Dino
8. Cobi
9. Junks

If you are unable to bring a case please arrange for someone else to do so in your place.

There it is, let's get out there and enjoy every minute of it...that's what it's all about!

Oh so brave...