Saturday, February 24, 2007

Send this out to everyone. We need sponsers.

Costa has drafted a letter that can be sent out to anyone and everyone in our search for sponsers. Everyone needs copy and paste this and start sending them out. Modify it if you think its appropriate.

Dear Sir

On behalf of The Purple Cobras I would like to inquire if you, your business or one of its affiliates is interested in being our team sponsor for the 2007 UCT internal rugby starting on 26 April.
Our team comprises of 25 First, Second and Third Year students (ages 18-21) who all played first and second team rugby at school level. We are currently studying at UCT and at Varsity College.

The exposure gained from this venture would increase awareness of your brand amongst university students aged between 19 and 24. The matches take place on Wednesday evenings against other team comprised of university students amid a festive atmosphere, with large crowds coming to support. Matches are followed by drinks amongst all teams and supporters. Our aim as a team is to win the league this season. This is a reasonable goal as last year we came third in our first season.

We are proposing a jersey sponsorship or some other form of sponsorship. Sponsors of The Purple Cobras will be worn on the jersey and be placed on our webpage

Looking forward to your response

Costa Ghioules

Jordan Biderman-Pam

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The new setup.

This is the new internal league setup for 2007.

Internal League Structure 2007:

Round 1: 16 Teams will be sorted into 4 pools. Each team will play 3 games over a 4 rugby week period against teams in their own pools. Teams will be sorted into pools according to the position they ended 2006 in.

Round 2: According to the results of Round 1 teams will be sorted in 4 different pools. Again each team will play 3 games over a 4 rugby week period.

Quarter finals: Every side will play. All the teams in 1st position of each pool will play against the teams in the 4th position, and every 2nd placed team will play against every 3rd placed team. Hence the 1st & 2nd placed sides from Round 2 will be competing for the Internal league Cup and the 3rd & 4th placed sides will be competing for the Internal League Bowl.

Semi finals: The Cup winners from the quarters will play the other Cup winners, whilst the losers will play each other. The same applies for the Bowl.

Finals: We are left with 8 games with each side competing for a place from 1 to 16.

Therefore each team will play two rounds of 3 pool games (ie: 6 pool games) and then contest a quarter, semi and a final game. In total each team will play 9 games during the season. If you haven't noticed this is based on the IRB 7's structure they use at their tournaments. A details breakdown of how this changes rules etc will be provided shortly...!

Essentially not much is different except the traditional distinction between an A and a B league has been discarded for two Pool Rounds. This will be reverted to from the quarter finals onward with the Cup being the traditional A league trophy and the Bowl the B league honours, except the sides will be correctly sorted into a top and bottom 8 according to merit

23rd February 2007 - Entrance forms available from Rugby Club Offices.


18th APRIL 2007 - ROUND 1 starts. First pool matches...

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Alternate Fantasy Super 14

Alright lads? It seems there was some confusion over the fantasy situation, with two leagues being created, some of joined the private league Koekenaap RFC, and others the official cobras one. If you're keen to get involved with the afore mentioned realityrugby league, the key is rwngaz. Test your strength!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Purple Cobras kick off the Lawn Bowls season

The Purple Cobras' lawn bowl season started off with a bang as the promising team of Dillon McEvoy, Graeme Steen and captain Warren Butler ended the day with one draw and a loss. Fellow Cobras are invited to come down and support at WPCC on Thursdays, 18h00 at what is a surprisingly good pre drinks for Tiger.