Friday, May 25, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's the final game of the semester which see's the The Cobras take on Panthers in another big encounter before the league takes the lengthy 3 month break.

The Cobras are sitting 2nd on the log behind due to less bonus points and will be looking to keep up their winning ways with what will hopefully be the 13th win a row.

The Cobras vs. Panthers
Meet 17:15 below Cecil
Kick off 18: 30

1. Stephan Hatrzenberg 2. Jonty Tatz 3. Shane Swanich
4. Zack Beukman 5. James Morris
6. Callan Artus (c) 7. Rob Inskip
8. Dino Loizides
9. Pete Vogel 10. Warren Butler 12. James Bailes 13. Pieter Greyling 
11. Andrew Loizou 15. Greef Van Breda 14. Rayaan Adams

16. Devan Knoetze
17. Warren Handley
18. Chris Pretorius 
19. Blake Gowar
20. Nicholas Lassen
21. Mike Blanckenberg
22. Mike Cockburn 

Beer roster to follow..

Oh so brave

Monday, May 14, 2012

The log...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Take me home...

The Cobras were in a rampant mood last night as they put 45 points on a loud Catsville side. It was one way traffic from the very beginning when the Cobras forwards took control of the game with two brilliantly worked line out mauls to go over for two tries in a row. The Catsville team had no answer to the unstoppable running of Callan Artus and the big Jonty Tatz as they brought a new meaning to physicality.

A big OSB to man of the match of the night Warren Handley who was sublime all night with his line out throwing, rucking and scrumming being a big part of numerous tight heads.

After two tough encounters first up in the league the Cobras were finally allowed to stretch their legs as the ran the ball from all corners of the park.

Next week is the last game before he long mid term break, this is against Panthers at 18:30. After the long break see's the 3rd Cobras tour, this year to Robertson to return home and play the Nadoes in a mouth watering encounter three days later.

Final score The Cobras 45 - 0 Catsville

Man of the Match Warren Handley after speaking to the media..

Traditional post fines Brandy & Cokes.

Oh so brave

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Wazz hits 50 caps!

Tomorrow against Catsville, Warren Butler will hit 50 games for the beautiful purple and white. I think we can all agree that the Cobras would not run as well it does or would not be where it is 2day without this man. So a big OH SO BRAVE to the godfather, and hoping to see him out on the field for another 50 games. Here are a few photos that seem to really define the man himself:

There will be many a "Oooooooohhhh..... Wazz is FUCKING magic" tomorrow night, so whether you are playing or not, on the bench or starting, guy or girl, man or woman, human or animal, feel free to pull into a big fines session to celebrate another Cobras Victory and a massive milestone!

Beer Roster

Blakey G 
Evan Strauss
Mike Nel
Warren Butler
Warren Handley
The Cobras vs. Catsville
Kick off 17:30
Meet 16:30 below Cecil

1. Jonty Tatz 2. Warren Handley 3. Shane Swanich
4. James Morris 5. Evan Strauss
6. Callan Artus (c) 7. Rob Inskip
8. Dino Loizides
9. Nicholas Lassen 10. Warren Butler 12. Geoff Van Breda 13. Mike Blanckenberg
11. Matt Foster 15. Sisa Njongwe 14. Mike Cockburn 

Oh so brave

Last week saw all of UCT's Steinhoff Internal League teams on a bye, this week the teams are raring to get their feet back on the Green Mile.

The Steinhoff Nadoes are still on top of the standings after two weeks and will be looking to cement their place there. However, the Nadoes face a tough task ahead as they face the Steinhoff Wild Spanners on Wednesday.
With the exam break ahead, teams will be looking to collect as many log points as possible over the next two weeks.

Any slip-up could see them lose that top spot to their bitter rivals, the Steinhoff Cobras. The Cobras are up against the Steinhoff CATS and are almost guaranteed their five points - for the win and the four tries.

Steinhoff MOB, Steinhoff Ubumbo, the Steinhoff Wild Spanners and the Steinhoff Knights are all fighting for that No.4 spot with one point separating each team at present on the standings.

In the Res League, meanwhile, the Steinhoff Shebeen Boys and the Steinhoff Turtles have been showing their dominance as both teams are unbeaten at the moment.

The competition really seems a much tighter affair as a slip-up from these two could see Steinhoff Health Sciences, Steinhoff Smuts or Steinhoff CVU Vikings end top.

Results from Wednesday, April 25:

Steinhoff Shebeen Boys 17 Steinhoff Health Sciences 0

Steinhoff Catsville 0 Steinhoff Clarendon Knights 24

Steinhoff Cobras 19 Steinhoff Ubumbo 10

Steinhoff Smuts 33 Steinhoff Kopano 0

Steinhoff Turtles 39 Steinhoff Leo Marquard 0

Steinhoff Tornadoes 38 Steinhoff Panthers 5

Steinhoff Wild Boys 34 Steinhoff MOB 0

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Worth a watch...