Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flat Stanley want you...

This local band will be playing next Wednesday at the one and only WADDA. Now, that because our first game is only the following Wednesday, which is the 8th, this event is being treated as if it were one of our games. It is our right to give back to our sponsor, especially after they travelled all the way up to Plett to watch our game and for always sponsoring us beers and what not. Basically what I am asking from you, is that we get at least 20 Cobras, all in our golf shirts, to this event. The entrance fee for the night is R30 so no free entrance, but here is the catch, we have a R500 bar tab for all the guys who are there in their Golf Shirts.

No one is asking you to come have a late night, all we want from you is to swing by, have a few beers and represent the Cobras as it looks set to be a busy night. So why not go watch the internal league matches next Wednesday night in your Golf shirt and then head to WADDA to make a dent in theR500 bar tab? Flat Stanley are an awesome band, and you will not be dissapointed...see you there.

We came, we saw, we conquered...

As it was our first attempt organising a tour to Plett, it was a good effort on the front of the guys who did make the mission up to Plett to represent the Cobras. Although only 7 of the 14 guys who represented the Cobra's that night had actually played a game for us, a very good effort was shown out on the field. A big thanks must go to the Nadoes for lending us Tim for the game, and Graham for a little sparkle at the end, great effort! Also to the 7 other guys who helped us out with numbers basically on the Friday afternoon, we don't know what we would have done without you guys.

The tour would have been a huge success on many more fronts if people had given cash for castleton and made the effort to get up to Plett after a few cancellations on Thursday. But all that aside, one must give Anton, Cian, Byron and Dougald great respect after having left Cape Town at 10am and only arriving in Plett at 7:45pm after having suffered two tyre blow outs on the way. There were no complaints as they got straight out of their car and basically ran on the field. That is true Cobra spirit for you and their efforts and commitment are priceless. You guys are legends.

Although it was a tricky start for the touring party we were always up against it and we put in a huge effort so well done to everyone who turned up and gave it their all. One mention must go out to Blake Gowar who hasn't played rugby for 3 years and played for the mighty 6th team in matric, the man was all over the park and his rewards were puking for about 30 minutes after leaving the field 10 minutes from the end from pure exhaustion.

The final whistle blew and this meant one thing, the night was now about to begin. Both teams assembled in one tiny change room and the beers started going down as the songs started to get louder. It was an awesome vibe between the two sides as we showed Plett how it is done. Another huge thanks for all the beers that were contributed to the changeroom from Cobras and Nadoes guys, they all went down smoothly. From there the sides moved onto VIP where we were got in for free and skipped the rather long que, things started to get messy and hectic as both sides moved from bar to bar and girl to girl, good fun was had by all but the best was yet to come!

Saturday came with a hangover included but this was not goin to be a speed bump for the sides as both the Cobras and Nadoes were out in full force at Crabs Creek. This was suprisingly one of the better jols I think a lot of the guys have ever been to, it is a must for everyone next year, what a sick vibe.

All in all regardless of the struggle to get guys up to Plett, it was our first attempt and one can only see us moving from strength to strength in the future with regards to the tour to Plett.

A few thanks must go out...

Firstly to the Nadoes for inviting us youngsters to play them in Plett, was good fun and i'm sure next year will be even better!
To Ilan from WADDA for making the mission up to Plett to watch our game and for sponsoring the side some beers at VIP, those were by far the sweetest of the night!
To all the guys who played for the Cobras, especially to Tim Rawbone from the Nadoes.
Graham for hooking up the free entrance and the general vibe

Oh so brave...