Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get this man a beer

A big Cobras happy birthday goes out to our utility forard slash back Mano Ghioules. If I am correct the mans had a stint at hooker, flank, centre, and wing, a bit of a Schalk Brits in the making if you ask me. Nevertheless today he celebrates his 22nd birthday! Muzel muzel...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Varsity Cup Koshuis team profile

Team Profile: The Cobras
Tue, 11 May 2010 19:57:00 +0200

The Cobras were formed in 2006 as a social rugby side, looking to play social rugby. However, this was not the case in the end, as the Cobras soon stamped their name all over UCT's Steinhoff Internal League with their brand of fast-paced and aggressive running rugby.

Prioritising fun with mates and the pure enjoyment of rugby rather than winning, the Cobras seem to have found the gelling formula.

Although the emphasis may not be on results, the Cobras have certainly had their fair share of success, making them a much-favoured team in UCT Internal League Rugby.

Whether it be at touch, on the matchday paddock or in the change room for one of their infamous fines sessions, the Cobras are known to give it a full go making the Cobras brand a revered and likeable team! Together with the proud ethos and passionate players, past and present, Cobras rugby is held in high regard.

Since forming in 2006, the Cobras have played 37 matches in the UCT Internal League, lost five and drawn one - so their record speaks for itself.

The highlight of the Cobras' tenure thus far was winning the UCT Internal League title for the first time in 2008 and subsequently qualifying to take part in the inaugural Steinhoff Koshuisrugby Championships the following year. In addition to that, the Cobras had an unbeaten run in the first-ever Cape Town Tens at Hamilton's in 2009, only to lose out to the eventual beer league champions - False Bay - in the semifinals.

The Cobras are a very welcoming 'club' as they are open to anyone who is keen to have fun, make new friends and play some hard rugby. There have been some success stories to come out of Cobras rugby, none other then 2010 UCT captain Nick Fenton-Wells who was a founder member on the Cobras in 2006.

The 2010 season looks set to be a year of endless possibilities for the Cobras. Mindful of the very strong field this year, the Cobras have set their sights firmly on winning the Steinhoff Internal League for the second time in their history.

Consisting of a strong contingent of ex-Bishops pupils, this year's team is fitted with bustling talent.

Players to watch this year are, amongst others, ex-Bishops First XV captain and UCT First XV centre Justin Bijl, along with former UCT first XV flyhalf Oliver Braithwaite. The Cobras are led this year by passionate openside flanker Callan Artus, an ex-UCT Under-20 A1 player himself.

Cobras' players, current and former, are proud of their establishment.

And why not?

Courtesy of


Friday, May 14, 2010

Touch is still happening...

Come down for a study break on Sunday and stretch the legs, although the games for this half of the semester are over touch is still on until end of the semester so please keep coming down for a run around, Sunday 4pm.

Oh so brave

Thursday, May 13, 2010


The Cobras put 40 points passed Smuts last night in a game of few errors and great composure. Another good win for the Cobras and their 4th in a row. Final score Cobras 40 - 5 Smuts

Match report to follow...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Match day birthday...

John Boy ‘Big Toe’ Hayden

The man’s now applying his trade over in Swansea in the UK, but that makes him no less of a Cobra. A rock in the front row in years gone by, ‘Big Toe’ as he is affectionately known, celebrates his 22nd birthday today...

We’ll drink in his honour!

Extra Spring in the Step.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is amazing...

Anooother birthday...

A big Cobras Happy Birthday to the oldest member of the Cobras, Stefan Terblanche who turns 37 today, a Big Happy Birthday to a true legend of the Cobras and rugby in general...i'm sure tomorrow night will be a true celebration for the man.

The Cobras vs. Smuts

Wednesday 12th of May
The Cobras vs. Smuts
Kick off 18:30
Meet 17:30 SHARP below Cecil
1. Shane
2. TBC (possibly Kyle, Kyle Rennie)
3. Uh Ah Budr
4. Jose Mourinho
5. Tom
6. Nick
7. Trent D
8. Luc
9. I score tall chicks
10. Warren (c)
11. Vivaaaa JP
12. Olly
13. He goes by the name of Jussie B
14. Junks Junks Baby!
15. Steeeeefan Terblanche WOO!
There we have it, the starting line up for the final game of this semester...
Beer Roster:
I score tall chicks
Kyle, Kyle Rennie
If your name is up to bring beer for the 2nd time, please don't panic...everyone will be bringing twice or even three times througout the season.
Let's end off this semester with a big one!
Oh so brave

New pools and fixtures....

The new pools for Round 2 of the Internal League have been announced, and this is how our pool looks...

Group 3:
Shebeen Boys

We played against Smuts and Shebeen Boys in our preseason friendly day, and they are by no means a walk in the park. Not much known about Kopano at this stage.

Here are the remainding fixtures for Round 2:

Wednesday 12 May
Cobras vs. Smuts
UCT B-Field
18:30 Kick off

---Varsity Vac---

Wednesday 28th of July
Cobras vs. Shebeen Boys
UCT B-Field
19:30 Kick off

Wednesday 04 August

Wednesday 18th of August
Cobras vs. Kopano
UCT B-Field
19:30 Kick off

All teams ending first and second in the Group stages will player in Section A (quarterfinals) which is for the positions 1st until 8th place.

So there you have it...tomorrow (12th) will be our last game until after the holidays, so let's make the most of it...

Oh so brave

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cobra Birthday

A big Happy Birthday goes out to Cobras centre Justin Bijl, at 23 years of age today this man still has many a season left in the purple and white. I'm sure Wednesday will be a true celebration of his Birthday. Happy Birthday Jussie B...

Oh so brave

Player profile # 3

Can anyone say camel t...o...e...

The man hails from hot and humid Zululand and unfortunately believes in 'black and white, nothing else matters', but he is a hard playing Cobra and a solid bloke, so we'll let him by. Player profile this week features none other then experienced back row enforcer Kyle, Kyle Rennie. This is what he had to say (post Stormers vs Sharks this weekend) when Jose caught up with him.

How long have you been apart of the Cobras?

I became a Cobra in the magical year that was 2008.

Cobras till you die?

Cobra till I die and after . . . Make sure my kids are Cobras

Who do you rate is better Kankowski or Spies?

Kankowski, from a great school and plays for a great team

As an ou ballie what’s it like representing the purple and white?

Like it was playing my first game, I still have that same rush and feeling of honour pulling on the purple and white every Wednesday, although the body is starting to disagree with speed of the game.

You support the Sharks. Do you just want to be different or do you genuinely dig supporting a kak team?

I am secretly a huge Stormers fan, but keep that on the hush...But for now 20-14

So you hail from Kokstad? Firstly where the faak is kokstad and give us some highlights of cockstad?

The Stad is nestled in on the border of the transkei and Natal, great part of the country. If you get a map book, I'll show you where it is. Highlights? Besides the best meat in the country, not much but I love it.

What does your Tuesday evening pre match ritual consist of?

Don't do too much prematching, normally just chill out and have a think about what needs to be done on the night. Eat a giant steak or a bowl of spag bol.

Give us some highlights of your Cobras career thus far?

Well there one memory that definitely stands out and that was beating the Nadoes in the 2008 final. Also really enjoyed recieving the cobragator, big moment in my career.

Drink of choice?

Any beer will do but love a vodka and coke when I'm feeling fancy

Where’s your local hangout?

Besides popping into the cottage or having a beer at Forries, the changeroom after the game is my favourite drinking spot for the week.

What u studying at UCT?

Construction Studies, going to be oak who builds your house one day.

Rugby hero?

Marty Holah, born in the wrong generation. If Richie McCaw wasn't around he definitely would of been a great. Otherwise Gary Teichmann

Favourite Cobras chant and or drinking song?

Really enjoy the Cobras Backrow song. Warren's new song sound good, just struggling to remember it.

What do you do to unwind?

Enjoying kicking back, meeting up with a few cobras, having a few coolies, talking some kak here and there.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

Not too concerned about the future yet but as long as I have enough money to own a few Sharks season tickets and be able to come down to the Green Mile and watch the Cobras.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Touch is on...

Touch today at 4pm SHARP regardless of weather...make sure you get down to get your place in match squad.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Come on Ikeys

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Three from three!

UCT Cobras were in no joking mood yesterday when they ran circle around an average College House side. Running in 7 unanswered tries the Cobras were simply too good for their opponents who put up very little resistance. After some referee disputes the game finally got underway and was subsequently shortened (who knows what the score could have been if the game went the usual 1 hour).

Despite the rain and battling the customary Green Mile driving wind the Cobras controlled procession from the outset and managed four tries before the half time break. Running the ball from all corners the rejuvenated Cobras looked at no time in danger of losing. Apart from their slick hands and the ensuing try fest, the communication on defence was impressive. Not giving an inch the 2008 champions kept their try line in tack for the second week in a row. Points for 74 and points against 7 thus far in 2010. With the forwards, starting where they left off in the second stanza against the Spanners the previous week, gained their side front foot ball as they executed brilliant control and patients at the break down whilst the backline did the finishing. The Cobras truly are dangerous when they spread the ball wide as last night was no exception. With great hands, brilliant angles run and superb support play the Cobras turned the shortened game turn into a long night for the UCT residence.

Final score 54-0.

As a result the Cobras finish top of their log and are looking on to the next round.

UCTRFC website wrap up


Teams in the Steinhoff UCT Internal League braved it out on a cold and wet evening on the green mile. Most teams came out to have fun as there was nothing to play for, others came with one goal, TO WIN no matter what stood in there way.

The Steinhoff Cobras started proceedings on the evening when they smashed a lag lusted College House team. Cobras were by far the dominant force as they made College House defend eighty percent of the match. Cobras out played there opponents in every aspect of the match whether it came to attacks or defence. The Cobras scored seven unanswered tries. Eventually winning the match 54 – 00. The Cobras surely in contention of winning this league with this flawless performance.

Courtesy of


The Cobras beat College House 54-0 to go through to Round 2 top of their log...

Match report to follow...

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Final first round game...

Wednesday 5th of May
The Cobras vs. College House
Meet 16:30 below CecilKick off 17:30 UCT C-Field
Starting Line-up:

15. Army
14. Marzie
13. Cobi
12. Josh
11. Mano
10. Warren
9. Skud

8. Luc
7. Kyle
6. Callan
5. Craig
4. Tom
3. Poen
2. Trent
1. Budr

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Player profile # 2

Palyer profile number 2 brings an all too familiar face to your screen, with none other the the heart and sole of the Cobras brand, ex captain and stalwart Warren Butler. Jose was lucky enough to hall him out of the Vega 'Apple Mac bru' com labs and this is what the man had to say.

Handing over the captaincy arm band this year, was it easy?

After a couple of years with the armband I think it was about the right time to move it along, and with a guy like Fetish taking it over, i'm 100% confident that he is the best man to be in charge...they also say a change is as good as a holiday.

As a Cobra co founder what do you think about the vibe in this year’s camp?

I think it's definitely up there with the best vibe that we have had in our 5 year history. Always great to see some new guys coming through the ranks and the squad has some brilliant characters and decent depth to it. It feels like a tight knit family at the moment and in my view we can only go from strength to strength this year.

What do Wednesday nights on the Green Mile mean to you?

Geez I try not to get too excited about it otherwise it makes the wait for a Wednesday evening even harder, but come Monday I’m raring to go and it’s close to the only thing on my mind during the week. To be able to play a hard game of rugby on a Wednesday evening and have a massive fines afterwards with all your mates really does give my week a far more exciting look to it.

A fishing Sunday or a Cobras touch session?

Although I do enjoy to Gooi Lyn every now and again there is nothing better than running out the booze from the weekend, watching Army trying to play touch while still enjoying his weekend, and Callan’s body just not agreeing with his weekend. It is always entertaining and definitely forms an integral part of my weekend.

Stellies jol or a Cape Town jol?

Tough one, depends on the night or party really. Stellies definitely has a soft spot in my heart but then again Cape Town is one of the best cities in the World, how could one deny that?

How do you carbo load on a Tuesday before internal league Wednesdays?

Look as some may know I’m a rather simple eater, with the benefits of living at home I do get that home cooked meal on a Tuesday evening, so whatever is put in front of me will usual have to do. Although back in the day in the White House one would be very nervous on a Tuesday evening before a big game, with a guy like Phil Rogers behind the stove you never really knew what you were getting yourself into.

What do you do for a bit of ‘me time’?

Nothing too hectic, do enjoy playing a little game where you try your hardest to make yourself as comfortable as possible for an extended period of time. Otherwise kicking back and listening to some music or talking a bit of kak here and there, although I do find kicking a ball pretty therapeutic.

Castle or that Black Label stuff?

Good question…I’m not 100% sure myself. Think it could be a mood thing really, always Black Labels in the morning and Castles in the afternoon. If I were at Forries I would probably go with a Castle, although those Black Label draughts are delicious too…shit I actually don’t know. I’ll have whatever please.

Most of us know that you join some of the Nadoes from time to time for a game of cricket. What the ultimate, a game of gentleman cricki or manly Cobras rugby?

Well Cricket has always been a good enjoyment of mine and it’s a great vibe playing Club Cricket, it’s also the perfect alternative to rugby. I enjoy both equally as much but there is just a little something more appealing to the Green Mile on a Wednesday night than long hot days in the field. Give me a ball and I’ll play.

Who’s your rugby idol?

I think I did every single Afrikaans mondelling at school on Corne Krige, he really is a big favourite of mine, hard as nails. But for brilliance and such composure it must be Dan Carter, that man is too good and someone who I think every flyhalf in the world looks up to. I’m also still a firm believer that Shaun Plaaitjies is going to make the Bokke end of year tour.

You bumped into Hugh Bladen in a bar, what would you do/ say to him?

A big high five, he knows he is hectic.

Storm saam!

Beer bitches for match 3, Wednesday 5 May.

Tom H
Fox Morris
Roland Luscky

1 case Castle each...

Week four preview from UCTRFC

Internal League website preview for last stage of round one...

Come Wednesday night 10 UCT Internal league teams will be in action finalising group standing in the closing stage of round 1. Teams in their respecting groups still have the chance to qualify for second spot as one point separates 2nd and 3rd placed teams in group1, group2 and group 3.

Spectators should be in for a feasts of rugby action come Wednesday as teams fight for that elusive second spot. Teams ending up 1st and 2nd in their groups get an easier run into round 2 as they will be facing 3rd and 4th placed teams in other groups.

Nadoes are confident of securing that single point needed to cement that number 1 spot in their group but with 2 loses in consecutive games Marquard are out to salvage some points as they have only secured a single point in their 2010 Internal league campaign to date. Panthers and Shebeen boys conclude this group of four as they battle it out for that second spot in the group. Panthers with the advantage after coming from a win will have a tough encounter as the Shebeen boys are no walk in the park.

Group 3 is surely the toughest out of the four groups as Cobras, Magic Lions and Spanners all stand a chance to qualify top of the group. Cobras however hold the advantage as they lead this group with 8 points, Magic Lions on six and Spanners on four. Both teams heading up the mind games to distract each other but is this the key for that success.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Final first round game...

Wednesday 5th of May
The Cobras vs. College House
Meet 16:30 below Cecil
Kick off 17:30 UCT C-Field

Starting Line-up:
15. Army
14. Marzie
13. Cobi
12. Josh
11. Mano
10. Warren
9. Skud

8. Luc
7. Kyle
6. Callan
5. Craig
4. Tom
3. Poen
2. Trent
1. Budr

Lesbian Cowboy..

Saturday, May 01, 2010

We all live in the Cobras subMARINE!!

A big Cobras happy birthday goes out to our number 2, Trent 'Marine' Payton!!

Touch tomorrow

Touch on Sunday 2nd of May @ 4:30pm...

Squad rotation continues so get down in order to get your starting spot for Wednesday...