Friday, April 30, 2010

Player profile # 1

All man!

Cobras Jose Mourinho was lucky enough to be able to have a little ‘catch up’ with 2010 skipper Callan ‘Fetish’ Artis. ‘After tearing him away from the books in the African Studies section of the UCT library, I managed to convince him to join me at the post grad pub for a beer and a banter. Whether intended or not this is what prevailed’, Jose added.

What’s it like being the captain of the Cobras for 2010?

‘Being Captain of the Cobra's has been nothing but an honor and a dream come true.
The positon comes with alot of responsibility and pressure but with a side like ours I am confident I can lead the boys to glory’.

Can the Cobras finish on top again this year after their first league win in 2008?

‘2010 is definitely going to be a good year for us and I think winning the title is a realistic goal we must set ourselves and work hard to achieve. As long as we get down to Cecil each week with a little desire to win, I see no team that deserves it more than us. It is important that the guys indivually want the trophy and that they realise that each Cobra's victory is a step towards our goal’.

Who’s you rugby idol?

‘I know you want me to say James Dolton or Phil Waugh but actually my rugby idol is Brian O'Driscoll’

Beer or spirits?

‘Beer with the boys and spirits at Tiger’

Tiger or Tin Roof?

‘OOoo trick question. Tiger then Roof’

A wife beater and slops or jeans and loafers?

‘Beater and slops hands down’.

What do you do to relax?


What makes up your breakfast on match day?

‘4 eggs, toast, a grapefruit and a pint of strong coffee’

Tell us how you got the name ‘Fetish’?

‘Boarding house nonsense. Dont know how it was actually thought up. :)’

What’s your most successful pick up line?

‘You'll have to do. Lets go’.

What would you do if you didn’t play rugby?

‘I'd watch it’.

Are Poen and Shane really your step brothers?

‘Poen and Shane are not really my stepbrothers although Poen's mom is loose and my dad is single so i wont say it may never happen’.

What do you want to be when you 'grow up'?

'When I grow up I want a beer belly, a fast car and a hot young wife that never gives bat!'

Cobras stalwart Wazza Butler will be the next man in the hot seat...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Running rugby at its very best...

Bishops vs. Paul Roos this Saturday 11:30 on the Piley Rees (Bishops)

Get down and support the future Cobras...

Another one down...

The Cobras made it two from two in the 2010 UCT internal league when they defeated a defiant Spanners outfit on Wednesday evening. A characteristically icy and blustery windy Green Mile played host to the sea- saw battle. It was a game of two halves which saw the Cobras struggle to control possession in the first spell as they played with the wind advantage. The Spanners met the Cobras with aggression and often very competitive opposition. With opportunities being missed by both sides, which saw all too many ‘final passes’ not go to hand and, as the strong wind continued to play its spoiling role, neither side seemed to get out of first gear. Moments before the half time break the Cobras managed to score, taking a 5-0 lead into the shed.

The second half was a different affair however, as the Cobras came out more composed, and the change was noticeable. Now playing into the wind, which is never an easy feat, the forwards controlled the break down and the backline turned possession into field advantage. Controlling the breakdown the Cobras managed to starve the Spanners of possession and without the ball they simply could not get on the score board. After sustained pressure the Cobras forwards, who stood up and were accounted for in the second spell, forced their way over the Spanners line for the second time in the game to make the score 10- zip, as it remained till the final whistle.

Cobras unbeaten...

Second win...

The Cobras beat Spanners 10-0 last night to go top of their pool....after a disjointed first half the Cobras managed to pull it together to dominate the 2nd half and get the win.

Match report to follow...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 3: Cobras vs. Spanners

Justin Bijl - this man is hard

The Cobras meet the Spanners in their second encounter of the 2010 Internal League tomorrow evening. The two sides have met twice in their history with both games being played in the Cobras championship 2008 season. The pool stage game in 2008 was won by Cobras with the final score being 26-17. The two sides met again in the league semi-final where the Cobras won 14-0 which took them into the final against the Nadoes. It is a big evening for The Cobras as they look to go top of their pool with a victory.

Here is the starting line-up...

The Cobras vs. Spanners
Meet 16:30 SHARP below Cecil
Kick off 17:30 UCT B-Field

*change in line-up
1. Badr
2. Trent the Marine
3. Poen
4. Tom
5. Poefies
6. Callan (c)
7. Nick
8. Kyle, Kyle Rennie
9. Swaaaaaaaali Philanderer *
10. Warren
11. Mike
12. Josh
13. Justin
14. Mikhail Maarzie
15. Stefan Terblanche *

One case of castle: Nick Bailey, Warren, Jason, Luc, Mickhail, Justin, Kyle, Trent Devine Week 3 preview:

With Freedom day just a few hours away, teams will surely use the off day to their best advantage as kick off for week 3 is upon us.

Fourteen teams are in action this week on the Green as we are a week away from the end of round one in the Steinhoff UCT Internal league. Teams in Group 2 and 4 now know what is expected to end up 1st and 2nd in their respective groups. In Group 4 the Wild Boys and Turtles have already clinched their group buts it’s now the battle of superiority and who has the BMT to end up tops.

Most teams will be using the extra off day as a practice session to improve their tactics as this is where games will be won or lost come Wednesday night. Teams in action on Wednesday night are Wild boys and Turtles for the top of the Log clash. Other matches see both league favourites Tornadoes and Cobras in action and should be easy wins for both teams. Marquard play’s a strong Panthers team that did well against the Tornadoes.

The exciting start to this year’s league is the cure we needed as this is not a two horse race anymore.

Oh so brave

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Touch today (Sunday) 4pm and on Tuesday 4pm
Compulsory if wanting to be in the Match Squad for Wednesday's game vs. Spanners.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

UCTRFC Website round-up...

The Steinhoff UCT Internal league hosted the clash of the week as a star studded Cobras team played against a Star studded Magic Lions team, better known as the MOB (Marquard Old Boys).

The cobras line up consisted of some big names such as Ollie Braithewaite, Dugald MacD Jnr, Ian ‘Army’ Armstrong, Warren Butler and Luke Du Plessis former Springbok Captain Morne Du Plessis’s son.
The MOB had their game plan worked out as they brought their own big guns, with Rob Nichol and brother in arms, pink shorts wearing Big Will Nichol, Blaine Moolman and Xhanti Nesi leading by example.

The match was a fiercely contest event as tackles flew in left, right and centre. Both teams had something to prove to each other on the night. The MOB had the better forwards on the night as this was seen by them dominating the Cobras scrum, but don’t write the Cobras off as their backline were far superior to that of the MOB which made it so much interesting to watch.

The Cobras showed their experience throughout the game, playing the ball from left to right and kicking for territorial advantage, something the MOB didn’t do and it was understandable why. The first try came in the 20th minute of the match with Graham Steen Cobras number 9 pouncing on a MOB mistake to score in the corner, and Warren Butler putting over the conversion. With Cobras in the lead the MOB had to score early, and this they did. Devin Dollery caught the Cobras defence napping and took full advantage to score under the post.

With the score now seven points a piece. The match grew more intense, something had to give and it was the MOB that mad the mistake gifting a penalty to the Cobras. Warren Butler calmly slotted home the penalty and giving his team the lead. Was this the last straw or was there another twist to the tail. The MOB kept attacking wit their forwards and gained a penalty for their efforts. They opted for the Line out; it was a critical error from the MOB’s captain as they lost their lineout.

The Cobras held on for the 10 – 7 win and are now placed second in their group.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First win of the season...

The Cobras played to a hard fought victory in heavy rain last night over Magic Lions. Final score 10-7 to The Cobras. Match report to follow...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's do this...

The time has finally come...

This from the UCTRFC website...

The Steinhoff UCT Internal league had some great games last week and it seems to be heating up as teams can’t afford to drop points during this weeks matches.

Four teams will be playing their first round of matches this week as others are trying to play catch up with the winners of week one. Steinhoff Cobras, League winners in 2008 and third place in 2009, will be looking to get five log points on the board after tomorrows night match against Magic Lions. Magic Lions are the second new inclusion to the Steinhoff UCT Internal league. The Lions will be no walk in the park, their team consists of old Marquard boys and ex Cobra players with Captain Rob Nichol, Vice Captain Xhanti Nesi, Brett Snyders and Big Will Nichol all part of that winning Cobras squad in 2008. So this should surely be the match to watch come Wednesday night.

The Cobras vs. Magic Lions

Groote Schuur C-Field

Meet 18:15 below Cecil

Kick off 19:30

Let's do this...

Oh so brave

First Clash!

The Cobras have named their first starting XV of 2010, as the 2008 champions take on new comers The Magic Lions in tomorrow evenings much anticipated clash on the Green Mile.

The Cobras run on XV are as follows:

15. Smorrie
14. Marzie
13. JB
12. Oli
11. Japes
10. Wazza
9. Graeme

8. Luke
7. Kyle
6. Callan (c)
5. Craig
4. Graham
3. Andrew
2. Trent
1. Jamie

Kick off 19:30

Cobras 2010

Oh so brave...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday Boys

With just one week to go till The Cobras begin their assault on the 2010 UCT Steinhoff internal league we bid a very happy birthday to 2 men. Fly- half linchpin Richard FOX Morris and power house utility forward, we love you Jarryd, Kennedy (birthday tomorrow).

Tip of the cap to you both boys!

Morri on the set of Cast Away II

Jarryd doing what he does best...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Cobra in 2010

Many of you may or may not have noticed the absence of the much anticipated centre by the name of Justin JB Bijl from our past 2 weekends warm up games. After many lucrative offers Bijl decided to sign on the dotted line with the Cobras, for the rest of his life, as he said he simply loves the vibe and the style of running rugby that the Cobras play!

His excuses for going AWOL however were on the first occasion that he was away in Knysna and on the second that he was working for a test, but he assured us (as his contact stipulates) that he had been putting in the hard yards on the training paddock and would be finely tuned and ready for action come next Wednesday night.

Here are a few pictures I managed to pull of JB’s facebook page, evidence of his endeavours over the past few weeks.

Fine tuning his motor skills and mental game

Getting the ideal full body strength and cardio session in

Ironing out the old cobwebs

8 days to go...

There seems to be a bit of confusion, we are NOT PLAYING tomorrow night as it's the first round of the league but we have a bye. Our first game is next week Wednesday and it's a big one against Magic Lions.

Wednesday 21st of April
19h30 Cobras vs Magic Lions - Groote Schuur C

Wednesday 28th of April
17h30 Cobras vs Spanners - Groote Schuur B

Wednesday 5th of May
17h30 Cobras vs College House - Groote Schuur C

Wednesday 12th of May
Round 2 first games


Touch/Practice on Sunday is COMPULSORY if you would like to be apart of the Match Squad for next Wednesday's game vs. Magic Lions. We will be going through a few final preperations for the game, so BE AT BISHOPS 4PM SHARP ON SUNDAY.

If for some reason you can't make it but would still like to be part of the Match Squad please contact Warren 0741182422 or Craig 0827834640 ASAP to let them know you are still wanting to be in the squad.


Oh so brave

Vivaaaaa JP

Just a quick example of what The Cobras can be expecting from speedster JP Van Huffels come next Wednesday....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Everywhere he goes...

A big happy 23rd birthday to our very own Weatherman who has been travelling around Europe for the last few months fine tuning his Weatherman and Rugby skills, he is sure to bring the French winter back with him this coming Thursday as winter is just around the corner, which means only one thing.

It is also good news that he will be available for the better part of The Cobras assault on the 2010 Internal League, having been applying his trade in French Rugby for the last few months he sure has a few new tricks up his sleeve.

We look forward to having him back within the Cobras just in time for the new season...

Monday, April 05, 2010

First win of the season...

The Cobras played to a hard fought victory on Monday evening against a up for it Wild Boys outfit.

The Cobras ran in 6 tries in a wind ridden game at Bishops which saw the boys in purple and white run away with a 30-15 win in their first pre-season friendly.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Pre-season friendly

The Cobras will be in action for the first time in 2010 when they take on The Wild Boys this coming Monday the 5th at 4pm at Bishops.

The Wild Boys former manager, Mr Stuart Black (all to familiar in the Cobras circles), says that 'his' boys are keen and raring to go after some heavy off season recruiting. Little do they know that The Cobras have made some big name signings during the off season themselves and the men have been putting in the hard yards on the training pitch.

There will be a few newly blooded Cobras come Monday afternoon after this 'unofficial' fixture.

Cobras vs The Wild Boys 4pm Monday the 5th on the Cemetery field.

Update - Graham Gooch Festival.

As you may have read the Cobras had a side in this prestigious Stellenbosch based cricket tournament.

Warren Butler (capt)
Ollie Braithwaite
Kyle Rennie
Ian Army
Dean Smorrie
Stumpi Steen
Roland Luscombe

Cobras managed to get through to the semi's to play last years winners The Presidents IX. Somehow El Presidente managed to wangle 96 after the allotted 6 overs (there is still some doubt about the scoring). Cobras, unfortunately didn't manage to get all the way there, despite a huge effort from Waz B and Ollie. Congrats to them.

Cobras Cricket Side 2010

Waz B


Swarely Swarles (whats on his mind?)