Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More on Luke...

A woman gets a tattoo of John Smit on the inside of her left thigh and a tattoo of Juan Smith on the inside of her right thigh.

She goes home, lays on her bed, spreads her legs and calls her husband.

Do you recognize any of them? She asks.

He says: “not sure of the 2 on the outside, but the one in the middle is definitely Luke Watson”

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Comestai Bitches.

I know, I know, I know... It's just that I'm so busy these days, what with trying to get the odd soccer game in between studying and watching TV. Apologies to the three of you who are remotely interested in what I have to say. I've been pottering around the house, having just finished my third exam in two days (Got another one tomorrow just so you know, and I thought to myself; Hell's teeth Bug you haven't been very productive on the site of late. So here I am. And this is what I have to say. I enjoy saying shit for no reason other than to say it, is that a reason? Wow that's lame.

I thought I'd give you a brief run down of what's been happening in my life and and the lives of those closest to me. My exam schedule has bee rather tough, but I'm taking it all in my stride. I often like to kick back on my chariot styled bed and read a book just to regain composure between ECO's text books. I'm currently reading a book called "Liberation Day" by some ex SAS type. It's sort of espionage styled banter. It's pretty serious stuff, those blokes love to abbreviate shit. For instance the word intelligence is abbreviated to int. I mean, come on mate, how lazy are you? It's actually a crock of shit cos it predicts the end of days due to terrorism and it's very sort American patriot type vibe. You know, stars and stripes effort. Anyway.

Big news in the world of the Cobras is that we've got the whole tour across the country thing coming up in February. As cool as this is, it poses more problems than it's worth for many of the Cobras. Take for instance Swali Philanderer aka Ian Armstrong. What the hell is he going to do when we have to leave on a Friday? Everyone knows that it's pizza nights at his Chick's house(Say in a tapped Belville accent). Does he order the pizza early? Does he miss the pizza? Does he get a later flight? Does he leave at all?

Jolly Oli may also have a huge problem in this regard. Does he spend the whole of thursday night debiting and crediting? Does he debit and credit on the plane? Does he only play one half so as to debit and credit on the bench? Does he just stay at home and debit and credit? And by association we may have a slight problem getting hold of DEAN S and GRAEME S due to the fact that they all keep score on hours worked. So if Oli's debiting and crediting....

As for an individual like the alcoholic.. Shit I think the biggest probelm for Blake is that he may leave and just not come back. I would wager at least a hundred bucks that Blake Gowar will miss at least one return flight from either PE or Bloem.

Dillon Mcevoy will have no problem with this free flight situation. Hell, the ou is a bonifide veteran in this regard. Screw domestic flights, this man flies to London, LA and New York for free. All it takes is a quiet remorseful phone call, fuck it sms, to a certain X and he's secure. He'll even secure business class while he's at it. Bloody impressive if you ask me.

Moving on in a random manner. Phil "The Drill Sergeant" Rogers also may not be making a couple of games in Feb and March. He'll be balls deep in thai lady boys, covered in tats and mentally unstable due to the opium addiction he may acquire. And by 'may' I mean will definitely, without out doubt.

So that's a little, quiet insight into the inner workings of some of our favourite Cobras. My next splurge will raise the very pertinient question of what Warren Butler actually does. Besides: THROWING A VIBE BRU!

Alright then, 'nuff said.

Varsity Cup Koshuis Championship 2009

Here are the fixtures for Varsity Cup next year, where the Cobras will be representing UCT Koshuis team as we are the Champions of the 2008 Internal League.

Saturday 28 February 2009:
Cobras vs. Maties - Stellenbosch

Saturday 7 March 2009:
Cobras vs. Kovsies - Port Elizabeth

Saturday 14 March 2009:
Cobras vs. NMNU - Bloemfontein

Saturday 23 March 2009:

Saturday 30 March 2009:

So those are the fixtures for next years Varsity Cup. The kick off times are still to be decided but if the games are scheduled for the Saturday morning, then we will fly up on the Friday and back on the Saturday afternoon, and if the games are scheduled for the Saturday afternoon, we will fly up on the Saturday morning and back to Cape Town on the Sunday.

All the information with regards to flights, hotels etc. will be giving to us soon, and it's all paid for by FNB and Steinhoff.

Obviously we don't want to be arriving at Cape Town International Aiport in civvies, so let's please put our heads together and look for sponsorship so that we can all look like one in jackets and t-shirts etc.

Exciting times ahead, there will be a couple of practices before we start our assualt on the Varisty Cup, so keep your ears to the ground.

Oh so brave!

This is what comes with being a Cobra...

Cobras Stu Commins and Craig McKenzie with his new Cobras trucker seen having a chilled lunch with a couple of ladies in Camps Bay, stressing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ons bloed is BLOU!

Springbok captain John Smit says there will be no holding back when the Sharks and Blue Bulls meet in the Currie Cup Final in Durban on Saturday, despite the fact that a few days later they will regroup to head of on the year-end tour as the national team.

Read the rest of the article here:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Mentals #3

3rd time lucky my lovely comrades.. lets hope that studying is going well, and everyones gotten over their LC's from this weekend... enjoy...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just around the corner...


Wind: 28km/h E-SE
Hum: 60% - 84%
Few clouds

That's right, Saturday looks set to be an absolutely magnificent day, and what better way to spend it than kicking back on Clifton 4th with your Cobras Trucker cap scoping out the birds and maybe throwing a ball around, as Brad Gornall once said "It's a hot day, and Clifton is pumping."

If YOU don't have your Cobra trucker cap yet, there are only about 10 left so don't miss out, your last chance to get your hands on the HAT OF THE Warren or Dean if you amped for one, only R50.

Oh so brave SUMMER!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Mentals #2

Can you believe it, another week... enjoy...

Who does this oke HONESTLY think he is?

It seems that the clown of South African Rugby has caused yet another stir, this time at the Ubumbo end of year function where he was recorded voicing his opinion to the Ubumbo side about Afrikaaners...what is he trying to prove?
Read this article about the idiot:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Players Player!

It was only appropriate that Blake "call it what you wanna call it" Gowar recieved the much sought after Players Player of the year at the 2008 Cobras Formal and also quite understandably recieved the boozer of the year.

Blake, notably boozed, just couldn't hold back the excitement after recieving his awards

What an evening it was with an awesome cocktail party hosted by the man himself, which started the evening off in a sophisticated manner. There were the new Cobras Trucker Caps on display and a Champions Jersey which got signed by all who are apart of the Cobras. This signed jersey will be framed and placed in the Cobras Box (blakes) at Newlands Rugby Stadium along with a trucker cap and the Players Player trophey.

As the evening moved on, so did the CHAMPIONS and their gorgeous looking dates, might I add that there were only 3 brunette's present at the formal, not bad going lads. The bar started being abused and plates started to be broken as the formal kicked off in style with awards and a couple of speeches. By this stage the ladies couldn't take the way the Champions were celebrating and decided to join in, letting lose on all corners of the dance floor with many a Cobras coming right with their fine young ladies...notably to Nessi who spent most of the evening whispering sweet nothings into his dates ear, well played.

Other awards on the night went to:

Players Player: Blake Gowar

Back of the Year: Warren "Oupa" Kelly
Forward of the Year: Kyle Rennie
Newcomer of the Year: Matthew Kelly
Most Valuable Player: Warren Kelly
Most Improved Player: Matt Milne
Youngster of the year: Nessi
Boozer of the year: Alcoholic

The rest of the evening was a blur as the CHAMPIONS moved on to Tiger and Wadda respectively, as both clubs put together guestlists for the Cobras, in big demand on the night. We celebrated in style with what was our first Internal League Cup!

Oh so brave...

Turner on debut...

New signing Mat Turner shone on his full Bristol debut at Northampton Saints on Saturday afternoon with Bristol producing some sparkling rugby until a series of yellow cards destroyed their momentum and handed the home team a crucial initiative on their way to victory.

It had been a rough few minutes for Bristol and Turner produced a superb try saving tackle to rescue his side as Northampton went for the jugular

Turner continued to impress with a scintillating break from deep which ended with an unfortunate knock on and Iain Grieve led the way in defence with one punishing hit standing out in particular.

There were some fine individual performances but the final word has to be for winger Turner who only trained with the team twice before this match and produced a debut of real promise.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Mentals #1

Lads, I (Mr Goodman) finnally got my wits about me just long enough to amble over to the 'Quick Film' photo shop situated in Constania Village, the thinking mans shopping mall, and bought myself a converter thing vibe, that basically lets my little computer read my little SD Card. And so at long last I am able to proudly present to you some rather classic pics of our past GLORIOUS season of 2008...

Most of the photis where taken at our debauched change room fines meet following our initial Nadoes victory. Let me just take this oppurtunity to remind that we beat the Nadoes... Twice. We are the fucking champions. The fucking Purple Cobras. The mighty mighty Cobras. The Brave Cobras. The Champions. The Winners of UCT internal league rugby 2008.

So i have decided to release a few selected pics each monday on a weekly basis, under the catchy and descriptive title 'Monday Mentals'... so here is this week's fisrst instalment. Please enjoy.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's celebration time...

The time is upon us when we all get together for the last official time this year to celebrate what has been our best season to date, after all we are the 2008 UCT Internal League Champions and will be competing in the Varsity Cup next year, which is something to look forward to.

The Formal is tomorrow night (Friday) and there are a couple of tickets left, so if you haven't got your hands on one yet, get hold of one urgently, as this is an event not to be missed.

Brendan Raubenheimer taking one on the head last year, expect more of this.

Cobras Formal Pre-drinks Cocktail Party:

Blake's house from 6pm SHARP

11 Midhurst Road Constantia (Blake 0823775233 for directions)

Blake has kindly offered to cater for this, and he is catering for all of us, so please make an effort to get to his house for a couple of pre-drinks to get your party started.

Cobras Formal:
Leesia's Greek Tavern
24 Station Road Rondebosch
(Opposite R/Bosch station)
19:30 kick off
Dress: Formal (suit and tie, cocktail dress for the bird)

Get ready for an evening jam packed with awards, speeches, breaking plates and of course boozing...because after all, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!
Oh so brave...