Sunday, May 22, 2011

Touch today...

Touch today at 4pm, we will keep touch going every Sunday so come down for a run and an ideal study break.

There is talk that Graeme Steen might be coming out of retirement for the second half of the season, does this mean he will be down at touch this afternoon teaching the juniors a thing or two? Have to wait and see...

4pm @ Bishops...

Oh so brave

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fountain of Youth?

Cameron and Evan

The topic of the week it seems, yes, it does seem that there has been a lot of the banter on the side of the field, on the bbm group and in the changing room about the future of our beloved dynasty. Since 2006, ‘the seniors’ of our current team have steered us in the right direction, creating the image of the Cobras that draws so many people to love it, and lets not forget that emphatic victory in the final over the Nadeos in 2008, one that will forever be marked in Cobras history. So here we are in 2011, launching another campaign that will hopefully see us taking the trophy away from the Nadoes, and we could not have asked for a better start. With a perfect record so far and good performances in all the games we are looking to build on this positive start all the way through the tournament.

As I’m sure most of you have already heard, this past Wednesday night fines was truly special, not only because 15 guys finished 12 cases of beer, but it gave Warren Handley and I the privilege to be fines masters together. As two of the youngest members in the squad, we were both excited and nervous at the task ahead of us, as this was one of the most important rituals that make up the Cobras team. As I closed that door and looked around at the other 13 faces looking to us to start, I could not help but break out into a smile, not because of poen’s facial hair or that we’d tricked Mike Nel into staying when he was about to leave, but because I knew that there was no other place on earth that I’d rather be. It was the moment when we were all standing around my phone, waiting to send Warren Butler a voice message something like – oooooohhhh Wazz is fucking magic… - when I stopped to look around. Any person that didn’t know the Cobras walking into that changing room would have been amazed at how peculiar this group of individuals looked. 15 guys, ranging ages from 19 to 26 (I think) all huddled around a cell phone screaming their lungs out with facial expressions of pure love for what they were doing (plus callan and Poen weren’t wearing their shirts again and Army was chundering in the dustbin). But my real point is - that night there was no difference between a 19 year old and a 25 year old, no difference between guys who’d been in the team since the beginning or someone who was playing his 2nd match. It was just 15 friends - singing songs, having a good time and drinking a shitload of beer.

Now don’t get me wrong, Wednesday is still fresh off mind so I’m using it as an example but cases like Stefan’s birthday, anytime at the cottage, tin roof nights when people believing that Warren was my brother and Steen my uncle, shouting matches outside my house with Bug and Kyle or even the odd trip to Anton Taylor’s flat/lift are also perfect examples of how the Cobras has built memories and great times this year already. Is this not exactly what we are trying to achieve in our team? A bond between the older generation and the younger generation that is so strong that you’d think that we were all in the same grade together at school? That is exactly what we have achieved, and it is incredible to experience.

So yes, some of us may be getting older and starting to settle down - Steen seems to be settling down more than most – “I’m going to the chapel…” – sorry sidetracked, but seriously, the strength of the Cobras lies in our experienced players, in their ability to lead but as well teach us youngsters the ropes. The fact that there are no boundaries of age in the team has helped mould the Cobras to what we are today and what we will be in the future. As the weather man said, change is good and we should embrace it, but we must always remember who laid down the foundations in which this franchise has been built upon. Most importantly, together, we can win the whole thing this year. With the older guys leading from the front, and the younger guys filling in with them, who can stop us?

This is the man from the Greek Islands. Out.


Your first memory of The Cobras?

My first memory of the Cobras was the summer matches, before the season started in 2010, oaks having to play four matches in one day, but they havent done any fitness or practices since the year before... oaks were chowing bears even with the rolling subs! unfortunately their wasn't a sub for the ref!

Your first game?

It was the first match in 2010, dont remember the exact date, all i remember it ended with me being sloshed in the change room, hitting the captains boot, and singing them cobras songs!

Preferred position on the field?

Either wing or outside center, as one can hit angles with great amounts of pace in those positions, maybe even getting 3 G's on the angle!

Off the field?

Riding the bull, i always try to see how long i can hold on for ;) hahaha

Favorite Cobras song?

Waaaaz is fucking magic!

Where is the best spot to bird watch on campus?

Outside the girls bathroom, becuase as they walk in, u can follow them in for some private time, or at the bottom of the jammy steps, some birds have a beautiful smile, whilst others look like they caught a furry cat.

Relationship status?

Single, love is for the weak minded

Where could we find you on any given night on the jol?

Either trinity or st yves with jaime and badr, and on the odd occasion trying to study the human anatomy in mavericks hahaha

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Running an investment company an as my hobby playing rugby for the cobras in purple and white, oh so brave!

Black Label or Castle?

The crisp cold taste of a castle cant be outdone

Who is your role model in the cobras and why?

Blackie, as he can step and out run u, whist facing u backwards with his eyes closed, and all u have to do is act like your shoe lace came undone.

Which Cobra would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island and why?

Probably Jaime, as his father implanted a satalite chip in his back, so there will be helicopters and jet planes on the look out for us when we lost, or we can use the veins on his arms as a map to find our way out of desert.

Cobras FTW?

The Cobras all the way! oh so brave

Thursday, May 19, 2011

UCTRFC.CO.ZA review...

Teams kick off the second round with a bang.
With the Exams looming on students and the long varsity break coming up soon, teams took the final week of rugby to kick off the second round of the Steinhoff UCT Internal league.
There where no surprises on the evening as all the favourites took their chance s to go into the break with a win under their belts. Steinhoff Wild Boys had a hard encounter against the big boys of the Steinhoff Ubumbo team but still pulled off the win. The last few minutes saw them defending their four point lead as Steinhoff Ubumbo kept running at them. The game was their to win for both teams but Wild Boys pulled it off, Ubumbo however gets a bonus point for there efforts.
Steinhoff Cobras cruised home with a 19 – 3 victory over Steinhoff Clarendon. Steinhoff Claredon put up some resistance but the cobras (the experienced campaigners they are) soon dominated and with that took a comfortable win.
The surprise package however came in the form of the Steinhoff Spanners that easily beat the Steinhoff Catz team from CPUT by four tries. They now top the Log in Group 2 of the A-League. Spanners are next up against Clarendon when the league commence.
The Steinhoff turtles and Steinhoff Kopano also had some good fortune on their side as they made sure of big victory margins on their last week of rugby. Turtle’s and Kopano now top their respective groups in the B-League.
All results on the evening:
Steinhoff Kopano
45 - 07
Steinhoff Ikhaya
Steinhoff Wild Boys
14 - 10
Steinhoff Ubumbo
Steinhoff Cobras
19 - 03
Steinhoff Clarendon
Steinhoff Spanners
20 - 00
Steinhoff Catz
Steinhoff Panthers
31 - 12
Steinhoff Marquard
Steinhoff Turtles
36 - 07
Steinhoff College H.

Another one bites the dust....

Last night saw another solid performance from the purple and white as the Cobras held out for a 19-3 win over a very decent and physical Clarendon side. The Cobras came out firing and opened their account fairly early with a 7 pointer. From then on it was game time, as the young Clarendon side threw absolutely everything at the calm and composed Cobras. The Cobras defensive effort was something out of this world as Clarendon were relentless in their attack and finally ran out of ideas and direction as the animal like tackling from The Cobras proved too much for the youngsters to crack. After two early injuries to star centre Nico Loizides and big lock Cameron Doyle, the replacements fitted straight in and did what what was required.

It was a commanding performance which saw the ref not actually knowing what a ruck was or how to monitor the break down, regardless of this the discipline from The Cobras was spot on with the heart of The Cobras being the deciding factor at the end of the evening. Final score 19-3 to The Cobras.

Big congratulations to the Cobragator Man of the Match Mike Nel for his two try effort and general open play cutting the line from fullback at will.

The post match celebrations were in true style as a mere 15 guys finished 10 cases of beer, which is something special. The vibe is as good as ever in The Cobras camp, as we now take the long winter break to regroup in July for the real business end of the league.

Touch will continue EVERY SUNDAY 4PM, this is a good chance to take a study break get some fresh air and have a run so please make a continual effort to get down.

A massive Oh so brave for this half of the season, 4 games, 4 wins. Perfect.

Oh so brave

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We all agree...

It's the final game of the semester which sees The Cobras facing up against Clarendon, which is a Res team. As Nico would say, it's a massive game and we will come out firing. The two sides have only met once before in the Internal League, dating back to 2009 when The Cobras won the fixture 31 - 13.

The Cobras vs. Clarendon
Kick off 18:30
Meet 17:30 SHARP below Cecil

Starting XV:
1. Shane 2. Warren H 3. Poen
4. Tom 5. Cameron
6. Kyle Rennie 7. Callan 8. Dino
9. Skud 10. Warren 12. Angelo 13. Nico
11. Maarzie 15. Mike N 14. Rayaan

There we have it, please check back later for the beer roster for tomorrows fines..

It's the last game till late July, let's make it count and leave nothing out there.

Oh so brave

A big part of the front row...

We managed to catch up with Cobras hooker Warren Handley, this is what he had to say in anticipation for Wednesday nights clash...

Your first memory of The Cobras?

Unfortunately fetish’s boot

When did you get your first Cap for the purple and white?

Semi final vs Ikhaya 2010

Preferred position on the field?

I’d take anywhere but hooker is great.

Off the field?

I’d take anywhere but the Cobras change room is up there.

Favourite Cobras song?

After last years final it has to be ‘Sing us a song you’re the Cobras man’ provided beer is being sprayed and someone keeps shouting ‘ONE MORE!’.

Where is the best spot to bird watch on campus?

Often the Cobras sidelines...the rest of the week the fountain will do.

Relationship status?

Going strong with a Cobras sister...keeping it in the family.

Where could we find you on any given night on the jol?

Most likely with the rest of the first years in Tin Roof.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Most likely with the rest of the first years in Tin Roof. With a Business Science degree making some cash.

Black Label or Castle?


Who is your role model in the cobras and why?

Between Warren Butler and Rich Morris in his absence...both for bringing me in and showing me the ropes. Possibly Big Dave cos he’s just so bloody big.

Which Cobra would you want with you if you were stuck on a deserted island and why?

He’s from the Greek islands, his name is Dino Loizides. Plus I could use strands from his mullet to build a raft.

Cobras FTW?

I’ll buy an extra case next game if we don’t win.

Final log standings for Round 1

Final Standing for Round 1
Lets see who plays where in the next round.

Steinhoff Nadoes3300103315
Steinhoff Clarendon3111-716
Steinhoff Panthers31203515
Steinhoff Ikhaya3021-13102

GROUP 2PlayedWonLostDrewP/DBonusPoints
Steinhoff Cobras330071315
Steinhoff Wild Boys32106219
Steinhoff Shebeen Boys3120-1104
Steinhoff Marquard3030-7400

GROUP 3PlayedWonLostDrewP/DBonusPoints
Steinhoff Magic Lions330026012
Steinhoff Cats3120116
Steinhoff Turtles3120-504
Steinhoff Smuts3120-2204

GROUP 4PlayedWonLostDrewP/DBonusPoints
Steinhoff Spanners330023113
Steinhoff Ubumbo321026210
Steinhoff Kopano3120-515
Steinhoff College House3030-4411

Monday, May 16, 2011

Everywhere you go...

You see what I did there? I said 'hello friends' in Mexican, or more accurately - spanish. You see they speak spanish in Mexico, but they don't speak Mexican in Spain. Rather confusing if you ask me. Linguistics aside I 'd like to formally welcome myself back onto the Cobras website after a long break from the writing game. You see I have been focusing on much more serious matters that have deadlines and ramifications, but are no more important than any article I've written or will write on the Cobras website (which, by the way, is looking very up to date and modern. Personally I preferred the purple scales that covered the background but such is life- things change). And that's really what I wanted to address today in my little weather report come philosophical sojourn into the recesses of my mind. Change. What is change and who does it effect (affect)? (Still not sure on the use of those two words. I think I missed that one day in english class where they explained it. Funny that. Also the word 'several'- up until very recently I believed that two signify seven so when reading an ecos textbook and it said something like 'there are several factors that define EVERYTHING you need to know' and there were only five I'd start freaking out. Where are the other two? Fuck. I am going to fail. And on and on and on like that for years of my life and then one day a legendary Cobra's player, Phil the Drill, who must be like an urban legend to you younger folk, explained to me what several meant and it changed my life. I use the word several no less than thirty times in my current thesis.)
Wow that was a big brackets break. 'scuse me. So change. Where did change come from and what does it have to do with this Wednesday night and this very special group of Cobras players. I can hear Kyle Rennie reading this and saying;"I know he's going somewhere with this, but.. I'm.. just.. not.. sure.. where."Well Kyle it will al become clear in a moment. You see when I joined the Cobras, at its inception (thangyaverymuch) in 2006 on Jammie stairs with Tom Brukman, Nick FW and the rest of that motley crew it was the beginning of a new change in my rugby 'career' and certainly a new change in my life. The Cobras has changed my life. The Cobras will change your life. Don't fight it. Just let it take you for a long, and often frightening ride. Getting back on track though I feel that I've ridden the beast for a few years and now my heyday in the Cobras is slightly behind me. I can hear Warren Butler screaming; 'What the fuck are you talking about?! We young! We're living!"Firstly, calm the fuck down Warren and secondly I am not walking away I am saying it's time for a change. Change. It's all about change. It was a huge change when Warren Butler graciously handed over the arm band to our current general Callan Artus, it was a huge change when Graeme Steen siad he was hanging up his boots to pursue a life of accounting and collecting birds nests. While it may be sad at times, change is good. We. Need. Change. And I think this season has come to embody that.
I was lucky enough to play two games at the beginning of this season and enjoy, as per the usual, two incredible fines sessions. What I enjoyed most about those evenings out on the mile and in the warm, fuzzy changing rooms was that there were so many new faces in there that were clearly amped about staying there. It really made me reflect on some of those earliest fines sessions and how we started with the traditional 'here's to x, he's so blue...' and 'hoola, hoolala..' (great traditional songs) and slowly morphed into the fucking full on broadway production that the Cobra's change room is today. I mean jeez- a song for every player (or at least we aspire to) and ten cases of beer. That's pretty much unheard of anywhere else in the world, apart from perhaps our neighbours the Nadoes. But even they fell behind when we started to import foreign talent to grace us with songs like 'je piee... where are the rest'. How was that lunatic? You inspired him to become an animal in there. You brought out the best in that Belgian and so he brought out the best in us. What a joke that evening was! But where was I? Ahh yes... CHANGE! OBAMA! Sorry. So look at what you have now- enjoy it because when you blink your eyes you're already five years down the line looking back at trophies and victories, but most importantly friends and gooooood times (winning makes things good so don't get fucking happy clappy - as long as you're having fun- on me now.) But it is the cheesy shit that really makes it.
So... embrace the change. Force the change. Be the change. All that jazz. You know what I am getting at here. There are few things in the world that will give you as much joy in the world as the Cobras will- Evan Strauss might say being fawned over by groupies is pretty close but I think even he would agree that it just doesn't quite compare. Think how you can add to the Cobras and then do it. Maybe a cheeky e-mail of your exploits over the weekend, maybe a little song for one of your mates (doesn't have to come from Warren), maybe an extra case of beer one week to broaden those smiles and maybe, just maybe one more minute of the hardest rugby you've ever played when your legs are screaming and your chest is heaving.
So with that out of the way I now turn to the traditional Wednesday Night Weather Forecast. Unfortunately I am unable to use some of my tried and tested weather forecasting skills like sniffing the air for rain or the good old index- finger- in- the- mouth- and- in- the- air move to judge the wind being that I am many many miles away from home. I waaaaannnnna go home.... Shoh don't get me started. So before I get emotional let's get tot hat little weather report followed by an interview with a fine Cobras gentleman

There you have it. Looking rather chilly if I do say so myself gentlemen. No rain predicted so those more fleet footed of us could certainly get away with using the old moulded stud boots. Poen and Shane I'd suggest sticking to the old tried and tested long metal studs for the scrums. Maybe even look for some of those old ankle high lock boots that Jamie Manuel is so keen on!

And now for a little interview. Ladies and Gentlemen, Cobras young and old, please put your hands together for none other than Belville Bullet- Duuuuuuncaaan "Junks Junks Baby" JOOOOOOHNSON! (Cue loud applause and Junks walking in).

Bug: Junks! What a pleasure. How you?

Junks: Ag Bug I am good hey. How are you?

Bug: Junks I couldn't be better, thank you for asking. It's refreshing to have someone like you on my show- someone with manners, a bit of class.

J: Well Bug I mean come on! What did you expect hey?

B: To be honest Junks I wasn't expecting much. I mean I ma talking with the same Duncan Johnson who ran through a field with none other than Black Gowar chasing sheep only to find a dead lamb and tie it to the roof of your car?

J: Ya but Bug... come on! You would have done the same thing.

B: You're wrong there Junks. I would have drawn the line at the chasing sheep. Dead lambs are not my thing unless slow cooked and handed to me falling off the bone. But nonetheless you still have a strong reputation for being an upstanding Cobra. I believe you were responsible for stopping the theft of some Cobra's bags last year. A stunning display of speed, agility and keeping your wits abut you as I recall. Care to tell us a bit more about that?

j: Ya it all happened quite quickly, but from what I remember I just saw some dodgy okes snooping around and then slinking off and so I gave chase. I have an eye for these things you see.

B: Like you identify with criminals?

J: No no no... More like I can see when things aren't quite right. Doos Bug.

B: Soooo you can see the future?

J: Of course not Bug. If I could see the future I would have domed up!

B: Ahhhh the old elephant in the room. Junks I wasn't going to bring it up for fear of looking like a dick but now it's out there. So how are things with the little 'un?

J: Couldn't be better bru. Really enjoying this new vibe. It's something you can never quite predict or imagine before hand but now it's really cool. An unexpected experience that's turning out to be pretty sweet.

B: It sounds like you're in control. The same thing can't be said of your driving at 220km/h through the Hugenot tunnel though. haha! But seriously, congratulations are in order and I know all the boys are right behind you and stoked to have a little Cobra for the future. It's amazing though because I see these as more affirmation that Cobras players are equally as potent off the pitch as they are on it!

J: HAHA! Ya no doubt! In my case the little swimmers obviously have as much toe as I do so it was only a matter of time.

B: They probably also where lumo mercurial vapour boots with sharp studs to pierce any form of latex contraception. Thoughts for Wednesday night Junks?

J: Shoulder still isn't quite right so I'll be casually sipping a beer on the side line with the support crew waiting for the post- match action to begin!

B: Didn't answer my question there Junks.

J: Oh ya... Cobras are going to dominate as per usual. Butler is going to throw a few violent skip passes and the backrow will probably end up hurting someone. Can't say who'll score because most of them will. That good enough you doos?

B: Perfect. Thanks Junks

J: Cheers Bug

So there you have it. Straight from the mouth of one of the most potent Cobras of all time. Cobras by a significant margin. All the best for Wednesday night gentlement. Go fucking mental, and remeber...

Always take the weather with you!

UCTRFC.CO.ZA round 3 review...

The Steinhoff Nadoes blow away Ikhaya last night while Steinhoff Cobra played a conservative match holding back for round two.
Steinhoff Nadoes dominated from start to finish on a windy and cold evening on the mile as they stamped there authority, stating why they are 2010 Champs. Last week we saw Steinhoff Panther putting 62 points past Steinhoff Ikhaya, guess the Nadoes proved they could go one better and put 69 point past the same opponents. They could do nothing wrong on the evening as they score tries at will and it looked like a training match as every set piece basically ended in a try. Does Steinhoff Nadoes look like contending for the league this year? Well that I leave to you to decide.
Steinhoff Cobras and Steinhoff Wild Boys already qualifying for top honours had only pride to play for and who will be topping their group. It was obvious from the Cobras game plan that they where going to dominate up front and make sure Wild Boys don’t score any points. The Steinhoff Cobras where all over the Wild Boys, not really giving them room to work their moves. Steinhoff Cobras had to work for their tries but there wasn’t much resistance from their opponents.
Steinhoff Spanners shocked Ubumbo with 13 – 10 win, both teams scoring once. Steinhoff Ubumbo however made to many mistakes on the evening handing the Spanners two penalties that sealed the win for them. Spanners seem to be improving as this league continues. At the end both teams qualified for the next round with Spanners topping their group.
Steinhoff Turtles and Steinhoff Kopano also had good wins, but for both teams it was too little too late.
These are the results as they happened:
Steinhoff Lions
10 – 00
Steinhoff Smuts
Steinhoff Cobras
24 - 00
Steinhoff Wild Boys
Steinhoff Catz
00 - 15
Steinhoff Turtles
Steinhoff Ubumbo
10 - 13
Steinhoff Spanners
Steinhoff Kopano
19 - 08
Steinhoff College H.
Steinhoff Tornadoes
69 - 00
Steinhoff Ikhaya

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