Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Barmy Army!

All Man

On this day in 1815, Napoleon Banoparte suffers defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington, bringing an end to the Napoleonic era of European history. All but 194 years (correct I believe) later a lad resembling Napoleon perhaps only in stature celebrates a defeat, or a victory, which ever way you want to look at it, of a different kind, his 22nd birthday.

Head in the right place

Fitting, as I discovered after a little facebook inspecting that he, or should I say ‘they’ (Swarly & Army), had managed to loose his/ they cell phone after a little premature celebrations taking place last night!

Nevertheless, the Cobra’s family send our finest wishes to the great man, known more for his alter ego then his blistering side step these days, and we wish him all the very best!

All stand & salute!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Days gone by...

Thought I’d leave you with a few departing memories as I’m heading through to Bettie’s Bay/ Hermanus way for the week, what a pleasure (sigh).

The story behind it, just to get if off my chest...
Aigh, now after writing three exams in a row, last Wednesday/ Thursday, at 12:30pm, 5pm and 8am the next morning (affectively 3 in 24 hours, not on, right?) I thought I’d follow that colossal triffecter, with a hat trick of a different nature, a three-day binge! Which I though I was fully entitled too…not so? So upon awakening, rather weak and sore, this morning I thought why not share some pics from the past few days of a few Cobra’s and avid Cobra’s supporters with you all, just for a lag, and to see how the boys are behaving off the paddock too.


Cobra's followers Liam 'Tiger' Bax and Dayne 'Danger' Jans sharing in the festivities.

A founder member from years gone by, Costa, pulling out all the stops!

The birthday boy himself, Mano, pulling the Brad Pitt vibe from Snatch... Not at all bad

Kritz and Cobi, 'the centres', caught on the jol

Anton T and Blake 'call it what you wana call it' Gowar getting stuck in. Not mentioning the spills in Blake's shirt... Spills on Blake's shirt

A quietly stoked Quade Cooper

Happy holidays boys...

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Memory lane, Cobras tour of P.E

Hungover breakfast at the hotel...

Stefan caught in the act...angry little kid

Swali packing his bags after a night out...

Rauby Rauby Rauby saying hello to some lady fans outside Cobras hotel...

Spur for the ou's before depature...

Get this man a beer!

Today, Sunday, the day of the Sabbath, it gives us great pleasure in announcing another Cobra’s birthday!

The Quade Cooper, Shane Williams look alike celebrates the 22nd anniversary of his birth!

Whilst he is knee deep in the preverbal June exams, and the celebrations having to be put on hold somewhat, he did leak word a few short days ago, whilst attempting to crib my history notes, that come Thursday he would and I quote, ‘Rip shit up, in a hectic way’!

Dillon caught ‘Ripping shit up, in a hectic way’ with fellow Cobra Stefan Terblanche on the Cobra’s bus in PE. Any time any place, as McEvoy lives up to his reputation!

Please join in, Dillon McEvoy, Dillon McEvoy…

Thursday, June 04, 2009

In the "good" old days...

for those of you that got away with horsing around in Mr JJ Lansers 
classroom, count yourselves lucky he wasn't anything like this teacher. hell. 

village idiot


Nico after his first ever Cobras fines on tour in Port Elizabeth

A big happy birthday to the youngest Cobra and number 13, na na na na Niiiiiico who turns 19 today. One of the finds of the season, he has extended his Cobras contract to another 3 seasons as the man just can't get enough of it, with his younger brother Dino coming throught the ranks at Bishops it won't be long before the two are ripping holes in the Bang Bang dancefloor and the oppositions defence every Wednesday evening.

All too familiar...

Bishops vs. Paarl Boys
Saturday 11h15 on the Piley.
Beat Paarl Gym
Beat Boland Landbou
Beat Paul Roos
Last of the big four to conquer this Saturday.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Keep moving...

Although the rugby for this half of the year is over, it is important that we keep crafting our skeels for the business end of the league, the games that really matter, the games where winning is everything. It is a long break now, but let's keep coming down Fridays and Sundays 4pm at Bishops.
Plenty of rugby to look forward to:
British Lions tour
Currie Cup
Bishops OD's vs. Rondebosch Old Boys
Bishops vs. Rondebosch
For those of you who haven't yet witnessed the class and skills of the 2009 Bishops 1st XV then get down to the Piley Rees this Saturday as Bishops face Paarl Boys, who narrowly beat Rondebosch 18-13 this last weekend while Bishops are coming out of a conivincing 27-15 victory in Stellenbosch against Paul Roos. It looks set to be a great specticle with two of South Africa's top school boy teams going head to head this Saturday, 11h15 on the Piley.
Friday 4pm
Oh so brave