Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let's throw a bit of a vibe...all welcome!!!!!

“The foundations for a better tomorrow must be laid today”

So that is it. The season is over, and we have really made a name for ourselves this year. We made the final and were always up against the experience of the Nadoes, which in a big occasion like the final, will always help! It was a big night for the young Cobras side, making the final was a victory in itself. Things just didn't go our way last night with the ball really not bouncing in our favour. The Nadoes hit us hard in the first ten minutes, 14-0 down standing under the poles in ten minutes is not a great feeling. We surged back hard but were unable to crack the Nadoes defence which was rock solid all night. One felt if we were going to win the game we had to score a try in the first half and get on the scoreboard first in the second half. We played in stages last night with moments of brilliance, but it was far too inconsistent to really trouble anyone. The Nadoes had a good game with it being controlled by the large forwards who really arrived to the party. Nadoes kept coming and with Cobras attacking in stages it was not nearly as well as we have played this season, 29-0. We will walk away from the Final with our heads held high with our own personal victory, and that is the foundation now set for bigger and greater things to come in the next few years. We made the final, that was always our goal and we did it.

A big congratulations must go out to the Nadoes. They are really a proffesional and well run side with an awesome spirit. It was great how humble they were in victory. It was awesome meeting them in the Final and well done for winning your 6th title in 9 years. As they say, you can'y buy experience. Hopefully see you guys in the final again next year and obviously the Nadoes/Cobras Plett Tour to look forward to next year.

Thanks to our sponsor WADDA for what has been an awesome season with many a afterparty at this fine establishment. Shot for the hot cheerleaders who come out and wave their pom poms in the cold every Wednesday night. It is people like you guys who have added, if not created, what the Cobras have become this season. We hope they you will take us under your wing again for next season, but there is still a lot more partying to be done at WADDA before we even think about next season!

But mainly, a huge thanks to everyone who has played, supported, hated, loved or contributed in any way to what is the Cobras. Starting with the guys who come down week in and week out to touch on Sundays, matches on Wednesdays, and big hangovers on Thursdays. It really has been awesome and the Cobras are going from strength to strength. The foundation is now set for us to really expand and become something special, it has been created and we love it. Cobras 'till I die.
Oh so brave Cobras...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cobras are going to state...

So this is it...the final straw. The Cobras will go into tomorrow nights UCT Internal League Cup Final tomorrow night against the '06 Champions the Nadoes. Both sides have had a good run through to the finals of this years competition and the confidence is high, it is going to be an absolute cracker as the Cobras look to get their hands on the trophey for the first time ever, and God knows how many times the Nadoes have won it, they will have all the experience in terms of big occasions such as this Final, but we will have the youth and drive to lift the trophey for the first time.A quick look at either sides seasons...The Nadoes have had a solid season with their youngest side to date playing the majority of games this season. Their big victories were against the Wild Boys which they won 8-3, against the Barbarians which Nadoes won 13-6 and of course their semi-final vitory over Panthers which they drew 10-10 but won the game on penalties. However they did lose to Ubumbo in the pool stages 18-16. They have all the experience in the world, and they will know exactly how to approach the final as they have been there and done it since we were in std.5.

The Cobras side has also had some very impressive results this season. Big victories include the 26-14 win over the Wild Boys, the 12-12 draw with Ubumbo in the pool stages and the massive confidence boost with the awesome victory that put us through to the final 19-15 win over a heavily loaded Ubumbo side. One can't expect to base any single bit of the final around the results, that is all history, fate now lies in our own hands. It's what we make of it.

It was only going to be a matter of time for the Cobras to show the league that we have arrived, and what a dream final it is for the Cobras as we have built a rather nice "friendship" with the Nadoes side, which included our exhibition match in Plett in July and the many beer's shared together after games, but all this aside there wont be any friends on the field come tomorrow night.
As we said, this is it Cobras, it is our time, the time of THE COBRAS. We have worked long and hard in creating the foundations that we now have, but there is still one thing missing, and that is the status of being the league champions. From a side that initially wanted to enter the B-League last year and doubted how we would fare in the A-League, we made it to the semi's last year, should have been in the final against the Nadoes last year. Now we find ourselves one up on last year and will be challenging the Nadoes to the trohpy. Every Sunday touch session since February, all those Wednesday nights, all the money chipped in for booze...this is what it boils down to. How badly do we want it? We know exactly what we have to let's go out there tomorrow night and fuckin do it.

It is our time, the time of the COBRAS.


Kick off: 20:00
(meet NO LATER than 19:00 below Cecil)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Final straight...

One can only describe what happened on the Green Mile on Wednesday night as spectacular! It was the biggest Cobras victory since we created the side just over a year ago.

As the heavy mist rolled in the Cobras were ready and firing after a delayed start due to a penalty shoot out between the Nadoes and Panthers, which the Nadoes scraped through to win after being 3-1 down. The Cobras ran on through the new introduction of the Wadda cheerleaders which was quite a lag, with the music from Dj Sox pumping in the background the Cobras were amped. It was by far the biggest crowd that any internal league game has had this whole season, the vibe out there was awesome with the faithful Ubumbo supporters coming out as they do to cheer their boys on.

The Cobras opened up the scoring with a quick try which saw us go 5-0 up in 10 minutes. Soon after another Cobras try was scored, it was all one way traffic while the ball was being spread from side to side with the Cobras backline running with flair and the forwards grafting hard absolutely dominating the large presence of Ubumbo. The talk before the game was that if we wanted to win it we would have to dominate and meet their physical challenge that they throw out, we did more the meet it, we dominated it. It was the Cobras who were throwing out the physical aspect of the game, dominating the larger Ubumbo side in all aspects of the game, with a few of their key players being carried off the field with injuries.

Ubumbo replied back with a solid try down the touchling to make the score 12-10 with them having kicked over a penalty. Game on. Not at any stage did the Cobras stand back and try to defend our lead, we got that ball, moved it through the hands and kept coming until ubumbo lost all their bite. Cobras scored another well worked try by scrumhalf Byron Golddussssst who went around a few defenders to pop it inside to lock Tiger "Give me a A, Give me a B' Weakley to go over. Conversion successful, 19-10. This is when Ubumbo came back firing, it is sounds riciculous that they had a South African 7's player playing for them in the shape of Mpho Mbiyozo. One must agree that he is probably the highest profile rugby player to play internal league. As Ubumbo thought it would work in their favour, all what happened is that he ran away from his support on many occasions, making himself isolated and gettin turned over. He was all over the park in the loose phases, but nothing to trouble one of the best defences in the league. We defended like animals, everyone was putting their body on the line, and we deserved our victory 19-15 to the Cobras! Unbelievable effort by the Cobras forwards, who worked hard in the tight and gave the backs such awesome ball, from Craig Smith who had a blinder, Nic Roslee once again, Stander, Zoid, Hayden...every single one of the forwards were phenomenal! Also welcome to the Cobras family to youngsters Mike Nel, Zandy McDonald and Justin Thorne, who have just finished a successful season with Bishops 1st team and have now signed contracts to the Cobras. Great to have you. We knew we could do it, all we had to do was believe in ourselves on the night, which we did, and we came out on top.

The final will be against the Nadoes, who have an awesome record over the years, but are not looking as strong as they have over the years after scraping through against the Panthers and loosing to Ubumbo. Cobras are still unbeaten, and this is our chance to put our hands on the trophey. We can do it, believe in it, believe in yourself...THIS IS IT COBRAS!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Give them nothing! But take from them everything!

After the first attempt of the semi final being postponed we are now lined up to take on Ubumbo this Wednesday at 20:30 on the C-field. One can't describe in words how huge this game is, not only in terms of making the final of 2007 but also for pride of what is becomming something big, and that is the Cobras.

How would we feel if we make it into the final? How sweet would those beers taste if we make it to the final? How loudly will those songs get sung if we know we in the final? How awesome would it be to represent the Cobras in their first ever final in only our second year? All these questions have one answer, and that is a statement - We have to do this Cobras! Let's put all the bullshit and other things aside, get our heads right and go out there on wednesday night and do the hard work, this is our final. No one remembers the teams that lost in the semi's, lets fuckin do this!
Wednesday 19th of September
UCT Rugby C-Field
Kick off: 20:30 (meet latest 19:30 below Cecil)
No Guts, No Glory
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit - Aristotle

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The Semis have been postponed this evening due to The Green Miles infamous drainage. Its unfortunate as the Cobras looked primed for an impressive display this evening. It looks like the spectators are going to have to keep their drinks on ice until after the holidays.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The time of the Cobras...

The Purple Cobras side of 2007 will be running out against Ubumbo in the biggest game of the season, for a place in this years final possibly against the Nadoes. There is so much at stake for this fixture, the dreams and hopes of going one up on last year and making the final of the competition in only our 2nd year of existance and still by far the youngest side in the league with the oldest player being a crisp 21 years old. We have showed the league what we are all about, and now is when it will count for the Cobras. We are still unbeaten in this years competition, and are up against the only other unbeaten side in the league which is Ubumbo, who we drew to last time in an epic battle. We all know how it feels to fall so short of victory last year, and it's not going to happen again this year. This semi final is going to be nothing short of spectacular as both sides are going to come out firing for a place in the final. We all know we have what it takes, we just have to belive in ourselves and click on the night, and the rest will fall into place!

We are unbeaten, we have scored the most points in the league, we are the youngest side in the leage, and we are right up at the top in terms of team gees is concerned, everything is pointing in our favour, now all we have to do is win it, this is it Cobras. It is our time. The time of the Cobras.

UCT Internal League Cup Semi Final
Purple Cobras vs. Ubumbo
Kick off: 20:30 UCT B-Field
Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.Stephen R. Covey

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cobras breeze through Quarters...

It was definately seen as the worst Cobras performance of the season, the game was very scrappy and never really got going, but in saying that, it was awesome to know that even when the Cobras do play below par they are still able to come out easy winners against a perky Marquard side. Final score 35-7 to the Cobras.

The Cobras will be looking to peak at the right time when they come up against the powerful Ubumbo side who we drew to 12-12 last time we met. It looks set to be a cracker and definately one of the biggest games of the league this season. Semi Final time and can the Cobras go one up on last year and make the final of the UCT Internal League 2007...this is it Cobras!

A good side is a side that plays badly but still wins...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Top of the table...

Cobras go marching on...last night saw the mighty Purple Cobras smash the "highly rated" Wild Boys side by 26 points to 14. There were a few words exchanged before kick off, and the game definately lived up to all the expectations, with the Cobras coming out on top.

The Cobras soaked up the early pressure with some awesome ball control and patience, phase after phase we finally went ahead with centre Cian Van Der Vyfer going in under the poles after a fukin awesome chip kick over the defence. This pumped the Cobras up and it was important that we didn't fall asleep and had to keep the pressure on the Wild Boys. They replied rather quickly with a well worked try to level the scores at 7 all. This was not going to get the Cobras down as we came back even faster and harder. The first 20 minutes of the game was played at a ridculous pace with both sides being attacked by the bare. It was the Cobras fitness that pulled as through as the Wild Boys do have more years on their side, therefore old age seemed to become a bit of a problem and the youth that is the Cobras, was never going to be stopped!

Play after play, the Cobras kept coming and weren't going to hold back, another couple of try's after some well worked moves inside the oppents half the Cobras built up a healthy lead. 26-7 with 10 minutes to go. A few changes were made, and with those changes, a helluva lot of pressure from the Wild Boys was absorbed, the defence was incredible from our side. For many a Cobra the turning point was when Wild Boys flyer Warren Kelly was brought down about a metre short from our tryling after a long run down the sideline. Hero of the day Brad Milne pulled of the unexpected and showed his "never say die" attitude and brought him down just short of the line, to jump back to his feet and and force the penalty for holding on. That was an unbelievable moment and definately a turning point in the game, which ensured the Cobras victory. It is courage and commitment like that which makes us a head above the rest.

A huge mention must go out to the awesome effort by the Cobras forwards, from Dayne Jans up front, to Matt Milne at lock, and then the usual Cobras stalwarts who perform week in and week out, as we always say, the game is won in the forwards and its credit to you guys who gave the backs such clean ball to run the shit out of the Wild Boys. Well done to our up and coming sideline manager Dougald McDonald who ran everything smoothly from the sideline once again, awesome work!

Next week - quaterfinals vs. Marquard (?) huge game, it's now the business end of the league...we lose, we out. So let's all get down to touch on Sunday and start gettin shit going for the playoff's! oh so brave Cobrasss!!!!
One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done. - Marie Currie

Official League match report...

From UCT Internal League Rugby Website...

The headline clash of the night lived up to expectations. In reality the results was for academic and pride purposes but neither side was going to concede to this reality. They came out blazing with neither side looking to yield an inch.

The Cobras ball security in this first important period was telling. They kept the ball for long periods and gave it plenty of width as they attacked phase after phase after phase. The pressure was relentless and Cobra star centre Cian spotted the no one sweeping behind the line of red jerseys and weighted a perfect chip kick into the vacancy that he collected on the bounce and made a cobra offload to a supporting runner that crossed under the posts. 5-0.
Wildboys fought back hard and scored in reply to lead 7-5. In the remainder of the first half the Cobras showed why they can swagger in purple hoops up and down Jammie plaza and they played top class rugby. They gave the Wildboys nothing but scraps and the lack of possession and territory frustrated them. Cobras scored twice more before the half taking themselves 19-5 leaders into the half.

Cobras then won the game in the crucial ten minutes after the break when they scored first up. The playmaker General at ten, Warren Butler, took the ball to the defence in the red zone and slid through a perfectly weighted grubber kick that ‘oh-my-god-he’s-quick’ impact player Jordan Biderman-Pam collected to swan dive under the posts to score off. 26-5.
It was a crippling deficit on the scoreboard and meant a fight back seemed improbable. Wildboys however weren’t prepared to listen to better judgment and didn’t give up. They finally only found some momentum in the second half and looked their usual dangerous selves on attack a few times. They scored a great try and numerous other chances were halted by persevering Cobras cover defence.

In one particular turning point, Wildboys fullback Warren Oupa Kelly made a classy break and a great link pass but the support runner was brought down by an unknown Cobras defender grass blades away from the chalk. That instance was an accurate snapshot of the game, Wildboys doing lots right but the Cobras just doing a little bit more.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The time of the Cobras...

After a successful start to the season the Cobras are still unbeaten with one draw to their names against the powerful Ubumbo side. We have scored the most points so far in this years competition, which looks set to be a cracker. Our true test of pride and passion will be tomorrow night vs. the highly rated Wild Boys outfit. If there ever was a time to stamp our name on the league tomorrow night will be it. It is a must win, not only for top of the log honours, but also for pride, after all they are the older generation Bishops boys, so as physical as it is going to be, it is also going to be a lot of fun as a few of their players want one back on us after our victory against Soco Thoco's last year. There is a lot at stake come tomorrow night, so let's get out there and do it and show the league that we have arrived....oh so brave Cobras!

Purple Cobras vs. Wild Boys
Wednesday 15th August 2007
Kick off: 20:00 (meet 19:00 @ Cecil)
UCT Rugby B-Field
"When building a team, I always search first for people who love to win. If I can't find any of those, I look for people who hate to lose." Ross Perot
Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

"The Cobras played entertaining rugby scoring 49 unanswered points against the Shebeen Boys. The Cobras brand of rugby is so marketable it might be used for the 2008 Super 14 ad campaign. Their conversion of ‘no look’ offloads, in and before contact, is astonishing and something the Shebeen Boys found very hard to defend." - UCT Internal League Website

Oh when the Cobras...

Once again the Cobras won the toss and elected to run against the stiff breeze that was coming sweeping across the Green Mile B Field. Shebeen Boys put the ball high into the air only to force and early error by the rusty Cobras, scrum Shebeen Boys. Tackle after tackle the Cobras were relentless in defence and with the wind at their backs the Shebeen Boys were unable to turn their first 10 minutes of pressure into points, with a missed penalty shot at goal. Other than the first ten minutes of the game the Shebeen Boys looked as deadly as a baby sea turtle, with the Cobras running a riot against the stiff breeze to go over 4 times in the first half, wrapping up the bonus point.

The second half meant a few changes to the Cobras side, with an injection of pace and passion the Cobras were never going to be stopped, and the points machine carried on with their dirty habits, points....Two awards on the evening, against all odds with a well earned start, flying winger Dillon X went over for a fantastic try and some seriously aggressive runs down the touch line, not bad for a guy who weighs about 68kg. With a huge effort like this its going to be hard for the man to be forced to the bench. The other award went to one of the finer signings of the season, the all physical and aggressive Nic Roslee who came on the field with the intent to do some serious harm, and that is exactly what he did. After smoking some poor "Shebbie" in a tackle he proceeded to run all over the show, leaving a few bodies lying chewing grass behind him, the man just can't be stopped, and it is guys like him who will be a huge influence come the play-offs, not only on the field, but he seems to know a few songs for the changeroom, brilliant imput! Final score 49-0 to the Cobras.

This is what the log looks like after round 7...

Once again in true Cobras style and spirit, things got messy in the changeroom with a large amount of beer consumed everyone had a smile on their faces and drinking out of their right hands knowing the job had been done, next week, bigger and harder things to come....this is it Cobras. Big thanks to WADDA for the jol on Wednesday night, was an awesome vibe and the place is just gettin better and better, unbelievable stuff!

Oh so brave...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Time to shine...

The biggest game of the season for the Cobras is fast approaching, if we win this, it is our ticket into the Cup Quaterfinals, so we all know how much is up for grabs in this huge clash with our pre-season friendly opposition. One thing is for sure that this encounter will by no means be a friendly, a lot is at stake after the Shebeen Boys have lost a game in round 2 already, so if they lose again, their hopes and dreams are over for Internal League Cup 2007. This will just be a little bump in our smoothe road to the play-off's. Can the points machine be stopped? Are we predicting a riot? Let's wait and see...

Purple Cobras vs. Shebeen Boys
Wednesday 8th August 2007
Kick off: 18:00
UCT Rugby B-Field
Please meet at 17:00 below Cecil (stairs) and by no later than 17:30. Remember to orgainse socks with Costa, no one will be allowed on the field without correct socks. Post match in changreooms after the game, then everyone to WADDA for ROGER GOODE, free entrance and beers. This is it Cobrasss...

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose...

Friday, August 03, 2007

I predict a Riot...

Shot to all the guys who pulled through to WADDA on Wednesday for Flat Stanley, was a large success. Reminder about touch on Sunday, everyone to be there, huge game next week vs. Shebeen Boys, we want big points! Okes seemed amped and pumped up for the game, which is always a good thing, and we have one of our usual fines meetings after the game, so don't forget the R30 to bring with you to touch on Sunday...oh so brave Cobra'ssssssssss

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Flat Stanley want you...

This local band will be playing next Wednesday at the one and only WADDA. Now, that because our first game is only the following Wednesday, which is the 8th, this event is being treated as if it were one of our games. It is our right to give back to our sponsor, especially after they travelled all the way up to Plett to watch our game and for always sponsoring us beers and what not. Basically what I am asking from you, is that we get at least 20 Cobras, all in our golf shirts, to this event. The entrance fee for the night is R30 so no free entrance, but here is the catch, we have a R500 bar tab for all the guys who are there in their Golf Shirts.

No one is asking you to come have a late night, all we want from you is to swing by, have a few beers and represent the Cobras as it looks set to be a busy night. So why not go watch the internal league matches next Wednesday night in your Golf shirt and then head to WADDA to make a dent in theR500 bar tab? Flat Stanley are an awesome band, and you will not be dissapointed...see you there.

We came, we saw, we conquered...

As it was our first attempt organising a tour to Plett, it was a good effort on the front of the guys who did make the mission up to Plett to represent the Cobras. Although only 7 of the 14 guys who represented the Cobra's that night had actually played a game for us, a very good effort was shown out on the field. A big thanks must go to the Nadoes for lending us Tim for the game, and Graham for a little sparkle at the end, great effort! Also to the 7 other guys who helped us out with numbers basically on the Friday afternoon, we don't know what we would have done without you guys.

The tour would have been a huge success on many more fronts if people had given cash for castleton and made the effort to get up to Plett after a few cancellations on Thursday. But all that aside, one must give Anton, Cian, Byron and Dougald great respect after having left Cape Town at 10am and only arriving in Plett at 7:45pm after having suffered two tyre blow outs on the way. There were no complaints as they got straight out of their car and basically ran on the field. That is true Cobra spirit for you and their efforts and commitment are priceless. You guys are legends.

Although it was a tricky start for the touring party we were always up against it and we put in a huge effort so well done to everyone who turned up and gave it their all. One mention must go out to Blake Gowar who hasn't played rugby for 3 years and played for the mighty 6th team in matric, the man was all over the park and his rewards were puking for about 30 minutes after leaving the field 10 minutes from the end from pure exhaustion.

The final whistle blew and this meant one thing, the night was now about to begin. Both teams assembled in one tiny change room and the beers started going down as the songs started to get louder. It was an awesome vibe between the two sides as we showed Plett how it is done. Another huge thanks for all the beers that were contributed to the changeroom from Cobras and Nadoes guys, they all went down smoothly. From there the sides moved onto VIP where we were got in for free and skipped the rather long que, things started to get messy and hectic as both sides moved from bar to bar and girl to girl, good fun was had by all but the best was yet to come!

Saturday came with a hangover included but this was not goin to be a speed bump for the sides as both the Cobras and Nadoes were out in full force at Crabs Creek. This was suprisingly one of the better jols I think a lot of the guys have ever been to, it is a must for everyone next year, what a sick vibe.

All in all regardless of the struggle to get guys up to Plett, it was our first attempt and one can only see us moving from strength to strength in the future with regards to the tour to Plett.

A few thanks must go out...

Firstly to the Nadoes for inviting us youngsters to play them in Plett, was good fun and i'm sure next year will be even better!
To Ilan from WADDA for making the mission up to Plett to watch our game and for sponsoring the side some beers at VIP, those were by far the sweetest of the night!
To all the guys who played for the Cobras, especially to Tim Rawbone from the Nadoes.
Graham for hooking up the free entrance and the general vibe

Oh so brave...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Battle of the Titans..

The Final preperations have been done, and now its time for the Cobras and Nadoes to rip plett to pieces...

Nadoes vs. Purple Cobras

Friday 13th of July

Plettenberg Bay Rugby Club

Kick off: 19:00

Be there...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Put Gazza in your prayers...

We have recieved news that our fellow Cobra, Gary Van Breda is in a critical condition in hospital after a car accident last night. Please put him and his family in your thoughts and prayers and hope that he will come out of this stronger than before. It is in times like these that we all need to stick together and support each other, Gazza we are all with you bud...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rugby Links...

There are a few more Rugby Links, under the Links section. These are Wildboys, Turtles and Barbarians, go check out their pages and see what the other teams vibes are about.

Touring Player Profile 1 - Dean Smorenberg

Name: Dean Smorenberg
Date of Birth: 11/05/1987
Position: wing/fullback
Cobras Debut: 2006 vs. Rochester House
Nicknames: Starvin, Smorrie
Interests: rugby, drinking, women and chilling with the boys
Dislikes: losing, brocolli
Favourite drink: Black Label/ dbl brandy and coke
What u look for in girls: smoking hot, half a brain-cell...yes its rare!
What you looking forward to about the tour to Plett? Getting fucked with the Nadoes and Cobras. Playing some rugga and spreading the love of rugby into the Eastern Cape region.

Complete the following:
I cant wait for...the first down-down after the game
If anything happens to me I will leave everything in my will to the cobras.
I'm forever blowing bubbles makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
You can catch Dean in action against the Nadoes on Friday 13th July Plett Rugby Club and at Vegas in Plett later that evening.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Here come the Cobras...

The Purple Cobras will be playing the Nadoes in an exhibition match in Plettenberg Bay on Friday 13th of July 2007. The venue is proposed for Plett Rugby Club either 6.30pm or 7.30pm. Details about time of kick off will be posted soon. Not only will we be playing a rugby match but both sides will be seen painting the small town of Plettenberg Bay in some serious colours. Everyone is invited to watch the match and join in with the after match festivities includin lots of fines, drinking, braaing and then moving onto Vegas In Plett for a big night of drinking, partying, pulling chicks and just being generally fucked. Both sides will be staying at Castleton for the weekend to add to the festivities.

Saturday will bring many a hangover with a few people attempting to run the Knysna Marathon 2007, hangover aside. For those who wont dare to get out the old takkies for the race, one can assure you that the boozing will continue all the way to Crabs Creek for the annual Knsyna Marathon Afterparty. This will go on through to the early hours of Sunday morning and is seen as the biggest party on the Garden Route of the year. This party will be made bigger by the appearence of 30 or so Rugby Players from Cape Town, so Plett and Knysna, brace yourselves...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Half way house...

Just some random facts about the Cobras season thus far...
Unbeaten so far, went into round 2 top of our table, best points difference in the league, most points scored in the league.

Played - 4
Won - 3
Drawn - 1
Lost - 0
Tries for - 24 (highest in the whole league by a big distance)
Tries against - 2
Cases of beer consumed - 21
forever blowing bubbles...

As i'm sure you all know by now there are plans in the pipeline for a Sunday 7's tournament being arranged between the Internal League sides. It is going to be quite a festive vibe with the proposed sponser being some brewery. How its going to work is that we will hopefully be allowed to field two sevens teams, due to our huge depth this season. This will all help us in the long run because it will increase our fitness levels for our wednesday night clashes, and as we all know the main aim of the Cobras is to have fun, and get boozed. More details will come when we find out more about it, but just make sure we are all amped for this.

Thanks Jose...


To the guys that havnt told me if they can make it yet, ill need you to do so by the WEDNESDAY 30TH OF JULY (this wed coming up) And if you have already told me you coming, then let me know urgently if you will be needing accomodation, this is important because we will need to book, so either send me a message on facebook or phone/sms Warren on 0839502053. Please guys, we want to make this tour run smoothly so we can focus on biggers things such as the jol.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another one...Cobras Wednesday Night Lights episode 5

Once again the Cobras brushed aside another team in this years Internal League. Cobras remain unbeaten this season so far as we put 57 unanswered points on Smuts. One thought because they basically live on the green mile they would put up a better fight, but obviously not.

The Cobras started off in emphatic style. We kicked off to them and immediately big tackles were put in which forced a turn over and 2 seconds later the Cobras went over the tryline for the first of there 9 UNANSWERED tries. The match report will get a bit stagment if I carry on describing every try, but basically we fucked them up. The intensity was awesome out on the field even though it was an easy game guys were still firing after a few tries were put on the scoreboard. This is the type of team spirit that people are talkin about, regradless of what fixture we play, we will always come out firing, and ready to give it our all for another victory. Much bigger games to come next semester. The league is now over for this semester as we all take our holiday break but our next fixture is against the Shebeen Boys, which is a must win. This game is scheduled for the 1st of August.

We do have one other fixture before the league starts again and this is against Nadoes at Plett Rugby Club on Friday 13th of July...some guys still need to get back to me about being available. Let's make it happen...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A few numbers...

The results of round 4, as you can see we drew our game to Ubumbo, but we will take it as a victory as we go top of our next pool.

The pools for the next round of group stages. We have Wildboys, which will be a huge game as they are the older Bishops generation, so as we did with Soco Thoco's last year we will be hoping that us, being the youngsters will teach them a thing or two, but looks set to be a cracker played in good spirits! Shebeen Boys is the other "big" side in our pool, we played them in a pre-season friendly, but this won't be anything close to as friendly as our last encounter, we are yet to play them in a proper league game. In actual fact we haven't played any of these sides in the league yet, inlcuding the res side Smuts. So things are looking interesting.

A look at the rest of the teams...

Here is one for the record books. At the moment the Cobras have the best try scoring record in the league, this is one seriously awesome achievement which clearly illustrates the brand of rugby the Cobras are here to play, and that being based on Bishops Rugby, which as we all know is always successful. Well done boys, something to be seriously proud of, lets keep them coming.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jumping and Jiving...

What a night, that is basically all what can be said at this stage. Something special happened in that Cobras change room that could well have started a whole new era, and taken the Cobras to a whole new level. But enough about that let’s get the match report going first…

The Cobras lost the toss and were forced to play against the slight breeze which wasn’t going to be a serious problem. We kicked off to them, with the forwards getting there early and forcing a early knock-on by Ubumbo, one of many…one wonders why their hands were so shit when the Green Mile has never been dryer. This is where it all began, scrum to the Cobras. The pack last night was awesome, the front row led by Gary was firing and gave it their all, and all of them could easily have played the full game, fitness aside, that’s how fired up they were. Our whole forward pack dominated Ubumbo with ease, and they were by far the larger pack but once again that means fuck all when you have the determination that the Cobras do. After scrums being reset a few times, the cobras went blind and gave the ball out to the flyer on the wing Dean Smorenberg who went over in the Ubumbo corner with absolute ease; the man makes everything look so easy. 5-0 to the Cobras, and the dudes were amped.

The game was very physical to say the least, one of the more physical encounters in world rugby, and the Cobras showed that we are up for any challenge laid down on the field in front of us. We proved last night that we are here to win this competition, no questions asked. The Cobras kept pushing on and dominated most of the first half, with another try being scored just before half time when Brad Milne picked up a loose ball and ran a full 50 metres to put the ball down just right of the uprights. The try was converted and the Cobras are now 12-0 up and half time blown.

This is where we lost it, we had the Ref on our side in the first half, and then we came out sleeping a bit in the second half, with no disrespect to reserves we made too many changes at one time which caused us to loose our momentum. Ubumbo pushed hard and once again we managed to hold them out with some long kicks down field. There was a shocking call by the Ref about a kick which clearly landed way in field which was called all the way back to just outside our 22 because of the wankers who are the Ubumbo supporters. One feels that cheaters like their fans don’t deserve a place next to the sideline of the Green Mile if they are going to cheat. The ball was CLEARLY in and because of their large support base they managed to over rule the ref, fuckers. Ubumbo scored two quick tries and the Cobras were hit hard by this. We didn’t give up and tried an late surge towards the Ubumbo try line but only to fail with the ref calling the game after another scuffle in midfield, final score 12-12. Cobras take this as a win because we go through on point’s difference, top of the table, fuck yes. Ubumbo, good luck with the Nadoes in your pool. We now go through to the next round top of a group which consists of Wild Boys, Shebeen Boys and some other random side.

The change room is a whole story in its own. Initially starting with a mild 5 cases of beer, fines started and many a beers were downed. Some guys figured this wasn’t enough, so a further 4 cases of beer were brought in order to keep the vibe going. Some new songs were added to the Cobras song sheet and one has to say this was the biggest and best session the Cobras have had in their very youthful history. It is brilliant that guys have adopted the concept that every Wednesday night with out fail we will be in that change room boozing and singing, its part of our game. A true sign of how amped guys are to go places in this year’s league was when we asked guys to contribute to the booze in the change room last night, and in a matter of 40 seconds we collected well over R200. Thanks to John, Gary and Dave for chipping in a few bucks. After having the Shebeen Boys and a few Ubumbo players in the Cobras change room, the guys were swiftly moved onto Wadda at about 12. Things just spiraled downwards from there, and we even had Graeme Smith and Mark Boucher congratulating us on our victory and saying how awesome our vibe is. The Cobras, oh so brave.


The Nadoes have invited us to play a exhibition match in Plett on Friday the 13th of July. The tour is from the Friday to the Sunday. We will play the nadoes in a proper match, then the Nadoes are going to play against the Plett Golden Oldies, and possibly a few Cobras are going to get a run in a mixed type side. After this there will be plenty of fines, singing, boozing and the rest that comes with the Nadoes and Cobras vibe. We will all be guest listed to VIP for the Friday night (Plett pumps at this time of the year so lank hot chicks and big vibes) and then everyone will go through to Knysna on the Saturday for the huge Knysna marathon afterparty and Crabs Creek which is one huge jol.

Guys this weekend will be awesome and it is an honour that the Nadoes have invited us to join in on their annual tour so lets make ourselves available and do it. What we planning on doing is renting out apartments/houses in a complex sort of vibe for all the Cobras to stay at. No one replied to the facebook message about the Tour, so meet me half way and reply and let me know if you are available, it will be an awesome weekend. Get hold of Warren on 0839502053 if you are available and amped for this weekend and if you need accommodation so we can book early. This is one weekend not to be missed…so be fuckin pro-active and R.S.V.P

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Marching on..

Wednesday night saw the Wadda Purple Cobras go further 5 points up the table as they brushed aside the Turtles in another wind fought battle. Once again the wind was blowing hard across the green mile but this time from the north direction, once again making it difficult for the fans, both teams, kickers and in our case the ref. The Cobras were put back on their line early on in the opening exchanges only to hold out and show what awesome defence we have had in the competition thus far, with no points being scored against us yet.
The Cobras once again after being on the back foot early on, moved the ball through several hands only to come up just metres short of the Turtles try line. From here on in there was no problems posed by the Turtles as the Cobras managed to run in the bonus point try early in the second half with the final score being 29-love to the Purple Cobras, another awesome victory and the guys once again showed their true spirit out on the park.

As it has become the norm, after the game the side pulled off another spectacular changeroom session with many a beer downed and many a song sung. The vibe this year has taken about 17 and a half steps up from what we created last year. One must also remember that Purple Cobras has just turned 1 years old, so if we have got this sort of vibe going, one can only expect greater things. Once again, congratulations to Anton Taylor, who has taken the chunder award away from Cian Van Der Vyfer for being the first to be disgustingly drunk, as it was his birthday. Big thanks to John Hayden for sponsoring the side with some beers, hope you had an awesome Birthday yesterday. Check out for updates about the league.

Big game this wednesday vs. Ubumbo, top of the table clash as we are both unbeaten and it is going to be important that we win this as we need to top our group, which will help us going into the second round which starts next week. Touch today @ BISHOPS 5'OCLOCK.

You gotta love it...

Monday, May 07, 2007

New side...

After recieving hate mail about the starting line up for wednesday nights fixture it has been changed because more dudes are writing the test than we expected, so there are going to be a few new caps thrown into the mix for wednesday nights clash...and this is how it now looks.

1. Korn 2. Gary/Hayden 3. Poefte
4. Franzen 5. Wilmot
6. Nic Rosslee 7. Taylor
8. Stander
9. Gold Dusssst
10. Cian 12. Bones 13. Jordan
11. Gibbo 14. Brad Milne
15. Adrian Kritzinger
So there we have it, it is helluva important that anyone who is not in the starting line-up still comes to the game because the squad is very thin this week so everyone must rock up and you will most probably get game time, so be there and lets fukin do this.

Wednesday night lights

After a seriously long break from the league it almost feels as if the league actually hasn't started as we played our first game almost 3 weeks ago, which could only be described as a warm up or practice match. This week is when shit starts to get hectic when we face the very unknown side which is the Turtles. One can't expect to go into this game thinking that it will be as easy as the Ikhaya side that we faced in round one. We have two hard fixtures in 2 weeks, and both are win at all cost games as it will help us going into the next round of pools if we do end up top of our group. As i'm sure you can all see our game this Wednesday is at 18h00 CAT. That means everyone including reserves must try be there by 17h00 CAT so that we can sort things out to make sure we field a fine tuned side come the 18h00 CAT kick off. The starting line-up for this week is....

Purple Cobras vs. Turtles
18h00 CAT B-Field UCT
1. Korn 2. Hayden 3. Poefies
4. Aggie 5. Franzen
6. Flanagan 7. Taylor
8. Wilmot
9. Gold Dust
10. Cian 12. Bones 13. Jordan
11. Gibbo 14. Dildo
15. Brad
This is the starting line-up for the fixture and all the rest of the guys must also come to the game as once again we will try get everyone a run, which we managed to accomplish in our first game. If anyone has a month old plan to take their bird out to dinner on wednesday night or for some other bizarre reason can't play this fixture please let Warren 0839502053 or Jordan 0826522832 know asap. Also everyone is to bring money or contribute to the booze situation for the changeroom and remember we will be heading to WADDA after the game as they are our sponsors, so tell all your chick friends about how hectic things are going to get on wednesday night. Let's go fucking mental...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Wadda start to the season...6-0 6-0 6-0

The mighty Purple Cobras opened their assault on the Internal League with a humiliating victory over Ikhaya. One would say it was a very one sided affair as Ikhaya got a huge shock at the high standard of rugby which is played in the UCT Internal League and especially against the Cobras.

The Cobras won the toss and chose to run against the stiff south easterly wind which was sweeping accross the green mile, but this wasn't going to effect the Cobras as at took only a matter of minutes before we were on the board. Ikhaya didn't know what hit them, straight off the kick-off the ball was moved through several Cobras hands and 70 meters up field only to be blown up for a shocking call by the ref saying it was a forward pass. The game was very scrappy at times with our hands letting us down on numerous occasions but it was a great opener to the season, and the tone is now set for what is to come. Cobras brushed Ikhaya shake and bake or whatever they call themselves without even breaking into a sweat, final score Purple Cobras 65 Ikhaya 0. Bigger games to come...

Not only did we perform on the field, but the post match celebrations was nothing short of brilliant. Well done to the debutant Cian Van Der Vyfer who was the first to puke, and it was unfortunately directed straight towards Big G Van De Rede, it was a brilliant Cobra moment.

The tone is now set for the rest of the season on and off the field, and we are sure there are greater moments to come, so lets get a winning culture going in our camp.

WADDA opened its doors this last weekend and already many a Cobra has been seen boozing it up at one of the bars in the nightclub. The place is awesome and throws an insane vibe which people were loving, now wait for those wednesday nights after our games...its going to get hectic. No game this wednesday we have a buy, so make sure you ready and firing when we take on the highly underated Turtles next week...

Bring it home...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let the games begin...

So the time has come, the Cobra's start their challenge for the 2007 Internal League Cup tomorrow night. After a hardcore game of touch yesterday the final preperations are complete and its now time for the Cobras to take the field ready and firing. It is going to be a long hard season which everyone is looking forward to, so let the games begin...

Tomorrow nights opener against Ikhaya has been dubbed a replay of the Bishops 1st team 2006 vs. Rondebosch, meaning roughly 70 points on the board, but let's not be too complacent going into the game...its going to be a jol. We have a large squad this year with so much depth, so it is going to be hard to get everyone on the field, but obviously we will try our best, so here is the starting line-up for tomorrows encounter...

Purple Cobra's vs. Ikhaya

Wednesday 20:00 B-Field UCT

Meet no later than 19:00 at stairs above B-Field

1. Bobby Le Roux 2. John Hayden 3. Brad Van Der Westuizen

4. G V D Rede 5. Alex Franzen

6. Damien Stander 7. Dugald Macdonald

8.Geoff Wilmot

9. Graeme Steen

10. Warren Butler 12. David Bonellie 13. Jordan Biderman-pam

11. Byron Goldberg 14. Dean Smorenberg

15. Brad Milne
This is the starting line-up for the game, we are not naming reserves as we are just going to play it by beer because it is rolling subs so we will try get everyone on the field at some stage tomorrow night so everyone must come along. If you got any problems call Warren 0839502053 asap.
Apparently the finance test which was on Thursday has been moved to Friday now, so everyone must either bring money, or a six pack or two to the game for those who haven't paid there 20 bucks for the fines meeting in the change room after the game, it is vital that we get gees going early on in the season. Bring on the Cobra's...

Monday, April 16, 2007

The time has come...

The first game of the 2007 season is now only 2 days away. We look set to take the field on Wednesday night after a hugely successful practice match yesterday against the Shebeen Boys. Obviously we were a bit rusty in the beginning but everything started running smoothly and the confidence started to build. Now all we need to do is take what we practiced into Wedneday nights opening clash against Ikhaya, which looks set to be a goodie. Here are the fixtures for the first round of the league.

Our new jerseys won't be ready in time for Wednesday's match, so we will play in the traditional Cobra's jersey so make sure you all get your hands on one if you don't have one. Remember touch today 5:30pm at Bishops, and remember to bring R20 for beers. Squad will go up tomorrow.

This season is for you...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Richard's family and friends who are dealing with this tragic loss. Div will always be remembered as a true Cobra who always gave his all on and off the field. Ever so generous after the games in sponsoring the side with beer and a huge influence in the creation of the Purple Cobras.

No words can describe how valuable you were not only to the Cobras but also as a true friend and such a kind and caring person to so many people. We will miss you buddy. This seasons is all for you...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tick tock, tick tock

The season is just around the corner, it is actually only 1,2,3,4,5,6,bottles days away, brilliant, so there is not much time left to get those levels up. The pools for this year’s league are now up and it looks good. It seems as if we have been drawn into one of the “easier” pools in terms of what happened last year, so we are already off to a great start. So this is what it looks like…

So as you can see we have Ubumbo, who we comfortably beat last year and are no walk in the park, so that would have to be the big derby game in our pool. Then we have the Turtles came third in the B-league last year. One of the new additions to the league is Ikhaya. Apparently they are some form of day res effort at UCT, but who cares. So there we have it, all looks pretty good for the group stages, now we just have to produce the results.

We have been in constant contact with the progress of our new and improved Cobras jerseys for the season, and unfortunately it looks as if we might not have them for the first game next Wednesday, so we will probably have to play in the traditional hoops of the Purple Cobras, but this will be confirmed early next week.

Only a few guys rocked up at touch yesterday but it is understandable as a few guys did have some stats workshop and it was organized pretty late in the day, but shot to the guys who did make it. We have a few important touch/practice dates lined up which are helluva important, and selection for the first game will be hugely influenced by the appearance of guys at these sessions.

These dates are:

- Friday 13th of April 14.30pm sharp at Bishops we will be having a touch session followed by a practice where forwards and backs get sorted out in terms of positions and moves.

- Sunday 15th April we will be having a practice then followed by a situational match against the Shebeen Boys’ at Rondebosch. (TBC)

- There will be another touch and practice session either on Monday or Tuesday next week but this will be confirmed later in the week.

So it is important that everyone starts coming down especially on Friday so we can get things organized for Sundays match, so don’t rock up on Sunday without having attended many touch sessions and expect to play. Selection for next Wednesday nights clash will be hugely influenced by guys appearances from here on in, so one could find themselves having a long cold winter on the bench. Please also understand that we do have a large squad this year, that it will be impossible to give everyone what they want so be patient and if you are committed you will play.

Please keep looking at this website as we are going to move away from the facebook communication a bit because not every Cobra has it so all the information needed will be posted on this website. See you on Friday. Cobras oh so brave…

Love it and learn it...

The Cobras song which will be sung after another victory and while heavily fucked...

I'm forever blowing bubbles,

Purple bubbles in the air

They fly so high,

nearly reach the sky,

Then like my dreams they fade and die.

Fortune's always hiding,

I've looked everywhere,

I'm forever blowing bubbles,

Purple bubbles in the air.

Cobras clap clap clap

Cobras clap clap clap

Lets go fucking mental

Lets go fucking mental

Monday, March 26, 2007

23 days to go...

With touch in full swing with loads of dudes coming down every sunday, things are starting to look good and the guys are looking really amped for the season. With only a few weeks left before the first ball is kicked off and the first beer downed, we have a lot lined up. We are planning a huge Cobra's pre-season braai/piss up just to set the tone for the season ahead and to get the gees going, keep checking the site for updates on this as the date is yet to be decided.

Obviously touch is going to be difficult over the holiday period so make sure you get out and run around because we going to need it. We are also trying to organising a practice/friendly match against the Shebeen Boys for the first week back after the holidays which will be the week before our first match on Wednesday the 18th of April.

Check out WADDA's webpage at

These dudes are hooking us up with jerseys and membership cards for WADDA so lets get behind and support their vibe and keep yourself updated on their grand opening, because it looks set to be an awesome one that we can bless with our hectic presence...cobra's oh so brave

Monday, March 19, 2007

when it rains, it pours..

Touch this Wednesday (Public Holiday) at Bishops 5 o'clockpm CAT. Spread the word and your there.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

After what can only be described as one huge weeekend, which started on thursday and ended with St. Patricks day yesterday, things are starting to take shape slowly but surely. The Wadda Purple Cobras are now registered for the league for this season, but some dudes still havent given their cash in, so bring it to touch today.
We also need to get all the jersey sizes today at touch, and if you didn't know already that we have decided to go with the white jersey with purple down the sides...thats pretty much what everyone thought was the best option, it looks awesome and we will hopefully have them for the first game which is just a month away.
cheers to the weekend...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Proposed Jersey Designs

Here are a few jersey designs that the guys from KooGa and Wadda have come up with. If you have any imput or problems with these designs you have until tomorrow to get hold of either Jordan or Costa...otherwise check out our Facebook group and make your comments there and which one you reckon we should get...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wadda Purple Cobras

Here is some news that we have all been waiting for, and it looks awesome. We have landed a brand new sponsorship with the much talked about new nightclub opening in the streets of claremont. Wadda, which is situated where Town used to be in claremont. Wadda has kindly taken us under their large wing and decided to sponsor the Purple Cobras for the season. This now makes us the mighty Wadda Purple Cobras, you following? This is all too hectic.

Wadda looks set to be one awesome new addition to the Cape Town nightlife, and the great thing is that we are now going to be in the middle of all of this. Wadda have decided to sponsor us with brand new kit and a whole host of other Wadda benefits, this means that everyong except for Phil Voget are going to be the party starters at this fine club on those wednesday nights after a long fines meeting and another great win. We are slowly working this all out now aren't we?

Well now what this all means is that without doubt many a young innocent female student is going to be hanging onto our shoulders trying to get involved with one of many Purple Cobras, yes Anton, oh and don't forget Graeme. A big thanks must go out to the guys from Wadda, we will definately be seen boozing it up in the late hours of many a thursday morning, just to name one day of the week...
We met with the jersey sponsor KooGa today and the guy from Wadda to discuss the jerseys and kit for the season, it all looks awesome and the order is going in leter this week for the jerseys, we will post a design of the new and improved Wadda Purple Cobras '07 rugby jersey. We will also be getting black golf shirts with the Purple Cobras and Wadda logo's on which we will be required to wear on match evenings at Wadda. So it is all running smoothly but lets not forget about touch every Sunday at Bishops 5 o'clock, if you want to play you have to be at touch.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bring a Buffalo to touch on Sunday

While there are some serious sponsorship talks going on which looks awesome if it does come off, we all still have to bring R100 to Sunday's touch session in order to enter our side in the league which will be sorted out at a later stage if we do land the sponsorship deal. Please don't forget otherwise it just becomes a huge lus for Jordan to run after everyone who doesn't give him the cash. So lets all hold thumbs that it does come off, cos it looks set to be awesome!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sunday Touch

Chaps as the season edges closer (just over a month now) it is time for us to start gettin out on the field and playing some touch as this season looks set to be a tough one. It is only going to work if everyone comes down so that we can have two proper sides, otherwise it will just be a huge waste of our time. So it is every Sunday from now until the season ends, 5 o'clock at Bishops. They normally give us issues about playing on the Avenue field, so meet there but if we not there it will be down on Sahara. Bring anyone who is a promising rugby player along...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Send this out to everyone. We need sponsers.

Costa has drafted a letter that can be sent out to anyone and everyone in our search for sponsers. Everyone needs copy and paste this and start sending them out. Modify it if you think its appropriate.

Dear Sir

On behalf of The Purple Cobras I would like to inquire if you, your business or one of its affiliates is interested in being our team sponsor for the 2007 UCT internal rugby starting on 26 April.
Our team comprises of 25 First, Second and Third Year students (ages 18-21) who all played first and second team rugby at school level. We are currently studying at UCT and at Varsity College.

The exposure gained from this venture would increase awareness of your brand amongst university students aged between 19 and 24. The matches take place on Wednesday evenings against other team comprised of university students amid a festive atmosphere, with large crowds coming to support. Matches are followed by drinks amongst all teams and supporters. Our aim as a team is to win the league this season. This is a reasonable goal as last year we came third in our first season.

We are proposing a jersey sponsorship or some other form of sponsorship. Sponsors of The Purple Cobras will be worn on the jersey and be placed on our webpage

Looking forward to your response

Costa Ghioules

Jordan Biderman-Pam

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The new setup.

This is the new internal league setup for 2007.

Internal League Structure 2007:

Round 1: 16 Teams will be sorted into 4 pools. Each team will play 3 games over a 4 rugby week period against teams in their own pools. Teams will be sorted into pools according to the position they ended 2006 in.

Round 2: According to the results of Round 1 teams will be sorted in 4 different pools. Again each team will play 3 games over a 4 rugby week period.

Quarter finals: Every side will play. All the teams in 1st position of each pool will play against the teams in the 4th position, and every 2nd placed team will play against every 3rd placed team. Hence the 1st & 2nd placed sides from Round 2 will be competing for the Internal league Cup and the 3rd & 4th placed sides will be competing for the Internal League Bowl.

Semi finals: The Cup winners from the quarters will play the other Cup winners, whilst the losers will play each other. The same applies for the Bowl.

Finals: We are left with 8 games with each side competing for a place from 1 to 16.

Therefore each team will play two rounds of 3 pool games (ie: 6 pool games) and then contest a quarter, semi and a final game. In total each team will play 9 games during the season. If you haven't noticed this is based on the IRB 7's structure they use at their tournaments. A details breakdown of how this changes rules etc will be provided shortly...!

Essentially not much is different except the traditional distinction between an A and a B league has been discarded for two Pool Rounds. This will be reverted to from the quarter finals onward with the Cup being the traditional A league trophy and the Bowl the B league honours, except the sides will be correctly sorted into a top and bottom 8 according to merit

23rd February 2007 - Entrance forms available from Rugby Club Offices.


18th APRIL 2007 - ROUND 1 starts. First pool matches...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007