Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let's throw a bit of a vibe...all welcome!!!!!

“The foundations for a better tomorrow must be laid today”

So that is it. The season is over, and we have really made a name for ourselves this year. We made the final and were always up against the experience of the Nadoes, which in a big occasion like the final, will always help! It was a big night for the young Cobras side, making the final was a victory in itself. Things just didn't go our way last night with the ball really not bouncing in our favour. The Nadoes hit us hard in the first ten minutes, 14-0 down standing under the poles in ten minutes is not a great feeling. We surged back hard but were unable to crack the Nadoes defence which was rock solid all night. One felt if we were going to win the game we had to score a try in the first half and get on the scoreboard first in the second half. We played in stages last night with moments of brilliance, but it was far too inconsistent to really trouble anyone. The Nadoes had a good game with it being controlled by the large forwards who really arrived to the party. Nadoes kept coming and with Cobras attacking in stages it was not nearly as well as we have played this season, 29-0. We will walk away from the Final with our heads held high with our own personal victory, and that is the foundation now set for bigger and greater things to come in the next few years. We made the final, that was always our goal and we did it.

A big congratulations must go out to the Nadoes. They are really a proffesional and well run side with an awesome spirit. It was great how humble they were in victory. It was awesome meeting them in the Final and well done for winning your 6th title in 9 years. As they say, you can'y buy experience. Hopefully see you guys in the final again next year and obviously the Nadoes/Cobras Plett Tour to look forward to next year.

Thanks to our sponsor WADDA for what has been an awesome season with many a afterparty at this fine establishment. Shot for the hot cheerleaders who come out and wave their pom poms in the cold every Wednesday night. It is people like you guys who have added, if not created, what the Cobras have become this season. We hope they you will take us under your wing again for next season, but there is still a lot more partying to be done at WADDA before we even think about next season!

But mainly, a huge thanks to everyone who has played, supported, hated, loved or contributed in any way to what is the Cobras. Starting with the guys who come down week in and week out to touch on Sundays, matches on Wednesdays, and big hangovers on Thursdays. It really has been awesome and the Cobras are going from strength to strength. The foundation is now set for us to really expand and become something special, it has been created and we love it. Cobras 'till I die.
Oh so brave Cobras...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cobras are going to state...

So this is it...the final straw. The Cobras will go into tomorrow nights UCT Internal League Cup Final tomorrow night against the '06 Champions the Nadoes. Both sides have had a good run through to the finals of this years competition and the confidence is high, it is going to be an absolute cracker as the Cobras look to get their hands on the trophey for the first time ever, and God knows how many times the Nadoes have won it, they will have all the experience in terms of big occasions such as this Final, but we will have the youth and drive to lift the trophey for the first time.A quick look at either sides seasons...The Nadoes have had a solid season with their youngest side to date playing the majority of games this season. Their big victories were against the Wild Boys which they won 8-3, against the Barbarians which Nadoes won 13-6 and of course their semi-final vitory over Panthers which they drew 10-10 but won the game on penalties. However they did lose to Ubumbo in the pool stages 18-16. They have all the experience in the world, and they will know exactly how to approach the final as they have been there and done it since we were in std.5.

The Cobras side has also had some very impressive results this season. Big victories include the 26-14 win over the Wild Boys, the 12-12 draw with Ubumbo in the pool stages and the massive confidence boost with the awesome victory that put us through to the final 19-15 win over a heavily loaded Ubumbo side. One can't expect to base any single bit of the final around the results, that is all history, fate now lies in our own hands. It's what we make of it.

It was only going to be a matter of time for the Cobras to show the league that we have arrived, and what a dream final it is for the Cobras as we have built a rather nice "friendship" with the Nadoes side, which included our exhibition match in Plett in July and the many beer's shared together after games, but all this aside there wont be any friends on the field come tomorrow night.
As we said, this is it Cobras, it is our time, the time of THE COBRAS. We have worked long and hard in creating the foundations that we now have, but there is still one thing missing, and that is the status of being the league champions. From a side that initially wanted to enter the B-League last year and doubted how we would fare in the A-League, we made it to the semi's last year, should have been in the final against the Nadoes last year. Now we find ourselves one up on last year and will be challenging the Nadoes to the trohpy. Every Sunday touch session since February, all those Wednesday nights, all the money chipped in for booze...this is what it boils down to. How badly do we want it? We know exactly what we have to let's go out there tomorrow night and fuckin do it.

It is our time, the time of the COBRAS.


Kick off: 20:00
(meet NO LATER than 19:00 below Cecil)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Final straight...

One can only describe what happened on the Green Mile on Wednesday night as spectacular! It was the biggest Cobras victory since we created the side just over a year ago.

As the heavy mist rolled in the Cobras were ready and firing after a delayed start due to a penalty shoot out between the Nadoes and Panthers, which the Nadoes scraped through to win after being 3-1 down. The Cobras ran on through the new introduction of the Wadda cheerleaders which was quite a lag, with the music from Dj Sox pumping in the background the Cobras were amped. It was by far the biggest crowd that any internal league game has had this whole season, the vibe out there was awesome with the faithful Ubumbo supporters coming out as they do to cheer their boys on.

The Cobras opened up the scoring with a quick try which saw us go 5-0 up in 10 minutes. Soon after another Cobras try was scored, it was all one way traffic while the ball was being spread from side to side with the Cobras backline running with flair and the forwards grafting hard absolutely dominating the large presence of Ubumbo. The talk before the game was that if we wanted to win it we would have to dominate and meet their physical challenge that they throw out, we did more the meet it, we dominated it. It was the Cobras who were throwing out the physical aspect of the game, dominating the larger Ubumbo side in all aspects of the game, with a few of their key players being carried off the field with injuries.

Ubumbo replied back with a solid try down the touchling to make the score 12-10 with them having kicked over a penalty. Game on. Not at any stage did the Cobras stand back and try to defend our lead, we got that ball, moved it through the hands and kept coming until ubumbo lost all their bite. Cobras scored another well worked try by scrumhalf Byron Golddussssst who went around a few defenders to pop it inside to lock Tiger "Give me a A, Give me a B' Weakley to go over. Conversion successful, 19-10. This is when Ubumbo came back firing, it is sounds riciculous that they had a South African 7's player playing for them in the shape of Mpho Mbiyozo. One must agree that he is probably the highest profile rugby player to play internal league. As Ubumbo thought it would work in their favour, all what happened is that he ran away from his support on many occasions, making himself isolated and gettin turned over. He was all over the park in the loose phases, but nothing to trouble one of the best defences in the league. We defended like animals, everyone was putting their body on the line, and we deserved our victory 19-15 to the Cobras! Unbelievable effort by the Cobras forwards, who worked hard in the tight and gave the backs such awesome ball, from Craig Smith who had a blinder, Nic Roslee once again, Stander, Zoid, Hayden...every single one of the forwards were phenomenal! Also welcome to the Cobras family to youngsters Mike Nel, Zandy McDonald and Justin Thorne, who have just finished a successful season with Bishops 1st team and have now signed contracts to the Cobras. Great to have you. We knew we could do it, all we had to do was believe in ourselves on the night, which we did, and we came out on top.

The final will be against the Nadoes, who have an awesome record over the years, but are not looking as strong as they have over the years after scraping through against the Panthers and loosing to Ubumbo. Cobras are still unbeaten, and this is our chance to put our hands on the trophey. We can do it, believe in it, believe in yourself...THIS IS IT COBRAS!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Give them nothing! But take from them everything!

After the first attempt of the semi final being postponed we are now lined up to take on Ubumbo this Wednesday at 20:30 on the C-field. One can't describe in words how huge this game is, not only in terms of making the final of 2007 but also for pride of what is becomming something big, and that is the Cobras.

How would we feel if we make it into the final? How sweet would those beers taste if we make it to the final? How loudly will those songs get sung if we know we in the final? How awesome would it be to represent the Cobras in their first ever final in only our second year? All these questions have one answer, and that is a statement - We have to do this Cobras! Let's put all the bullshit and other things aside, get our heads right and go out there on wednesday night and do the hard work, this is our final. No one remembers the teams that lost in the semi's, lets fuckin do this!
Wednesday 19th of September
UCT Rugby C-Field
Kick off: 20:30 (meet latest 19:30 below Cecil)
No Guts, No Glory
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit - Aristotle

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The Semis have been postponed this evening due to The Green Miles infamous drainage. Its unfortunate as the Cobras looked primed for an impressive display this evening. It looks like the spectators are going to have to keep their drinks on ice until after the holidays.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The time of the Cobras...

The Purple Cobras side of 2007 will be running out against Ubumbo in the biggest game of the season, for a place in this years final possibly against the Nadoes. There is so much at stake for this fixture, the dreams and hopes of going one up on last year and making the final of the competition in only our 2nd year of existance and still by far the youngest side in the league with the oldest player being a crisp 21 years old. We have showed the league what we are all about, and now is when it will count for the Cobras. We are still unbeaten in this years competition, and are up against the only other unbeaten side in the league which is Ubumbo, who we drew to last time in an epic battle. We all know how it feels to fall so short of victory last year, and it's not going to happen again this year. This semi final is going to be nothing short of spectacular as both sides are going to come out firing for a place in the final. We all know we have what it takes, we just have to belive in ourselves and click on the night, and the rest will fall into place!

We are unbeaten, we have scored the most points in the league, we are the youngest side in the leage, and we are right up at the top in terms of team gees is concerned, everything is pointing in our favour, now all we have to do is win it, this is it Cobras. It is our time. The time of the Cobras.

UCT Internal League Cup Semi Final
Purple Cobras vs. Ubumbo
Kick off: 20:30 UCT B-Field
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cobras breeze through Quarters...

It was definately seen as the worst Cobras performance of the season, the game was very scrappy and never really got going, but in saying that, it was awesome to know that even when the Cobras do play below par they are still able to come out easy winners against a perky Marquard side. Final score 35-7 to the Cobras.

The Cobras will be looking to peak at the right time when they come up against the powerful Ubumbo side who we drew to 12-12 last time we met. It looks set to be a cracker and definately one of the biggest games of the league this season. Semi Final time and can the Cobras go one up on last year and make the final of the UCT Internal League 2007...this is it Cobras!

A good side is a side that plays badly but still wins...