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Formal Pictures

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The 2012 Champions Formal

This past Friday saw the Champions end off their season at the 2012 Cobras Champions Formal at Kelvin Grove. The night went off with a bang as all who attended celebrated what has been another fantastic year for The Cobras, being the second undefeated season in a row not having lost a game since 2010. 

The big awards on the night were as follows:

Junior of the Year: Evan Strauss

Veteran of the Year: Warren Butler
Forward of the Year: Jonty Tatz
Back of the Year: Pieter Greyling
Newcomer of the Year: Pieter Greyling
Most Valuable Player: Callan Artus
Players Player: Dino Loizides
Cobra of the Year: Nicholas Lassen
Dagger Boy for Final vs. Nadoes: Zack Beukman
Cobragator for Final vs. Nadoes: Warren Butler

It was a fantastic evening which was the perfect way to end of the year as The Cobras continued to push boundaries like they have been throughout the year. The girls looked hot and the Cobras were on fire, Good Times were had by all. Here's to 2013, Varsity Cup and another defense of our Internal League Trophey,

Oh so brave 

The Champions Formal Rhyme by MC's Evan Strauss & Dino Loizides

What does it take to make a Champion?

Does it take 7 years of winning and unbreakable pride
to make a team thats more than just a rugby side
Does it take equal parts strength and the ability to have a good time
I think you underestimate how hard it is to make these words rhyme

So here we stand, 7 years down the line, with something so special it's hard to define
We're a drinking team with a rugby problem, but these are the Cobras and nothings gonna stop them
TIme is short, we must go on, now let us tell the story of how we won

Varsity Cup is where it all began, 
in the golden curtain Jamo Morris became a man. 
In amongst the TITS stickers, Skippy lost a hand
but all worth it for the prize was 15 grand.

With Blake as our manager, what could go wrong?
He even managed to keep track of a certain stripper's thong
Nic Lassen was caring, Matt Crawford was flairing,
The year of the Cobra was young
Some got naked, Doug got frustrated, 
But still the party went on

In the Bloemfontein bush, time for one last push
The semi-final time had come
Victory was stolen, we accepted third place
But we still have our trophy in our cabinet case

Back to Bishops for touch with the boys,
When it comes to the changeroom we make the most noise
Jonty's hits put the Nadoes on their bums,
It was almost as good as Pieter Greyling's drums

Matteo Viotti, or Andy Goode we should say
never failed to be strapped up and pumped for matchday
While Geoff van Breda was living the dream,
Pete Vogel signed for the number 1 team.

Eric Doms, the oldest rugby player alive
With a knee to the head at the rucks he'll arrive
While Blancky, our boy, looks like Justin Bieber,
zack Beukman had caught the Cobras Fever

Dreadlocks, mullets, mohawks and fades
all part of getting sea sluts and mermaids
The Cobras were pulling without any cares,
except for Matt Daniel, no one else paid for theirs

Jan Strydom came back with a spring in his step,
Dino's intercept try that he'll never lets us forget
We still dont know what it's like to be number two
Guns don't kill people but Devans do

In Robertson, Theo played the host
by the 19th hole, Cobi had drunk the most
Junks and the smoking trees claimed the win,
despite Butler's efforts to break his shin

Another victory to add to our shelf
Daddy Cool's never been prouder himself
A trellidor to keep it all in place, 
the ultimate crime barrier we could not replace

Graeme Steen, our marshal patrolling the touch
He could be your hero on a trampoline or music video of such
Matthew Kelly was great after last years final
Such a pity at the formal he couldn't find the urinal

Jason Bird, our attorney, putting Cobi in Jail
Jason Bissict and Stephan winning scrums without fail
zandy and greg looking so lean and mean,
Brilliant to know theyve signed for 2013

We got to the final, Trophy within our reach
So glad D Russel came back from the beach
With one minute to go, two points behind, 
Warren Butler so focused, with one thing in mind

A moment our Godfather had dreamed of forever
I promise this opportunity, miss he'd never
He took his swing and turned straight away
with our players all registered, we had the last say

With Evan's look of pure delight, I knew we had won this fight
Champions once again.
Two seasons unbeaten, nothing could weaken the Cobras' true passion and might

So, what does it take to make a champion?
Not the gold around or necks, but the purple in our heart
It seems to be our time to part.
For the jol awaits, let the celebrations commence, one last reminder to all behave
Let us party like champions, it's a deal sealer boys, never forget:
Oh So Brave

2012 Champions Formal teaser

Friday, September 21, 2012


Thursday, September 20, 2012


The Cobras secured their 20th win in a row beating the Nadoes 15-13 in the final of the 2012 UCT Internal League, managing to defend their title which they won in 2011.

Oh so brave

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Please bring 1 x case of CASTLE CANS (please don't bring bottles) between the pair that you are in, to the changing room, not to the side of the field before the game please, if you are coming to support and not on the roster, please bring some beers down as we can't have all the beers drunk during the game:

Dino and Callan
Warren H and Evan
Warren B and Jan
Blake and Daddy cool
Jason Bird and Cobi
Stephan and Jason B
Devon and Matt F
Blanky and Greef
D-Russ and Joshy Rowe
Doug and Greg Mallett
Matteo and Piet G
Jonty Bear and Zack
The Morris family
Skippy and Guy
Lassen and Voges

PLEASE KEEP IN CAR UNTIL CHANGING ROOM, this roster is for changing room only, not for the side of the field.

2moro's the big one, lets go give them hell.... OH SO BRAVE.

The Final push...

Tomorrow see's The Cobras going in search of glory against the Nadoes in the 2012 UCT Internal League Final. After a long season which began in late January it has finally come down to the final fixture.

2012 UCT Internal League Final 
The Cobras vs. Nadoes 
Kick off: 19:30 UCTRFC A-Field 
Meet 17:30 below Cecil 

 1. Devan Knoetze 2. Jonty Tatz 3. Stephan Hartzenberg 
4. Zack Beukman 5. Evan Strauss
6. Callan Artus (c) 7. Rob Inskip
8. Dino Loizides
9. Guy Whitfield 10. Warren Butler 12. Doug Mallett 13. Pieter Greyling
11. Josh Rowe 15. Dave Russell 14. Mike Cockburn

Here we go...#20

Oh so brave

Friday, September 14, 2012

Semifinal highlights

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Please bring 1 x case of CASTLE CANS (please don't bring bottles), to the changing room, not to the side of the field before the game please:

Jamo Morris
Warren B
Joshy Rowe
Jason Bird
Eric Doms
Jan Strydom
Zack B
Douglas Mallett
Nic Lassen

It's finals rugby...

The season has finally reached the climax, with The Cobras taking on Wild Boys in the semi-final of the UCT Internal League tomorrow evening. It is a repeat of last years semi final which The Cobras won

It's another massive occasion as The Cobras are in search of another victory and another possible final with all to play for tomorrow night.

The Cobras vs. Wild Boys
Kick off 18:30 UCTRFC C-Field
Meet: 17:15 Below Cecil

1. Jonty Tatz 2. Warren Handley 3. Stephan Hartzenberg
4. Eric Doms 5. Evan Strauss
6. Callan Artus (c) 7. Rob Inskip
8. Dino Loizides
9. Pete Vogel
10. Warren Butler 12. Doug Mallett 13. Pieter Greyling
11. Matt Foster 14. Mike Cockburn 
15. Greef Van Breda

Here we go...

Oh so brave

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Please bring 1 x case of CASTLE CANS (please don't bring bottles), to the changing room, not to the side of the field before the game please:
Dave Russell
Jamo Morris
Warren B
Joshy Rowe
Greef Van Breda
Jason Bird

Final pool game of the 2012 season...

Tomorrow see's The Cobras run out for their last pool fixture of the 2012 Internal League against Ikhaya. The Cobras will be looking to end the pool stages with another win which will hopefully take the tally to 18 games unbeaten on the Green Mile. 

Wednesday 29th August
The Cobras vs. Ikhaya
Meet 17:15 below Cecil
Kick off 18:30 

1. Shane Swanich 2. Jonty Tatz 3. Dev Knoetze
4. Matt Handley 5. Stephan Hartzenberg
6. Jan Strydom 7. Callan Artus (c)
8. Dino Loizides
9. Guy Whitfield 10. Warren Butler 12. Pieter Greyling 13. Mike Blankenberg
11. Greef Van Breda 14. Josh Rowe
15. Dave Russell 

Let's end the pool stages with a bang both on and off the field.

Oh so brave

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Latest results and logs

Courtesy of

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


 Beer roster, 1 x case of CASTLE CANS (please don't bring bottles), to the changing room, not to the side of the field before the game please:
Petey Greyling
James Bailes
Matteo Viotti
Jamo Morris
Dave Russell
Dev K
Matt Foster

And back in...

Game 2moro night is at 7.30, we'll meet at 6.15 at cecil, be ready for a big one, these guys are gonna come out firing and we are gonna need a strong performance to show them who's boss...
Team for 2moro knight's (ha) game against clarendon is as follows:

1) Stefan
2) Jonty
3) Shane
4) Jamo Morris
5) Eric Doms
6) Warren Handley
7) Skippy
8) Dino
9) Pete Voges
10) Warren Butler (C)
11) Michele Cobi
12) Douglas Mallett
13) Pete Greyling
14) Matt Foster
15) Dave Russell



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Post Nadoes fines...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cobras Robertson Tour 2012 highlights

The future!

The future of The Cobras looks bright as two of the younger Cobras are making a good name for themselves in the all blue color of the Bishops 1st XV. They were both involved in the win away to Rondebosch last term and will be looking to do the same next weekend at home.

Jordan who plays at hooker/flank for the Bishops 1st XV and younger brother to Cobras captain Callan Artus, has already got 3 caps for The Cobras as he made his debut off the bench for The Cobras last year. Chris Cockburn, utility back line player and younger brother to Mike Cockburn is yet to be capped for The Cobras but has signed for the 2013 season where he looks to cement his place in The Cobras back line.

Chris standing on left and Jordan 4th from Left

Callan and Jords representing

Jords pointing to the #1

Chris in the all blue

We looking forward to having the juniors coming through the ranks to ensure the future is bright. Good luck to the two in their remaining two school boy games before the join up with The Cobras in January 2013.

Oh so brave

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beer Roster and Team Sheet

Cobras VS MOB at 7.30 on the green mile, meet 6.15 sharp (not cobras time)


1. Willem Gresse
2. Jonty Tatz
3. Stephan
4. Jamo Morris
5. Evan
6. Sean Paterson
7. Callan Atrus (c)
8. Dino Loizides
9. Guy Whitfield
10. Dougie Mallett
11. Dave Russell
12. Piet Greyling
13. Blanky
14. Matteo Viotti
15. Greef VBD

Beer Roster (Please make sure you bring to change room, if you cannot bring its your responsibility to organize someone to get for you):
Pete Vogel
Evan Strauss
Callan Artus
Warren Butler
Nick Lassen

Tomorrow is another big match so lets keep focussed and our eye on the prize.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Purple Machine keep rolling...

The Cobras put up a big display last night in the league derby between The Cobras and Nadoes. As has seen in many past encounters The Cobras took the heat in the first few minutes with the Nadoes unable to crack The Cobras defense on numerous attempts. It was a 60m intercept try by Cobras no.8 Dino Loizides that swung the game.

After many more attempts at cracking The Cobras defense by the Nadoes, they finally resorted to having a shot at goal as their many kicks touch and resulting line outs didn't bring any points.

The Cobras continued to apply pressure and dominate in the tight with the young and mobile Cobras pack dominating proceedings. Three penalties to The Cobras were converted taking the score to 16 -3, this is how it remained as The Cobras notch up their 14th win in a row.

Oh so brave

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Deep breaths....

You excited? I'm excited.

Here we are once again, on the brink of yet another derby game, and shit you could feel the excitement buzzing through Robertson this last weekend, and even more so on the field for our last two practices. A good combination of nerves and exhilaration (it is a real word) have what has set us apart in these sort of games in the past - a joke here, a laugh there but when push comes to shove, come game time - the cobras are focused on the goal at hand.  Fuck its great playing for this team!!!! sorry getting carried away, but for real, it is greta playing in this team... ok back in, it wasn't that long ago when we were listing to Nick Fent speak to us before the final against Nadoes last year, and the central theme of that talk was belief. Belief in your team mates, in your selves and in the cobras. That is something that I think as a group, a family that we pride ourselves on. Its something you can't explain, only feel, and its the best feeling in the world.

This year we have grown a lot as a side, through Varisty Cup we had the privilege of touring with some new faces that have made our ranks even stronger, and have now joined us in our quest for that championship gold at the end of the season once again. New faces, old faces, matteo, it doesn't matter really, when you pull on those purple and white hoops, nothing can touch you. The expression used often of "The Cobras Family" is not just said to make you feel good or whatever, the dynasty that is Cobras rugby is based on belief and love for one another. Thats what makes us so special, whether its on the Tiger dance floor or some strip club in god knows where, we know that every single on of the guys around you is willing to go to fucking Mordor and back with you. By god its good to have family like that. 

No bullshit here, tomorrow is going to be a tough one, perhaps the toughest ones, those Nadoes guys are itching to get back what they lost - wait scratch that - what we took from them last year. They will be in our faces, they will be trying to hit us hard, the works. One has to wonder why that brings a big smile to my face then? Because let them bring it all, let them come at us as hard as they can, because i know, that the guys wearing purple and white, will be hitting them that much harder, will be bringing that much more. I know Jonty Tatz is licking his lips at the thought of charging up the line at red shirts, that Michael Cobi is itching to hit some gaps, and especially Zack Beukman to break some more ribs this season. 

Now lets not build these guys up to much, they are just 15 guys, they are not unbeatable and we have beaten better teams. This is just another wednesday night in the end. Another opportunity to have fun and to challenge ourselves to get into that next gear that we are so capable of.  So lets take deep breaths in, lets be alive awake alert enthusiastic, lets be fucking magic, lets put a smile on our faces, because in the end when all said and done, "WE ARE THE BEST THERE'S NO DEBATE COBRAS, COBRAS!!!!

Gaaaaad its exciting.... OH SO BRAVE.

BEER ROSTER Beer roster, 1 x case of CASTLE CANS (please don't bring bottles), to the changing room, not to the side of the field before the game please:
Petey Greyling
James Bailes
Matteo Viotti
Jamo Morris
Warren Handley
Douglas Mallett
Jason B

Derby time...

It's the game of the season, the rivalry between The Cobras and Nadoes is a special thing that see's both sides locked at 3 a piece in the history of the rivalry. It's the game everyone waits for and after the long varsity break there is no better fixture to be greeted with. Here we go...

Wednesday 25th July 
The Cobras vs. Nadoes
Meet 17:15 below Cecil
Kick off 18:30

1. Jason Bissict 2. Jonty Tatz 3. Stephan Hartzenberg
4. Zack Beukman 5. Jaimie Manuel
6. Callan Artus (c) 7. Rob Inskip
8. Dino Loizides
9. Pete Vogel 10. Warren Butler 12. Doug Mallet 13. David Russel
11. Michael Cockburn 14. Pieter Greyling
15. James Bailes

Oh so brave

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's almost time...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here we go again!

After a long mid year Varsity break it's finally time for the Purple machine to start rumbling again and what a line up over the next 8 days!

The Cobras head out this weekend on the 3rd Western Cape yearly tour to the small wine town of Robertson which see's The Cobras play against the Robertson XV on Friday night, kick off 8pm at the Robertson Sports Grounds.

Saturday is The Cobras Championship Golf Day at Montagu Golf Course which see's Doug Mallet line up against Dino Loizides as the two golf captains for the 3rd installment of this great competition.

The Cobras boys return to Cape Town on Sunday to start their preparation for the top of the table clash against long time rivals the Nadoes. This is the highlight of the yearly fixtures and the two teams haven't met in the round robin part of the competition since 2008, it's going to be another special evening.

Wednesday: The Cobras vs. Nadoes, 18:30 kick off UCTRFC B-Field.

It's now the business end of the competition where we start upping the intensity and start looking towards the play off's.

Oh so brave

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's the final game of the semester which see's the The Cobras take on Panthers in another big encounter before the league takes the lengthy 3 month break.

The Cobras are sitting 2nd on the log behind due to less bonus points and will be looking to keep up their winning ways with what will hopefully be the 13th win a row.

The Cobras vs. Panthers
Meet 17:15 below Cecil
Kick off 18: 30

1. Stephan Hatrzenberg 2. Jonty Tatz 3. Shane Swanich
4. Zack Beukman 5. James Morris
6. Callan Artus (c) 7. Rob Inskip
8. Dino Loizides
9. Pete Vogel 10. Warren Butler 12. James Bailes 13. Pieter Greyling 
11. Andrew Loizou 15. Greef Van Breda 14. Rayaan Adams

16. Devan Knoetze
17. Warren Handley
18. Chris Pretorius 
19. Blake Gowar
20. Nicholas Lassen
21. Mike Blanckenberg
22. Mike Cockburn 

Beer roster to follow..

Oh so brave