Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Blake

wonder how many he asked? 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Throwing out a vibe!

Despite the fact that our usual Wednesday evening fixture was moved to this Sunday, a couple of Cobra’s, insistent on keeping Wednesday night and the gees which couples it, alive were captured on the jol. As a picture never lies, or tells a thousand stories, or something to that extent, seen here is Cobra, prop-come- flank Moog and hardy centre Cian, busting out to the closing song at Bang Bang in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Leading by example? I think so…

Everywhere you go...

What. Up? 

So it's been a fair while since my last posting. At least I'm consistent hey? I hear the cries and complaints from you guys on a regular basis. 'Every where you go, always take your business with you...' Fuck off that's just not on, just not viable, just not right, just so wrong. I'm trying here dudes. Trying to make ends meet. Finishing my academic career on a high note. Sacrifices must be made. I'm afraid one of those sacrifices may have to be these lovely articles or posts or reports that I engineer every so often.

Enough of my excuses and rhetoric. Today is a special day. It's a Friday (so let's all go to Forries) and this Friday is marked by the lack of the two day hangover indicative of a Cobras Wednesday night jol. In ever so strange circumstance the Cobras will now be playing their league fixture on a Sunday. A Sunday? Yes, a Sunday. The traditional day of rest. Needless to say there shall be no rest, not for the wicked. I say wicked because the reason we are playing on a wonderful Sunday afternoon is because our Manchester United supporting members insisted that they be allowed to watch their team get thoroughly raped by a slick outfit of greasy Spaniards. What a waste of a Wednesday night. What an utter waste. Bleak. I'm upset. The bangbang opportunity has been wasted and we're forced to motivate ourselves to stop studying and play rugby. I'm less than impressed. I am unhappy. Nonetheless we'll pull the proverbial socks up and have a cracking game on Sunday.


I'm using a slightly different format here;

Max 14C

Min 9C

There's a thirty percent chance of precipitation in the greater Cape Town area. Please keep in mind that things can change and that a weather man, although amazing, can be wrong at times. I am, afterall, slightly human. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A short clip of the Italian Prime Minister enjoying a typical day in.... probably Italy? I dunno. Couldn't actually care. But, i will say he has the right idea about treeeffic cops. 

"primitivo" - i believe thats Italian for savage

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fixture change..

Our game this week has been moved to Sunday to allow us Manchester United fans the chance to watch them lift the trophey in Rome. The kick off time for this Sunday has been written in pencil for 3pm, it could still change so please keep your eyes on the site.
If you messaged Warren saying that you can't play (the Wednesday fixture) please message him again if you are now available to play this Sunday, 3pm vs. College House.
Oh so brave

The right colours...

Cobras hooker Ryann Dean seen here celebrating on Saturday after the Bulls went on to host their first ever home final. It can be confirmed that Ryann is the only official Bulls supporter in the Cobras, so we will all definately be behind him and the Bulls come kick off of the Super 14 final at 17:00 this Saturday vs. the Chiefs.

Oh so brave

I beg your pardon, Come again?


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Round Up...

With no game last Wednesday and no subsequent post match report, I decided that after this jam packed weekend of sport I’d post a little weekend sports wrap of sorts.

Unable to watch the super 14 semi-final between the Bulle and the Saders, I had to resort to recording (the pleasures of PVR) it and watching it this morning. Trying my utmost to avoid every radio station, TV screen and newspaper from 3pm onwards yesterday, which I managed to pull off, surprisingly enough! I sat alone cheering and throwing my 2 cents at the television screen pretty much every time Bryce Lawrence opened his gob, this time with my egg, bacon and coffee in hand instead of the preverbal beer and snacks. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when Morne Steyn (Bok # 10 in my mind) dropped his fourth goal and the Bulls were assured a victory and a home final! Now I won’t josh, the Bulls aren’t usually my favoured team; in fact they aren’t really up there for me at all! Being a Capetonian I’m a Stormer through and through, and when our boys (in the shadow of a mountain) aren’t in the mix, I opt for the resilient running rugby of the men from the ‘other way’, Durban! But for the sake of SA rugby I’m most certainly behind the contradictory Christian wife bashers, DIE BLOU BULLE for the super 14 final, and so should you!

Final score yesterday, Bulls 36- Crusaders 23

Now for the readers out there that don’t follow European rugby, well, shame on you..tiss tiss and all that! Because Saturday too saw my beloved side Leicester Tigers unfortunately stumble in their attempt in completing the European double (Heineken and Guinness Premiership tile) this year, after just last week they came up trumps over London Irish by a solitary point to take the UK title! But they sadly could not repeat their fortunes this week! And who could forget the way the Tigers cruised into the final of the Heineken Cup, after beating the Cardiff Blues in a post extra time ‘penalty kick out’, the first in Heineken Cup history!

The final score yesterday Leinster 19- Leicester Tigers 16

'Jose' with the Heineken Cup Trophy at Welford Road, the home of The Leicester Tigers in 2007. (Thought i'd sneak this 1 in for gees, because, well, it is!)

And for those of you who have been following the DLF IPL on TV, or perhaps even on a HD or LCDTV, being broadcast to you by DSTV and not SABC, whilst at a G2G or in the media centre near LS2D at UCT on your way to getting a test for HIV or an STD, okay too much now…LOL…NO, seriously I’m done. Anyways, I have the great pleasure of saying that the Deccan Chargers have made the final and will be playing The Royal Challengers of Bangalore later today! Nothing better than watching a somewhat ‘sober’ OD smash a ball about the park, with the small matter of Adam Gilchrist at the other end!

My prediction (purely because I have been routing for them the whole tournament) is that it will go down to the wire, last over stuff, perhaps even the last ball, but The Chargers will grab the silverware!

Oh and Bishops went down to Wynberg yesterday 21-17, but we don’t need to talk about that, CAPISH?


TOUCH today at Bishops
Final game of the semester Wednesday vs. College house
Oh so brave

Friday, May 22, 2009

Medical Mishap

speechless: adjective

temporarily deprived of speech by strong emotion, physical weakness, exhaustion, etc.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the beginning...

First ever Cobras fines meeting, winter 2006

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Touch on Friday 4pm - Bishops
Touch on Sunday 4pm - Bishops

Game next week Wednesday vs. College House 18:30 kick off

If you have problems and can't play this game due to exam commitments or having to go to Joburg on 'business' for the 5th time this year, or having someone from Joburg coming down to Cape Town on 'business' for the 4th time this year, please let us know ASAP.

The Businessman (centre) formally known as The Weatherman being welcomed at Cape Town International Airport by Stefan and Raubs after returning from a weekend business trip to Johannesberg and then joining up with The Cobras for their tour of P.E.

Everywhere you go...

Always take your business with you...

Oh so brave.


Last Wednesday saw the Cobras throw out a massive vibe once again at Bang Bang, the Cobras new sponsor for the season. As i'm sure you are all aware the previous Wednesday saw some young Cobras looking after a girl who was, to put it in a simple way, fucked.
However this last week was a little different as it was the first week where the Abby from Kommetijie award was being run. It was only appropriate that Cobras superstar Xanti Nessi (UCT Club Captain and Mayor of P.EEEE) would set the tone for the night. After re-signing a Cobras contract for the 2009 season after some work permit issues he went about his usual business in the change room, for him, Bang Bang was always on the cards.
As we know, young Lionel Messi can only handle about a beer and a half, so off to Bang Bang it was for the youngster in his new Cobras t-shirt. It wasn't long before drinks were being brought, shots being thrown around and Nessi cuddled up on the couch next to a lovely young lady. This man meant business as he did what he had to while sitting on the couch, enough to convert pressure into points. Not only did he take Cobras debutant Chad Scott's car keys to use his car for 'other' reasons, he also didn't walk out of Bang Bang but was rather carried by two large bouncers.
Apparently our young UCT Club Captain was caught doing what he shouldn't have been doing in the bathrooms, and was swiftly removed from the club. Who knows what happened to him the rest of the night, but Chad Scott was stuck at 3:00am without car keys and not knowing where Nessi was or how to get hold of him. In true Cobras style everything was sorted out with guys sticking up for one another, good times.
Nessi from Kommetijie...
Girl on Jammie Steps: Do you play for the Cobras
Nessi: Of course I do, we the Champions
Girl: Oh awesome, at least now I can tell me friends that I know a celebrity.
(true story)
Oh so brave

Monday, May 18, 2009

Remember Patience Is Key

fail owned pwned pictures

Results and logs after round 3

All results and logs from round 3 - 13 MAY 2009

Ubumbo 12 - 05 Spanners
Turtles 05 - 10 Clarendon
Cobras 28 - 07 Wildboys
Kopano 03 - 00 College
Barbarians 12 - 07 Shebeen Boys
University House 00 - 17 Smuts
Nadoes 28 - 07 Panthers

As you can see The Cobras are lying top of their group after the first two games, with two solid performances so early on in the season. The league takes a break this week as there are UCT home fixtures on Wednesday vs. NNK.

There will be touch on Friday 4pm and Sunday 4pm in preperation for our final game of this term vs. College House next Wed. It is important that we bag the full points and remain top of our log going into Round 2 of the competition and another step closer to Cup glory for the 2nd year.

Get down to touch for those starting positions for next week.

Oh so brave

Spot the Cobra...

Can you see who the Cobra is squeezed between 14 lovely young ladies at a recent birthday party? In his debut season as a Cobra he has been quoted as saying 'I never thought coming right would be this easy' in response to a question asked recently about how he feels to be a Cobra.
Oh so brave

Internal league website wrap of week 3

There were some interesting clashes on the Green Mile last night as several of the top contenders were in action including last years finalists up against some of the title hopefuls for this year. The wind was always going to limit the creativity on the night but despite this, there was still some fantastic rugby on display.

Read the rest of the article here:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Abby from Kommetjie Award

If you happened to be one of the last remaining Cobras in the changeroom on Wednesday night, you might remember the story that Dugald and Warren shared with us. If you weren't there however, I'll enlighten you. 

After a hectic fines meeting, the chaps headed out to the Bang Bang club. It was late and the okes decided it was time to leave. Upon exiting the club, they happened across the lifeless body of a teenage girl, surrounded in her supper, eagerly "watched" by a pair of tikked up car-guards. Being the cobra gentlemen that they both are, they took it upon themselves to contact the girls friends. Dugald's first call reached a friend who's response was "I'm in bed, call such and such." Nice. The second call went out to such and such, but there was no answer. Even nicer. On the third attempt a mature sounding lady answered. "Hello Abby, is something wrong?" This took Dugald by surprise but none the less he gave her the shpeel and the mature sounding lady said, "well I'm her employer, she au pairs my kids." Poor Abby has definitely joined the unemployed list after all that. As jy dom is, moet jy kak. The only person left to call was Abby's mother, who did what all good mother's would do and drove the 40 odd kilometers from Kommetjie to come and pick her up. As you can imagine she wasn't particulary impressed. 

You might be wondering why I've shared this story with you and why the title to this post is "The Abby from Kommetjie Award". Well, this award will go to the Cobra that manages to better Abby's condition on a Wednesday evening!

An "Abby"

Oh so brave 

Men over boys

The UCT’s notorious ‘Green Mile’ once again played host to another cracking Wednesday evening filled with attractive student rugby! As it has come to be expected on the Groote Schuur fields sitting neatly on the slopes of the imposing TM, the wind played a major factor, resulting predominantly in low scoring affairs. The UCT Purple Cobra’s however did not succumb to the driving gale, scoring four tries and walking away with another maximum 5 points for the second week running.

Their rivals, the Wild Boys, comprising of many a foe on the field and a friend off, simply could not pose a big enough threat to the rampant Cobra’s who were out to prove a point, playing against arguably the toughest team in the pool. The Wild Boys had the wind at their backs in the first half, but failed to turn such an advantage in points. The Cobra’s who were defensively sound throughout the match, were camped deep in their half for the opening quarter of the match. Battling to gain the ascendancy, the Cobra’s men eventually managed to bash their way in the oppositions half, and a subsequent penalty being awarded for offside play, the Cobra’s, off a tap penalty, formally punched their way through the scattered Wild Boys defence, through the form of wing/come flank Brendan Raubenhiemer, conversion successful, 7-zipp to the title holders. Ten minutes later fullback stalwart Dean ‘Stefan Terblanche’ Smorrie unleashed his pace to score a scintillating 60-meter breakaway try! With the conversion a mere formality, the Cobra’s took to the break with a 14- nil lead. The second stanza, beginning rather uncharacteristically with the newly wind-favoured team holding the lead, took another turn for the bizarre. A slight lapse in concentration saw the Cobra’s line breached for the first time in the internal league since the semi-final stages of 2008. The Cobra’s soon rectified matters, however, with tight head prop Shane Swanich dotting over for his madden Cobra’s try, the conversion was duly, well, converted. As the match began to close out, with the win simply not being enough, the Cobra’s strung together one last surge in the quest for that fourth bonus point try. And soon enough, with the man only recognised these days by the yellow backwards cap that he dons so often, Nico Loizedes crossed over. Replacement fly half Richard Morris, calmly struck over the conversion.
And to the change room they trudged!

Final score, Cobra’s Men 28, Wild Boys 5!

failing exams with dignity

In light of what most students have done in the past and will obviously continue to do so in the future, that is, try and cram a whole semesters work into the evening before the exam. These pics might give you that extra mark you yearn for in such trying times if the examiner sees the humour in it. Probably won't, but hey if your rod's not in the water.... 

good luck

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cobras vs. Wild Boys

The second fixture of the Cobras 2009 campaign is against old rivals Wild Boys. A few years ago this side was an 'older' Bishops side with many of their players having represented the Bishops 1st XV in 2003. However, times have changed and so has their management with a brand new look to their team.

One feels that this will be the hardest game in our pool for round 1 of the competition, so a win against the Wild Boys tomorrow night will keep the Cobras top of log. The two teams have only met once in the past with a fearce battle at the breakdown the Cobras came away with 26-14 victory. It is going to be a much harder game than last week with the Wild Boys having a decent sized and mobile pack, the key to victory this week has to be winning the ball at the breakdown in order to unleash the dangerous Cobras backs.

Cobras vs Wild Boys
Wednesday 13th May
Kick off 18:30
Meet 17:30
1. Shane Swanich 2. Ryann Dean 3. Andrew Pretorius
4. Dugald Macdonald 5. Will Nichol
6. Callan Artus 7. Matthew Kelly 8. Jarryd Kennedy
9. Graeme Steen 10. Warren Butler 11. Dillon McEvoy
12. Cian Van Der Vyfer 13. Nico Loizedes 14. JP Van Huffels
15. Dean Smorenberg
Garth Adams
Phil Rogers
Brendan Raubenheimer
Mike Cockburn
Mike Vermeulan
Dev Edwards
Richard Morris
Please be there at 17:30 sharp. Black shirt, white shorts.
Oh so brave.

Internal League Preview - Week 3

The past two weeks of rugby have certainly set quite a precedent with some fast paced, try-rich games being plentiful in the first two rounds of competition. This week spectators will be hoping for more of the same as some of the top sides square up against each other on the green mile.

The highlight game of this week will be the Cobra’s taking on the Wildboys. The Cobra’s are fresh off of their thrashing of Kopano Res last week where they dominated physically from the outset. They’ll be hoping to do more of the same against the Wildboys in order to nullify there strong loose trio. Whilst the Wildboys have a strong history in the UCT League, rumours abound about the loss of key personnel effecting their chances of putting up any sort of strong opposition to the professional looking Cobra’s outfit. If the Wildboys can play with the same energy and panache as characterized their rugby last year then we should see an exciting fixture though it is hard to see how this squad will put to the sword the match fit Cobra’s.

Read the rest here:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Have you seen this man?

Brendan Raubenheimer last seen drinking out of the Internal League Cup last year, if you have seen this Cobra please contact us ASAP.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Internal league website wrap of round 2...

Round two of the Steinhoff UCT Koshuis league got underway last night with reigning champions the Cobra’s taking on Kopano res on the Green Mile last night. The match was not going to be one for the underdogs though as the Cobra’s dominated from the outset with some very physical rugby.

On defence the Cobra’s dominated at the tackle point in the early stages of the game and on attack they let the ball do the work for them as they brushed off Kopanos challenge early on in the game. Kopano had some decent runs but too often their outside centres were guilty of not getting the final pass away on an overlap and preferring to take contact instead. The fault is not all theirs though as the Cobra’s defence was superb at rushing up quickly and putting pressure on the opposition midfield, sometimes at the extent of the offside line which the referee was perhaps guilty of ignoring a little.

read more here :

Friday, May 08, 2009

One From One...

The Cobras began their assault on the UCT internal league for 2009 with a solid performance against Kopano on Wednesday evening. The Cobras men were amped and itching to get on the park, and it were these pre match emotions perhaps that fuelled a few initial handling errors and missed opportunities as the game got off to a somewhat shaky start, with some ‘beginning of the season’ jitters. As the game progressed the Cobra’s men did manage to find and maintain their composure however, and fittingly enough, captain Warren Butler opened the try scoring account. The half time curtain was drawn with the Cobras leading 12-0. The second half started off as the first had had ended, and produced more of the Cobra’s attractive brand of running rugby. With the Cobra’s now controlling most of the possession and territory and with an abundance of fresh legs coming onto the paddock, the Cobra’s scored a further 21 unanswered points.

On defence the Cobra’s dominated at the tackle point and were structurally sound through most stages of the game and on attack they let the ball do the work for them as they brushed off Kopanos attempted defensive challenges from the outset, despite a few missed opportunities, which could have seen the score board tick over a lot higher in favour of the champions.

The Cobra's grabbed the maximum 5 points by scoring the allotted 4 tries, not before running in one more seconds before time.

For the first run out of the season, the Cobra’s certainly looked worthy of upholding their Internal League Champions status. But with a little fine-tuning one can only sense that there is plenty more to come…

Final score Cobra’s 33- Kopano 0

Cobra slithers across Africa.

Purple Cobra, Nicholas Ackerman, has embarked on what some have dubbed the trip of a lifetime. Korn, as his is known by his fellow Cobras, has packed his Land Rover Defender 90 and headed to Cairo. 

Now some of you might know that the Landie mentioned afore is not exactly his, due to a little “rock and roll” that took place in Hermanus, but nevertheless the man has found himself a “wingman” for the trip, enter Adam Pickard. 

 Now both of these two astute gentlemen have graced the rugby field in their day, but Korn took his Bishops and Academia rugby experience and unselfishly spoilt the Cobras with his unmatched brute strength at tight head prop. It’s generally well known that Korn was a popular wing and 2nd five eight during broken play, and hated a pick and drive in the tight. 

Korn, more famous for the guy who invented crash ball in touch, is also not one to shy away from a quiet ale, whiskey or a gin and tonic for that matter. And was an integral part of the early change room fines meetings. He is said to be the reason behind Phillip Voget’s infamous birthday celebration in 2006. 

Korn is known to be quite the ladies man and it has been said that he has received his fair amount of marriage proposals from women all across the globe. He can be seen rehearsing paragraphs from Niell Strauss’ “The Game” on the Tiger dance floor with a double Bells on the rocks in the one hand and a young lass on the other. 

Korn and Adam’s trip takes them across the continent starting in Cairo and ending up in Cape Town. They shipped the car up to Cairo. Along the way the two will be cracking ales in countries like Sudan, Ethiopia and Namibia, no doubt celebrating small successes in true Cobra fashion along the way. 

Their trip can be followed on*. When Korn is not sharing tales of his dramatic victories on the green mile with local custom officials he will be giving updates of his adventures of swimming in the Nile and crossing the Dunes of the Sahara. 

The estimated time of arrival back in Cape Town is the 16 of July and it will most definitely be a skop of almighty proportions. 

A big good luck goes to Adam and Korn. In the mean time your spot in the change room will be waiting.

* The blog has temporarily been postponed, but will be up and running soon. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Internal League preview on

This weeks UCT Koshuis fixtures are lining up to produce a fantastic night of rugby. With six rugby games to be played this Wednesday fans should be treated to quite a spectacle.

This weeks headline fixture would have to be surprise giant killers Leo Marquad against Nadoes in what should be an epic encounter. Since the leagues inception at UCT the Nadoes have been the team to beat, with their awesome aura of invincibility doing more damage to opposing teams that their rugby.

Marquad, however, are fresh off their surprise win against Panthers, the side that lost narrowly to Nadoes in the semi-final of last years tournament, and will not lie down to the Nadoes brand. Marquad have proved in their first game that they have the players and the determination to beat any team on the night and they should prove a sterner test to the Nadoes mettle than Ikhaya house did last week. Provided they don’t let the prospect of playing the Nadoes daunt them, I see no reason why the ‘Kings of Lower Campus’ couldn’t pull off another surprise victory.

Also in action this week are incumbent champions, the Cobras. It is fair to say that this year, fresh off of the Varsity Cup Koshuis Competition; the Cobra’s are approaching the tournament with a very professional air and a massive squad. The Cobra’s will be playing Kopano in both sides first match of the season.

Kopano, once the top Residence side on campus, have had a torrid time in recent years and the 2009 squad will be looking to turn things around, perhaps by pulling off their own David and Goliath style killing a’la Leo Marquad in the first match. Kopano are as yet an unknown quantity this year though, as we saw with Smuts and Marquad, the Residence sides are not prepared to lie down for the sake of a few teams reputations.

If Kopano can play with determination and focus on their shifting defence, we may see them nullify the Cobra’s potent backs leaving room for them to exploit the Cobras forwards who, last year, were perceived the weakest point in the team. The fixture should make for another exciting game though, if only for the fact that it will allow the teams to get a measure of the Cobra’s yardstick to see how the top teams are panning out this year.

Cobra’s vs Kopano
Wildboys vs College
Nadoes vs Marquad
Panthers vs Ikhaya
Ubumbo vs Turtles
Spanners vs Clarendon

Rory Holmes

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Everywhere you go....

Hey HO(S), Let's GO!

So it's been a while hey? Yes indeed. My absence has been due, in part, to the hecticnessnessness of my final year of study. Just a lot of reading and writing, so when it comes to my free time, my special time, my fuzzy tingle time, I shy away from picking up the proverbial 'pen'. So here we are. On the eve of our title defending season. Things are looking set for an absolute cracker of a year. The boys have been down at practice, tossing the ball around with a style and flair that can only be likened to that of gazelles running in open plains. Gazelles? Not really our vibe down here in Southern Africa. Should have said something like a Kudu or whatever. Gazelle? Very American. Quite cliche'. Not really my style. I apologise. Profusely. I'm sorry dear readers. Enough of my bullshit.

Things have been rather quiet on the website of late. Not much activity. But trust me all that is about to change. I vow to you to produce quality material consistently. Not only consistently, because as we no- one can be consistently bad in their consistency. Who was I talking about this to? A certain someone, at a certain time of the past weekend. The truth is it is important to have consistency in frequency. So to sum up the shit I've just thrown at you: I will produce quality work on a regular basis. Ithankyou. 

So now to do what I do best. Copy paste a weather report of the internet and play it off as my own. The plagiarism department at UCT would have afit. A little episode if you will. Where's your referencing? They'd say in a very camp accent. What style referencing have you used? This isn't Harvard style referencing. Explain yourself! So I will (in the manner of a West London Chelsea fan): JOG ON BRUV. No explanation mark, this guy wouldn't shout, he'd just say it. You'd know, you'd jog, you'd probably run. I would, I'd run. Fast. Very fast. As fast as a gazelle? Not quite. As fast as a Kudu mate. 

Forecast: Wednesday, 29 October 2008
Min:  16°C
Max:  20°C
Discomfort Index:   25°C
Weather:Partly cloudy, morning fog patches
Wind:  fresh westerly
Sunrise:  05:48
Sunset:   19:11
Moonphase:New Moon
Moonrise:  05:39

Daar sy. My intuition tells me that tomorrow's weather is going to be as good if not better than yesterday's. Just a funny feeling. Look set for awesome conditions to watch running Cobras rugga. 
A fresh Westerly you say? mmm. Delicious. It sounds good. Sunset at 19:11, perfect for the ladies watching the boys in action under the comfort of the Bang Bang shading. You may wanna pop your head out for a sec, maybe you'll see some pink streaks in the sky, and shit. 

So that's it from me. Didn't get time to do an interview. Although next week I'll be sitting down with none other than Brendan 'I'm in Fishoek and can't make it' Raubenheimer, he has a few tales to tell us. So to the boys playing tomorrow night, here's a lovely little toast to get you chaps a little fired up. It's my 'original' Plett Rage cheers vibe and it goes a little something like this:

Here's to the heat, no the heat that ignites and burns sown shanties, bu the hea that ignites and brings down panties.

Until next time....

Always take the weather with you...

Monday, May 04, 2009

Cobras vs. Kopano

The Cobras will open up their assault on the league this Wednesday night when they take on Res side Kopano.

The two teams have only met once in the past with the Cobras edging out Kopano 14-7 in the driving rain on a flooded green mile back in the winter of 2006, the year the Cobras were formed.

Let's hope for better weather this time round in order for the Cobras to express themselves on the Green Mile this Wednesday at 17:30 on UCTRFC Field B.

Cobras vs. Kopano
Wednesday 6th May 2009
Kick off 17:30
Meet 16:30 below Cecil
1. Wilke Brink 2. Ryann Dean 3. Andrew Pretorius
4. Will Nichol 5. Phil Rogers
6. Jarryd Kennedy 7. Matthew Kelly 8. Kyle Rennie
9. Graeme Steen 10. Warren Butler (c)
11. JP Van Huffel 12. Devlin Edwards 13. Nico Loizedes 14. Stuart Black
15. Dean Smorenberg
Shane Swanich
Dugald McDonald
Garth Adams
Jason Scott
Richard Morris
Dillon McEvoy
Mike Vermeulan
Cian Van Der Wyfer
Mike Cockburn
Brendan Raubenheimer
If you haven't yet indicated that you are keen to catch a ride in taxi after fines to Bang Bang please contact Warren or Craig ASAP!
Oh so brave.