Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Every where you go...

Yo Yo Yo!

Hell's teeth! Oh my gosh! Good golly! I can't believe it! What the Fuck?! Can you handle it?! It has been such a very long time since our last correspondence. So much has happened between then and now. I believe the last time we were together as one impenetrable unit was when I was giving you the low down on some of our favourite Cobras' holidays. Well I've been back for quite a while and as such have had more than enough time to gather information on activities of our dear friends. Some great stories and some not so great stories.

Anyway before I get into that let me tell how happy I am to be home, in my own bed and finally safe from those Thailand buckets. Wow were those things starting to haunt my dreams. In a good way, you know how like there's that dream you have about that girl who's not really your cup of tea but actually you've got a little vibe going on. You know. So how is everyone? Having a splendid time back at Varsity I'm sure. Cape Town Tens was a great vibe, a big thanks must go out to Poefter for hooking us up with a schweet sponsorship deal for the entrance. I think we can all agree that the event was a success. I know Swali and I took full advantage. I particularly enjoyed waking up at 04:30 due to an annoying car guard with a flashlight. Good times, as they say in the Good Book. We made the semis, should have done better but I for one was not too unhappy with our perfromance off the field that day. Most of the ous showed real tenacity in getting those beers down them. The whole evening culminated in some sort of show down between UCT and Stellies. It got to the point where the police got involved and I was pretty sure that rubber bullets and batons were about to start flying. However old Bob Skinstad, event organiser, really difused the situation with an N'kosi sikelele vibe. He's a jolly good fellow old Skinners is. For he's a jolly good fellow.... And so on and so forth. Not time for idle sing song as they say, in the Good Book.

Then there's our game which we played against the Shebeen Boys/ Villages Fourths/ mainly the Shebeen Boys. It was a great way to get into the season, of course the big Stellies game is next week against Marjuba (Said- Marooba). What kind of a name is that anyway? Shouldn't there be like five o's and some y's or what. Say it in a real dum way Ma Rooba... Can you imagine how I'm saying it? Like really thick sort of. You get it. I'll explain it to you. Sometime. So it was a good game, the ous gelled quite nicely with the new crop of talent getting a good look in. It was just so fantastic to have all the familiar faces back in one place. Except Nessi, no one was happy to see Nessi. Really arrogant that oke. All the Mayor and club captain shit has gone straight to his head. Tsk.

So there we have it. Just trying to get in touch. Wanted to get a feel for the key board again, as it were. Next time you'll get some holiday info and perhaps a quiet interview. Perhaps the Robo cop will talk us through eating 100 clams. Ithankyou.

Always take the weather with you...

Monday, February 16, 2009

7 days to go...

Oh so brave COBRAS

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cape Town Tens...

Well it has already been a rather frantic start to the season, with our first challenge of the year taking place this weekend. It's going to be a very festive weekend at Hamiltons Rugby Club in Green Point, with lots of rugby being played and many a beer being drunk, straight down the Cobras alley which signals that already things are starting to look good for us. As we only entered the competition a couple of weeks ago, we really haven't had time to learn about the format of 10 man rugby. This is going to be a great opportunity to unleash and welcome some of the new signings of the season to the Cobras family.

Here are our fixtures for the weekend so far:

11:11 Field 1 - Cobras vs. RMB Morgan Stanley JNR NUMZAN's
13:06 Field 2 - Cobras vs. Cowrie RFC
14:38 Field 2 - Cobras vs. Titan Tigers
Those are our three fixtures for Saturday, and will be a further 2 on Sunday. So please remember it's two days of rugby, fixtures start at 8:00 on Sunday morning.


On Friday night there is the opening party which we all should try and attend, will be a vibe:

Fri night - 6.30pm - 10pm - Opening party at Hamilton's Rugby Club - for all players, management, sponsors. This promises to be a top night, and we ask all teams to come dressed up as you wish, and be prepared for a good laugh, some great banter and a few other 'pleasant surprises!! All in all a night of fun is assured. In addition, team goody bags, players passes, parking passes etc will be handed out at this event, so you need to be there!

Sat - First games kick off at 8.30am, and please remind friends, supporters and family that Sat is 'Super Hero Dress Up Day' - prizes for best dressed. There will be music and beer and other entertainment on supply all day, and sensational UK band, The Light Years, will be performing live in the beer tent to late...there will be plenty of showers and changing facilities at the club, so no need to go anywhere else after your final game, other than enjoying the entertainment on offer at the club!

There will be a 'players village' at Hamilton's, which will offer ample shade and place to relax between games, and a secure place to leave bags etc during your games.

Sun - First games kick off at 8.00am, and once again there will be all day entertainment on offer, and the beer tent will be open until approx 9pm.
So there you have it, all the information you need to know about this weekend's Cape Town Tens tournament.

It is going to be a serious vibe with plenty of things on offer, so tell all your friends and girlfriends to come down and support the Cobras.

Please would everyone meet at 10:00 on Saturday at Hamiltons Rugby Club.
Oh so brave...