Thursday, February 28, 2013

Varsity Cup kicks off

On Monday The Cobras start their Varsity Cup 2013 campaign with a big game against Bastion from UJ on the Green Mile.   In a tough game last year, The Cobras narrowly lost, and this year they will be looking for revenge while starting the tournament with a bang. The Cobras have not lost on the Green Mile for over 2 years now and plan on keeping that record in tact. The match is the curtain raiser to the UCT vs. Maties game which kicks off at 17:00.

Varsity Cup 2013
The Cobras vs. Bastion
Monday 4th March
Kick off 15:00

1. Jonty Tatz
2. Seb Matheson
3. Stephan Hartzenberg 
4. Cameron Doyle
5. Dale Manning
6. Rob Inskip
7. Callan Artus (c)
8. Dino Loizides
9. Matt Crawford
10. Phillip Jacobs
11. Mike Cockburn 
12. Dale Austin
13. Gareth Theesen
14. Nicholas Boswell
15. Jonathan Ford

16. Robin Murray
17. Kiernan Rabie
18. Wes Kennedy
19. Jordan Artus
20. Curtis Cloete
21. Matthew Foster
22. Geoff Van Ryneveld 
23. Jason Bissict 

Beer Roster details to follow


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